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Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller review: a great on-the-go, auto-fold lightweight stroller

Ultra-compact and easily foldable, the new Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller is the perfect choice for urban life and is also cabin-approved for travel. But how does it handle everyday use? Mum of two, Jane, puts it to the test.

By Tammy Jacks | Last updated Apr 11, 2024

Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller

Price: RRP from £499

What we like
  • Super lightweight

  • Ultra-compact fold

  • Great for travelling (cabin-approved)

  • Easy auto-fold feature

  • Three recline positions, including lie flat

  • Available in a variety of bold colours

What we don't like
  • Non-adjustable handlebar

  • Doesn’t come with rain cover

  • Difficult to push older child with one hand

  • Accessories are pricey

Key specs

Suitable from: Birth (with bassinet) to approx. four years old | Maximum load: 22kg | Orientation: Forward facing only | Weight: 6.6kg | Unfolded dimensions: 47 x 61 x 101.5cm | Folded dimensions: 47 x 24 x 56cm | Included accessories: Bumper bar and travel bag | Warranty: Two years

What Mumsnet users say
GreatGateauxsby · Recommended
In terms of prams, look at Leclerc and the Bugaboo Butterfly. Both of these lie close to flat even as a pram and would be fine for a four- to five-month-old.
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Our verdict
  • Assembly: 4/5

  • Safety and stability: 3/5

  • Ease of use: 4/5

  • Ease of folding/unfolding: 3/5

  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Design: 2/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5

  • Value for money: 2/5

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight stroller (just 6.6kg) that’s also compact, easy to fold and ideal for travel, then the Leclercbaby Influencer Air Stroller is a good choice.

After two months of testing with mum-of-two Jane, we were impressed by its sleek design, auto-fold feature (that folds down neatly in as little as three seconds) and remarkably compact fold, making it a standout option for cabin-approved strollers.

To be allowed in overhead lockers as hand luggage, a stroller must fold neatly within dimensions specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA): 56cm in length, 45cm in width, and 25cm in depth. It also needs to be fully collapsible and weigh less than 10kg.

The Leclercbaby Influencer Air Stroller meets all these criteria except that its folded (and unfolded) width is 47cm, slightly exceeding the IATA standard of 45cm. However, the manufacturer claims that it's cabin-approved. It's still best to confirm with the airline you’re travelling with to ensure compliance with their regulations as airline rules vary.

Our tester Jane says, “This stroller’s design is simple and compact which makes it super easy to travel with and store, much like other city strollers on the market (such as the Babyzen Yoyo2).”  Plus, it fits seamlessly into the travel bag that it comes with and is easy to sling over your shoulder and carry on and off the plane, bus or train thanks to the sturdy carry handles.

She adds, “Some features, like the contrasting zip on the sun canopy and the bold silver metal zip puller, are a bit loud for my taste. Plus, the magnetic harness for strapping in and out took me a little while to get used to. But once I got the hang of it, it was easy to strap my toddler in.”

Although it’s pricier than the Ickle Bubba Airies Auto-Fold Stroller, it’s even more compact, when folded or unfolded and comes with plenty of useful features to make parents’ lives easier when out and about. 

Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller outside

How we tested the Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller

  • Two months of testing with mum of two 

  • Used multiple times a week in various locations

  • Tested with a two-and-a-half-year-old

Our tester, Jane says, “I used this stroller every day, especially for trips to and from nursery with my two-and-a-half-year-old. Its slim design makes it a breeze to navigate through our narrow hallway and up and down a few steps.”

She notes that it’s also convenient for public transport, fitting easily onto buses and through Tube stations. “When we head to the playground and go over muddy or rocky terrain, this stroller holds up well without any issues,” she adds.

During testing, Jane scored the Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller on different criteria, including: assembly, safety and stability, ease of use, ease of folding and unfolding, comfort, design, ease of cleaning and value for money. 

Leclercbaby Influencer Air Stroller: what’s in the box?

  • Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller including sun canopy (UPF50+)

  • Bumper bar

  • Travel bag

  • User manual

While the Leclercbaby Influencer Air Stroller doesn’t have a bundle option, you can purchase all the accessories you need, including the bassinet separately should you need to use this stroller from birth - otherwise it’s suitable from six months to approximately four years.

