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KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle review: is this luxury kettle worth the splurge?

With an attractive design and versatile temperature controls, the KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle provides both style and substance. Is it worth the premium price tag, however? MNHQ editor Jenny put it to the test to find out.

By Jenny Wonnacott | Last updated Mar 27, 2024

Selection of KettleAid Breakfast Suite Kettles in different colours
Our rating:

Price on writing: £159 | Buy now from Amazon

What we like
  • Variable temperature settings for different drinks

  • No rattling sound when it’s boiling

  • Surprisingly large capacity without feeling bulky

  • Looks lovely

  • Easy to use

  • Beeps to indicate water is ready

What we don't like
  • Very pricey for a kettle

Key specs

Maximum capacity: 1.7L | Minimum capacity: 500ml | Dimensions: 254 x 216 x 162 mm | Power: 2400W | Matching toaster?: Yes | Guarantee: Two years | Colours available: Matte black, almond cream, empire red, stainless steel, pistachio

Our verdict

KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle in use
  • Features: 4.5/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Ease of use: 4/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4.5/5

  • Value for money: 3/5

I really liked the design of this KitchenAid kettle - it doesn’t look huge, but the capacity is surprisingly large. The standout feature that made this one of our best kettles, however, was the variable temperature controls. It was very useful when I was short on time as I didn't have to wait for the water to cool slightly for coffees, and it was also ideal for adjusting the temperature to suit more delicate herbal teas. Another plus was being able to see the progress level of my water boiling as it got hotter.

The main drawback? The premium price tag. Ranging in cost from £159 to £179 depending on colour, there's no denying that this is a luxury buy, and I'm not sure it offers good value for money. That being said, it's a quality kettle that's built to last, and it did look fantastic in my kitchen, especially alongside its matching toaster.

What is the KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle?

The Breakfast Suite Kettle (also known as the KitchenAid Digital Variable Temperature Kettle) is a sleek gadget that helps serve you the perfect cuppa every time. With seven temperature options ranging from 50°C to 100°C, this clever kettle lets you tailor the heat level to your drink – ideal if you're particular about getting your coffee and tea just right.

With a 1.7L capacity, it's great for families or households that have guests over frequently, plus it promises to boil quickly and quietly.

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What is the KitchenAid Digital Variable Temperature Kettle like to use?

KitchenAid Digital Variable Temperature Kettle temperature controls

With its variable temperature settings, this luxury kettle's main selling point is the flexibility to heat water precisely to your desired temperature. I found this feature easy to use; I just needed to simply pour in the desired amount of water, set the temperature using the intuitive slider, and with a press of the button, the kettle got to work. There was a gentle beep to signal it was on, followed by a reassuring beep to indicate when the water was boiled and ready to use.

However, when we had guests round, I was constantly being asked how to work the kettle. The button to activate it is quite subtle and tucked away, so when I replied "press the button," they kept pressing the one on the lid which opens it. Of course, after you've used it once, it's super simple to use. But for visitors or during the first use, if you haven't read the instructions, it can be a little more tricky.

It was pretty fast to boil; it took around one minute 30 seconds to heat the minimum capacity (500ml) to 100°C, but the boiling times did vary depending on how full the kettle was and the temperature setting. And while it doesn’t have a keep warm button, the gauge showed the temperature of the water for a few minutes after heating, which was a nice touch.

When boiling, it wasn't very noisy at all, and I found it easy to pour the water into a mug from the spout.

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KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle: design and style

KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle

I liked the style of the kettle a lot. There are five colourways and finishes to choose between - matte black, almond cream, empire red, stainless steel, and pistachio green. I got it in matte black as part of a kettle and toaster set, and it looked lovely on my black stone countertops alongside my matching KitchenAid mixer.

My favourite design features were the temperature gauge and the beep to indicate that the water was boiled. I liked that I could hear it from my office - I have been known to boil a kettle, wander off and forget about it!

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How easy is the KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle to keep clean?

It was very easy to keep the kettle clean; it just needed a wipe with a damp, non-abrasive cloth. There’s also a limescale filter that's easily to remove and hand wash.

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Price: does the KitchenAid Variable Temperature Kettle offer value for money?

Like with the matching KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Toaster, the main disadvantage of this kettle is the cost. While it does offer more features than a run-of-the-mill kettle with its variable temperature settings, I’m not 100% convinced its hefty price tag justifies it. 

It does have a two-year guarantee, however, so if you can afford to splash out on a premium model, it is built to last.

How we tested

I tested out the KitchenAid Breakfast Suite Kettle in my own home over a period of several weeks. During this time I used all the different temperature settings and took extensive note of its durability, design, ease of use and practicality.

  • Used multiple times a day in a five-person household

  • Used when guests were over to test the capacity

  • Every setting used during testing

  • Used to make a variety of hot drinks

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