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juice fasting to lose weight, starts today! (my diary)

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Jpowerjones1987 Tue 29-Apr-14 10:33:13

Ok so having tried everything from ww, slimming world, dukan, south beach, ketgenic, etc... and dieted most of the 27 years of my life ive decided enough is enough and its time to get down to a weight im happy with and be able to enjoy food instead of having the love hate relationship I currently have with it.

So heres the plan, now for me I need to see quick results at first to give me the motivation to continue and juicing is definately the best for this so im going to do a 7 day juice fast followed by a 10 day detox (juice for breakfast, soup for lunch and a healthy tea with nuts and veg sticks with dip for snacks) and on the way I will record my weight change each day and my measurements weekly, id also do progress pics if I could but I dont have a mirror that allows me to take a full length photo.

Now my current weight is 10 stone 9 pounds, which for my height (5ft 8) is within the healthy bmi, but as all will know just because your in your healthy bmi, doesnt mean your happy with your body, so my goal is to get to 9st 4 lbs. Some may think this is too low for someone my height but ive been at 9st 4lbs before, and to me this was when I was happy with my figure and still within my healthy bmi (very important).

Ive tried juicing twice before, having watched 'fat, sick and nearly dead' and been inspired to buy a juicer (sage - £199 john lewis, I believe argos do a good cheap juicer tho) on both occasions I lasted a week losing around 8 pounds each time, and during the juicing I felt amazing but as with anything else I didnt stick to healthy eating afterwards and I gained all the weight back, but this time is different!!!

I woke up this morning and told myself it would be the last morning I weight 10 stone 9lbs!

Now I invite anyone that wishes to join me, and I promise to do all I can to motivate you too smile

Day 1

I woke up this morning to have a lemon with hot water (great for cleansing the system and filling u up a bit), followed by a juice made from:

3 apples, 2 carrots, 1/4 cucumber, a stalk of broccoli and a handful of spinach then blend with 1 avocado and ice......yummy!

this will no doubt keep me going till about 2, if your in work and want to do this I recommend getting a nakd juice from tesco, sainsburys, waitrose, it saves having to faff about with making a juice to take to work.

ill let you know how im getting on this evening but any questions please ask.

MsFiremanSam Tue 29-Apr-14 21:35:51

Hi there,
Ive started a juice plan too - Jason Vale's 5llb in 5 days. Similar reasons to you - although I've got more to lose. 10llb of baby weight left, and then ideally another half a stone.
Done two full days now and feeling ok. I'm finding the evenings the hardest as I normally eat with DH and have a glass of wine. Feeling pretty grumpy at the moment watching him eat Easter chocolate!
Determined to make it to the end of the week though!
Good luck with yours!

nonameisgoodname Tue 29-Apr-14 21:37:18

Marking my place. Thinking of juice fasting, but not sure atm.

Jpowerjones1987 Tue 29-Apr-14 22:00:50

End of day 1 and still going strong, only had 2 juices today though. My second was similar to my first as I have avocados to use up, and I love avocados in my juices, according to Jason Vale you can use up to 2 avocados a day and weight loss will be the same as a pure juice diet.

I also had a litre of coconut water, my new favorite!

Its recommended that you do only light exercising during a juice so the body has time to heal so I just took the dogs out today, will try the gym tomorrow though, although to anyone else id say lay off the gym for the week as it has a tendancy to make people feel like they have to physically eat something after.

Jpowerjones1987 Wed 30-Apr-14 09:35:46

Ok so day 2 and I woke up feeling nice and lght and refreshed, not hungry either! And I weight 10st 7lbs so thats 2lb down since yesterday which is motivating.

im going to start the day again with a lemon and hot water followed by an avocado juice, then this afternoon I'll have another of my favorite juices made from 3 oranges, 3 carrots (large) and half an inch piece of ginger (this juice almost tastes creamy!)

Juicing isn't easy unfortunately but to those doing it its either because they want to slim down or detox and its amazing for both, you just have to use your willpower, when I want to give up I just concentrate on how rubbish I felt before and the fact I'll be kicking myself tomorrow for not sticking with it. I remember when I did the juice for 5 days last month, I woke up feeling a different women then I did at the start of the juice, I could even (dare I say it) see a thigh gap coming along! And that was just after 5 days so however long your juicing for know that as each day goes on the feeling of detoxing is amazing.

MsFiremanSam Wed 30-Apr-14 18:22:02

How's it going?
When I weighed myself this morning I'd already lost 5llb - but surely that can't all be fat?
I'm starving though!