Jane says, “This stroller did come with a cup holder for testing, which is really helpful when pushing a child and easy to attach.”  However, on the downside, you need to purchase the transparent rain cover separately  as well as the car seat adapters,  which are compatible with both Maxi Cosi and Cybex Group 0/baby car seats

Optional extras include a Wheeled Board that comes with a safety harness and a padded, removable seat, a Leclercbaby Teddy Footmuff and a Luxury Seat Liner for added comfort.

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How easy is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air to assemble?

“This stroller was so easy to assemble that I did it on my own and it took less than five minutes to be ready to use which is a major bonus,” says Jane.

“It’s definitely a one-person job. I didn’t need any tools and didn’t have to follow instructions.”

How does the Leclercbaby Influencer Air look? 

Describing their lightweight strollers as jazzy and trendy with a bold look and popping colours there’s no doubt that Dutch company, Leclercbaby designed their strollers to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

When looking at the overall design, Jane likes that the Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller has reflective piping on the sun canopy, making it more visible in low light settings and both the handlebar and bumper bar are made from artificial leather with brown stitching, giving it a stylish touch.

Its four wheels are small but have great suspension for a smooth ride and they’re non-marking, ideal for indoor, wooden floors. The frame has a glossy coating with rose gold accents, giving it a sleek finish. Underneath, the spacious storage basket is easy to access and can hold up to 3kg of stuff, including an average-sized changing bag.

Jane tested the black stroller and whilst she appreciates how easy it is to keep clean (more on that below), she’s not a huge fan of the bold silver zip and zipper. “I would prefer if the zip and zipper were also black or a little more subtle,” she says.

The Leclercbaby Influencer Air is also available in a variety of colours including Golden Mustard, Denim Blue, Violet Grey, Piano Black, Cloudy Cream and Olive Green.

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Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller harness

Is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air safe and sturdy?

Despite its low weight and ultra-sleek frame, the Leclercbaby Influencer Air is surprisingly sturdy, and Jane says it never felt wobbly or like it would topple over, even with the added weight of a changing bag on the handlebars.

“Once you get used to how the five-point magnetic harness works, it’s also easy to clip your child into the seat and secure them in place,” she says.  

When it comes to stopping, this stroller boasts a large central brake that's easy to click and lock or unlock with just one foot, ensuring it stays put even on downhill slopes for added safety.

Additionally, the Leclercbaby Influencer Air features a top-notch suspension system on all four wheels, absorbing shocks and vibrations to provide a smoother ride and minimise bumps or jolts for your child.

What’s it like to use day-to-day?

Although this stroller is a bit tricky to manoeuvre up and down stairs, Jane admits that it’s very easy to use in shops, narrow alleyways and small spaces. “Our house is a small terrace house and the Leclercbaby Influencer Air fits perfectly through the door too,” she adds.

“It’s also relatively easy to push, but if my five-year-old is in it, it’s significantly harder to use and I can’t push with one hand whilst holding a coffee cup.” She continues, “The handlebars also aren’t extendable which may be a problem for some, but I’m 5’ 10”, and it works well for me.”

Whether it’s folded or unfolded, the Leclercbaby Influencer Air is even more compact than the Ickle Bubba Aries Auto-Fold Stroller and the Cybex Mios, and the auto-one handed fold makes it a breeze to collapse and store in even the smallest car boots, as Jane found.

When it comes to storage space, the Leclercbaby has a large storage pocket in the back cover that’s useful to store your purse, phone and car or house keys, plus there’s the spacious storage basket below which can accommodate snacks, sippy cups and changing bags.

Jane also liked the extendable sun canopy with optional mesh window to allow for more airflow, and the smaller magnetic peekaboo window – ideal for keeping an eye on your little one whilst pushing.

Although Jane didn’t need to use the bassinet (as she tested out the stroller with her toddler), Leclercbaby has made it seamless to switch to bassinet mode, should you need it.

To pop the bassinet on, simply remove the handlebar and insert the bassinet adapters that click into place on the sides of the stroller. Then pick up the bassinet with the integrated handle, line it up with the adapters and click into place. The bassinet is comfy and roomy with an additional ventilation panel that can be zipped open on warmer days. To remove the bassinet and shift it back into stroller mode, press the grey buttons on the adapters and lift the bassinet off.

