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Moondog's naff books that we've all read thread

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ggglimpopo Mon 25-Apr-05 09:52:11

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 25-Apr-05 09:55:03

Princess Daisy
Love Story
Peyton Place
The Valley of the Dolls
(I think that makes me a bit retro-naff)

ggglimpopo Mon 25-Apr-05 09:55:46

Message withdrawn

flashingnose Mon 25-Apr-05 09:56:37

Anything by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The Rich are Different - Susan Howatch (but still loved it )

gingerbear Mon 25-Apr-05 09:58:23

Hollywood Wives (any Jackie Collins really)

Good sunlounger reading though.

flashingnose Mon 25-Apr-05 09:59:05

Aah Jackie Collins - how could I forget??

flamesparrow Mon 25-Apr-05 09:59:56

I've only read Valley Of The Dolls out of them...

How about a bit of St Claires and Mallory Towers?

Marina Mon 25-Apr-05 10:00:38

The Betsy - all this stuff was my parents' I hasten to add.
Oh, and Chariots of the Gods, surely the daftest non-fiction book ever published?

welshmum Mon 25-Apr-05 10:02:14

Don't forget Jilly Cooper - Riders, Polo etc
And Catherine Cookson.

ggglimpopo Mon 25-Apr-05 10:02:17

Message withdrawn

batters Mon 25-Apr-05 10:49:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 25-Apr-05 10:57:15

Biography of Richard & Judy - left in a hotel room (of course I didn't buy it!).

Guaranteed sleep inducer.

ggglimpopo Mon 25-Apr-05 11:00:34

Message withdrawn

GhostofNatt Mon 25-Apr-05 11:17:59

clan of the cavebear anyone?

snafu Mon 25-Apr-05 11:19:05

Jilly Cooper is fabulous. She is my guilty, guilty pleasure...well, her books are.

ks Mon 25-Apr-05 11:26:16

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Mon 25-Apr-05 11:29:46

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 25-Apr-05 11:34:18

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 25-Apr-05 11:37:29

GhostofNatt, I've been meaning to ask you...have you been on Mumsnet for five years...under another name?

And as for Angelique...I think "Sergeanne Golon" beat "Nicci French" and "Zisou Corder" to writing a book together under one name by about 40 years...ah, I remember it well.
OK, Chronicles of Jalna anyone? Mazo de la Roche wrote the most overcooked fiction imaginable!

dinosaur Mon 25-Apr-05 11:39:26

I've read a lot of them, Marina - my aunt had loads.

FLUM Mon 25-Apr-05 11:39:59


only read it for the rumpy pumpy scenes

suzywong Mon 25-Apr-05 11:40:12

Rockstar by Jackie Collins immediately after ds1 was born, don'tknow why, it was the biggest pile of crap imaginable

Also some ghoulish La Plante which was really awful too

much more highbrow these days though, thank the lord

GhostofNatt Mon 25-Apr-05 11:42:08

Marina, how did you guess? Posted v early on then not much for years but fallen by wayside recently, oops. Think you are "oldtimer" too?

Marina Mon 25-Apr-05 11:42:27

They were just so lurid...all that swapping partners between siblings/cousins etc. I am sure I read a brief biography that suggested a combination of upbringing and reclusive adulthood made de la Roche write such barkingly torrid stuff about sexual relationships.
I love a lot of Canadian writers but she will always have a special place in my heart. I don't think my parents had a clue how very unsuitable some of the novels were for a teenager.

Marina Mon 25-Apr-05 11:43:41

Well, do you know, I checked out my first ever post and someone with a name very like yours replied to it . The penny dropped! That was back in 2000, by the way.

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