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Mia Tui Jennie Review

If you're looking for a changing bag that's got oodles of style and even more space then the timeless Mia Tui Jennie could be for you. This practical and versatile shoulder bag is well designed and will last you from the hospital delivery ward, through the first year and beyond. It's a great all-rounder.

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  • Roomy size with additional smaller bags to help organise everything you need for a day out
  • External pocket slips over suitcase handle for easy travelling
  • Available in 12 colours (navy, graphite, black, bronze, dove grey, scarlet, matt silver, cornflower blue, rose gold, aubergine, stone, tan)
  • Dual purpose shoulder bag


  • Interior turquoise synthetic material picked up a few stains after spillages
  • Very large main compartment which some parents may find means they lose things easily

What are the key features of the Mia Tui Jennie?

  • Shoulder strap
  • Two insulated bottle holders
  • Bold turquoise interior
  • Travel changing mat
  • External zip pocket that doubles as a strap to slip over your suitcase handle when travelling

How big is the Mia Tui Jennie shoulder bag?

  • 40cm (W) x 15cm (D) x 30cm (H)

What's included?

Large organiser bag with travel changing mat, buggy clips, clear internal bag with hand strap, matching clutch bag with wrist and X-Body strap

Mia Tui with changing mat

The Mia Tui Jennie proves you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality. The shoulder bag is roomy and contains extra sections to help parents organise everything they need for a day out with little ones in tow. The organiser section is a real help and makes locating your keys or wallet that much easier. Mia Tui's Jennie has an impressive list of extra features including a changing mat, insulated bottle holders and an external zip pocket that doubles as a strap to slip over your suitcase handle when travelling – very clever!

Mia Tui Jennie is an attractive shoulder bag made from faux leather material. With 11 colours to choose from, you really can find a bag to suit any taste.

Our tester opted for the cornflower blue with bright turquoise Polyurethane-coated Nylon interior lining. It looks more like an oversized shopper than a changing bag and got lots of admiring glances.

The inside is seriously spacious – it can fit everything you need for a day out and even has room to bring home souvenirs (or just wet clothes and the remains of your child's lunch).

We were impressed with the all the compartments for nappies and wipes – it's a great grab-bag for any emergencies and you can always find what you want quickly.

Can you easily find everything you need in the shoulder bag?

Yes – absolutely. The shoulder bag is nice and wide so it's easy to get access to the bottom of the bag when you're in a rush.

The key clip was a particularly welcome addition, as keys tend to go walkabout in big changing bags. The last thing anyone needs at the end of a long day out is to be on the doorstep in a torrential downpour while you empty out three changes of clothes and nappies in a bid to find your front door key.

Mother and daughter in lounge with Mia Tui Jennie

How useful are the pockets and extra clutch bags?

The Mia Tui Jennie comes with three extra bags that can sit inside the main compartment or be used on their own and they're all very useful indeed. Who couldn't do with a bag of bags in their life now you have so much stuff to organise, after all?

The changing mat comes in an organiser pouch and features a pretty diamond shape design on the material. This has pockets to keep spare nappies, cream and wipes organised.

The small leather clutch is perfect for keeping your purse and other valuables – it can even double up as an evening bag when you get the chance to hit the town (in about six months) and no-one will ever know it came with your changing bag.

A clear zip bag completes the trio of extra bags and is perfect for keeping wet swimsuits after a trip to the pool or make-up when travelling.

Inside the bag there's a phone pocket and added holders for pens (or Peppa Pig crayons if you prefer). A zip pocket on the outside features a metallic silver star charm – pointless but pretty.

Do the insulated pockets keep things cool/warm?

Yes, a bottle of warm milk was still toasty three hours later. A bottle of water will stay cool in the bag on a warm day.

How comfortable is the shoulder bag to carry?

Faux leather makes the shoulder bag flexible and lightweight. Our tester found it easy to carry even when it was packed to the roof with stuff to bribe the kids with. There are no pesky sharp edges and the shoulder straps distribute the weight nice and evenly. The top of the bag fastens up with a zip, which means you don't need to worry about anything spilling out as you go about your busy day.

The shoulder bag also comes with a longer cross-body strap, which gives you more options when trying to find a comfy carrying position.

Our tester found the bag became slightly uncomfortable to carry when it was very full. When the load gets too heavy, you can always attach the bag to a buggy with the buggy straps, but it's worth being aware of.

Is the shoulder bag easy to clean?

Both the exterior and interior are very easy to wipe clean. The bag is made from very supple material so it's easy to turn inside out to give it a good wipe inside and divest it of any lurking crumbs of rice cake.

Lovely though it was, our tester did find the bright interior material stained after a particularly messy spillage. The interior material is waterproof though, so it is at least easily dried out when accidents occur.

How does the shoulder bag look?

The shoulder bag is a timeless look and Mia Tui has made it impossible to find a colour you don't like.

Is it good value for money?

The Jennie changing bag is built to last. The sheer number of extra bags means you can fit in everything you need for a day out and its timeless design makes it a popular choice for years to come. At only £60, it offers exceptional value for money in our opinion.

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