Another bonus of the Leclercbaby Influencer Air is that the water-resistant fabric is removable and machine-washable, thereby extending its longevity. 

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Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller handlebar

How comfortable is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air?

The Leclercbaby Influencer Air is designed to offer optimal comfort for children on the go. Jane says, “My little girl finds the stroller really comfortable overall. The well-padded seat has three shoulder height positions and a one-handed seat recline, with a small handle that you can grab with one hand to pull it down. The removable bumper bar is also simple to use, and my toddler finds it comfortable to grip as well as open and close herself.”  

This stroller stands out as one of the few on the market offering an adjustable strap between the legs, allowing your child to sit comfortably as they grow taller.

Although the extendable sun canopy didn’t offer full sun coverage over Jane’s daughter’s long legs, she did appreciate the newly added ventilation mesh in the hood, offering better circulation around the stroller.  

The optional accessories also add to the overall comfort of the Leclercbaby Influencer Air. The Luxury Seat Liner is lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft-to-the-touch and for colder days, and the Teddy Footmuff combines a cosy teddy sherpa lining with water-resistant outer fabric, ensuring your child stays warm, dry and comfortable during chilly outings.

Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller folded

How easy is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air to fold?

One of the standout features of the Leclercbaby Influencer Air is that it offers one of the most compact folds of all the lightweight strollers and cabin-approved strollers we’ve tested and is designed to be stored in a plane or train’s overhead compartment.

To fold, simply slide the lever across on the handlebar and the stroller automatically collapses in seconds. Plus, it fits seamlessly into the travel bag with room to spare for any accessories.

When it comes to unfolding this stroller, Jane says, “Unfolding is a little trickier to do than folding up. You need to really manoeuvre each of the bars into the correct position and push down until they all click into place. However, it’s light and easy to pick up as the bumper bar can be used as a handle, and I had no problem taking it up and down the stairs.”  

If you’re using the bassinet, before collapsing the stroller you’ll need to remove the bassinet and adapters and return the stroller seat to an upright position. Then, simply press the button on the handle and the stroller folds down effortlessly. To unfold it, just pull the handle and it pops back up into place. 

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What’s the storage like?

After using this stroller daily for two months, Jane says, “There’s plenty of space in the large pocket on the back of the stroller, as well as the storage basket and because there are no bars in the way underneath the stroller, it’s easy to get things like toys, nappies or snacks out, which is handy when you’re in a rush or dropping your child at nursery.”

If you’re looking for matching storage accessories, Leclercbaby offers a spacious changing bag to fit all your essentials.

Leclerc Influencer Air Stroller

Are there any added extras?

The Leclercbaby Influencer Air stroller comes with a UP50+ sun canopy, bumper bar, travel bag and portable coffee cup holder – which Jane found to be really useful for reusable water bottles or sippy cups and easy to attach to the frame.

Extras like the rain cover and bassinet are sold separately, which does make this stroller a little pricier than other ultra-compact strollers like the Ickle Bubba Aries Auto-Fold Stroller that comes with lots of extras including a cup holder, footmuff, bumper bar, buggy organiser and carry bag.

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Is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air easy to clean?

Yes! Jane says the sun canopy, is super easy to clean as it’s water-resistant which is helpful. “The seat can be cleaned well with a wet wipe or a damp cloth, which is handy as my kids are super messy.”

The Leclercbaby Influencer Air is also made with durable, water-resistant materials that didn’t show any wear and tear during testing, plus they’re removable for more thorough cleaning should the need arise. Of course, the bright, bold colours hide any marks well.

Is the Leclercbaby Influencer Air good value for money?

In the realm of ultra-compact, lightweight strollers, the Leclercbaby Influencer Air strikes a balance in terms of cost, offering a competitive price point within its category. However, it doesn't come with a raincover or other accessories, which affects its overall value for money.

Jane says, “If I compare this stroller to the Silvercross Jet, I do think that it’s more expensive for a similar stroller, as it retails for around £500, whereas the Silvercross is around £275.”

On the plus side, this stroller is made with good-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability for long-term use.

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