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Starting 1st January - who’s with me

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Ethiopianflower Mon 31-Dec-18 23:45:11

I have just polished off a galaxy bar and a Lindt chocolate teddy bear in preparation for the new me tomorrow 😂😂. Plan is to eat healthily and exercise for the next 7 weeks. Anyone fancy joining me and helping motivate each other?

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AandB201517 Tue 01-Jan-19 00:00:25

Yesss! My plan is less sugar/no refined sugar, eat healthy and exercise more. Really hope I can stick to it

Tiredemma Tue 01-Jan-19 00:09:18

Yep I'm in! Will weigh myself first thing

UnsungHero Tue 01-Jan-19 00:19:07

Meeee! Starting right NOW!!

4 ish stone to go
Will re join slimming world
Will take up running again..... I ran London marathon and 2 half marathons in 2018!!!!

Got new fancy pants scales which sync info to my phone app
Active job ... no gym required
A hol in the sun to work towards...,

NOTHING in my way!!

makingmiracles Tue 01-Jan-19 00:20:22

Yep. Tried last year but kept stopping and starting, head wasn’t in the right place, lots of stresses all year and dreading where the scales are at todayblush

Have realistically got around 9st to lose, hoping I achieve 4 by the summer. Am using expante, although I always poo poed “crash diets” the documentary on the fast fix clinic was eye opening and medically made sense.

Although I’m not diabetic, my father was and I don’t want to go down the same path. The reduction in blood sugar levels and spikes just on a regime of walking for 5 minutes every hour alongside the doing the products, was shockin. as was the reduction of fatty liverj by the end of the programme.

mamamedic Tue 01-Jan-19 00:31:27

Oh God yes, Me too please! 2 stones would be great, 3 a miracle.
Going to do low carb, no sugar. No booze. Up the exercise. And take dogs for a walk every day.
Good Luck everyone. X

BrokenWing Tue 01-Jan-19 00:44:31

I'm in, although Scottish traditional new years dinner of steak and sausage pie and pastry will have me on the back foot.

Got to lose a few stone after the shock of starting high blood pressure meds recently and other various aches and pains, but will start with an initial 10% target whatever that is when I weigh myself tomorrow for the first time in years (gulp!!).

I have a spreadsheet and graph all ready to track my progress 😳. Aiming for a steady 2lb a week!!!

FrederickCreeding Tue 01-Jan-19 00:46:37

I'm in too! I've also spent the last few hours of 2018 eating and drinking in preparation for my diet!I

Ideally I'd like to lose at least a stone by February half-term.

TidaQuel Tue 01-Jan-19 00:52:50

Me! I’m with you for a Stone by half term Frederick.
Cut out sugar, processed crap. Run (well jog).
Two stone would be amazing. Drop a couple of dress sizes. I have a holiday booked for August

UnsungHero Tue 01-Jan-19 00:58:12

I've put on so much so quickly....ashamed of myself!blush

How the hell I ran a marathon 9 months ago is beyond me!

twinkledag Tue 01-Jan-19 01:18:46


A stone by Feb half term would be great!

My plan -

Low carb
Take up exercising again

Let's do this!

torthecatlady Tue 01-Jan-19 02:52:59

I'm in! Really need support as when I get bored I eat!

I'll weigh in the morning but I know I have around 3.5 stone to lose (to start with) blush but could do with losing a lot more!

I need to cut down on Diet Coke, drink more water and cut down processed food.

I hate exercise and have an office job hmm

I like mini goals, a stone by Feb half term sounds good!

mrbob Tue 01-Jan-19 03:00:07

Come join on here!

BrokenWing Tue 01-Jan-19 13:27:35

Scales have been dusted down and first weigh in done for me, I've got quite a bit to lose to even reach an overweight BMI!!!! 😱 😳. Either that or grow much taller 😂😂

Mini challenge of 1st by Feb 1/2 term accepted 👍🏻

January plan for me is go cold turkey with the constant evening snacking which has really got out of hand, smaller plate/portion sizes with more veg 🥦🥕, and walk the dog 🐕 more!!!!

tor I was on 4-5 cans of diet coke a day a couple of years ago, it's tough cutting it out but preservere and it gets better in a week or so. I treated myself to a good thermal cup to keep water nicely chilled and actually prefer just water now (my only healthy habit!!!)

torthecatlady Tue 01-Jan-19 14:18:51

Thanks @BrokenWing! Good luck!
I can't go cold turkey on Diet Coke, but limiting to a 2 glasses a day. Then get it down to 1 glass a day. And hopefully as a weekend thing?
I feel rubbish if I don't have any and it perks me up straight away. But I've already had a litre of water today and no Diet Coke yet.

tibni Tue 01-Jan-19 14:24:00

Can I tag along too please. Was always very slim but peri menopause has really piled the weight on (plus greed) lost over 3 stone couple of years ago but put it back on following stressful couple of years.
Don't want to go back to slimming world as I need to make changes for life not just for weigh in day (I actually left having made target weight and feeling pressure as having readjusted lower had gone below target so was going to have to start paying again)
So less processed, less bread, cheese and butter (veggie)
Good luck everyone, we can do this smile

Cheeseandpicklesarnies Tue 01-Jan-19 14:41:40

Me! Currently 10 stone 2. Would like to be 9.7. Have lost a stone since the summer just by being more careful with food and doing the shred x5 a week. Not done it over Xmas but seem to have maintained weight. Determined to be a very comfy size 10!

BrokenWing Tue 01-Jan-19 14:54:25

@Ethiopianflower @AandB201517 @Tiredemma @UnsungHero @makingmiracles @mamamedic @BrokenWing @FrederickCreeding
@TidaQuel @twinkledag @torthecatlady @tibni @Cheeseandpicklesarnies

Thought a direct email will remind you all to keep coming back!! I need you all this year.

1st of January is a tough day to start - but new year new me!! Slept in until 11am this morning, at least it is less eating time today!!! grin.

Hope everyone got their starting weight today and is in the right head space to start this thing. Good luck to all this week!! If you fall off the horse just get right back on!

Tiredemma Tue 01-Jan-19 15:07:08

I ran 5k this am but met friends for a carvery just and was a bit gluttonous!

Will start my healthy eating tomorrow!

AandB201517 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:12:00

Weighed myself this morning. 15st 7. I could cry. However I am determined and I’ve started eating healthy and consuming less sugar today.

Exercise wise I have ordered a davina dvd and some dumbbells as I have lost the ones I have.

Kids are stressing me out so I’m already being put to the test grin

Good luck all, We can do this! Fat...fuck off!!!

abbsisspartacus Tue 01-Jan-19 15:13:38

Yes but I've fucked up already I've had so little sleep I hit the chocolate hard to stay awake and now I feel sick

abbsisspartacus Tue 01-Jan-19 15:14:04

When it's dark I'm going for a walk

Panicmode1 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:15:20

I'm in. I weighed myself this morning and have put on a stone since I had surgery at the end of October.

I need to check with the physio when I see her next week what exercise I can do safely, but I can walk the dog now (couldn't for 6 weeks) and I can definitely cut out the alcohol and stupid portion sizes I have been having over Christmas.

A stone by Feb half term is a great target. Let's do this!

BrokenWing Tue 01-Jan-19 16:04:10

Knew today would be tough, I'm doing OK, after mega lie in only had a healthy-ish brunch so far but drank around 1 litre of water and walked dog for an hour and a half.

New years dinner later and will try to keep mine on a smaller plate!! It is when the sun goes down I'll struggle to keep away from the dorritos and Xmas choc left in the fridge!!

Ethiopianflower Tue 01-Jan-19 16:33:48

We can do this. Put on the runners today to do my first run in a while but got a call from my ds to come home about 5 mins into it. Will try again tomorrow. Resisted crisps today 😀 - my guilty pleasure. I could live on crisps!!! Good luck everyone

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