Jpowerjones1987 Wed 30-Apr-14 18:40:28

Its going well, ive only had two juices again today and I took the dogs for an hour walk so will definately have to make myself another juice latet ad its recommended you have 4-6 juices in a day.

The weight will be mostly water weight but on my last juice I kept it off for a good few weeks after id finished, while I was still being good and ive also read another post where a women lost 15lbs in 3 weeks doing what im doing and she kept it off, so as long as after the juice fast you continue with healthy eating you should keep the weight off smile

bigbutsrus1 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:07:05

Can I join! Did juicing last year and lost 1/2 stone. I have been exercising like mad recently and am toning up well but need to shift some belly fat! I am going to replace lunch with a juice , cut out all snacks and have a healthy tea. I am 5ft 9 and weigh 10.10. Start tomorrow!

bigbutsrus1 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:08:54

Ps anyone have any nice lunch juice ideas? I did the pineapple, cucumber, lime, spinach, avocado combo to death last time!

Jpowerjones1987 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:59:20

Anyone's welcome to join, the more the better.

And juicing is known to be brilliant for shifting belly fat!

Bigbutsrus1 a juice I really like is a handful if spinach, a stem of broccoli, 1 inch piece of cucumber, 2/3 apples, piece of ginger and half a lemon.

Also Apple, carrot and ginger is a nice one and as mentioned in the previous post orange, carrot and ginger is lovely.

End of day two and I've not been to the gym but only managed the 2 juices and a litre of coconut water again today, not been hungry for another juice.

To anyone that's interested in coconut water though, waitrose has one called zico on offer for £2.36 a litre at the moment. I find coconut water yummy and filling and the litre contains about 240 cals so about the same as a juice.

Joules68 Wed 30-Apr-14 23:54:16

Jason vale... Pear and parsnip! Good luck with that one! I lost 10lbs on the 5lb in 5 days. Kept it off too

I'm doing thd 'running on juice' at the moment. Lots of yummy beet root

MsFiremanSam Thu 01-May-14 06:55:23

Has anyone seen 'Super Juice Me'? Watched it this week and found it really motivating. People had amazing results on the plan. It's free to watch online for another 4 days.

Joules68 Thu 01-May-14 08:46:21

Yes, watched it. Amazing

Jpowerjones1987 Thu 01-May-14 09:53:57

What channel is super juice me on? Sounds interesting.

Beginning of day 3 and I weigh in at 10st 5lbs, so 4lbs lost in 2 days which I'm happy with, feel great today too. In a rush this morning so only managed my lemon and hot water but I'll have a pineapple (1/4), carrot (3) and mango (1 small) juice when I have time. I have a tendency to just make up my own juices, you tend to know what to leave out and what to add when you've tried them all, and for me I really don't like beetroot in juices (although many love it) and celery makes juices taste like your drinking grass, as does too much cucumber, but your always safe with carrots, apples, spinach (not too much) and broccoli and any fruit as there all pretty sweet.

Anyone tried boost juice bar? Any good juices you've tried from there?

MsFiremanSam Thu 01-May-14 11:16:35

Super Juice Me is online only - free for another 4 days. If you go to the Juicemaster website there's a link on there.
I've been having the Juicemaster Juice in a Bar - the veggie one. They're pretty good and very filling.

bigbutsrus1 Thu 01-May-14 14:09:54

Sat drinking my lunch juice - stuck to what I like so .....1/2 cucumber, 1x slice pineapple, 1x apple, 1/2 lime, stalk of broccoli, 2 handfuls of spinach and then blended with 1/2 avocado. Delicious ...just need to hold out till tea time now! Going to try the peanut stew I keep reading about on the "eat clean" chat.

dalek Thu 01-May-14 15:02:42

Could i ask a question please? As you are only having juice and no fibre do you get constipated?

MABS Thu 01-May-14 15:14:46

are there any juices you can buy ready made that are suitable for this?

CoteDAzur Thu 01-May-14 15:18:14

I have another question: Why not just eat the pear, cucumber, avocado, etc?

You will get the fiber and eat much less than all that is in your juices.

MsFiremanSam Thu 01-May-14 15:48:23

Super Juice Me answers all these questions if you get chance to watch.

My understanding is that you couldn't consume the amount of fruit and veg that's in 4 juices a day - and that the juice is the only part that can penetrate your intestinal tract and what your body wants anyway.

I suffer from IBS and constipation and have had no issues this week.

Jpowerjones1987 Thu 01-May-14 16:04:38

Dalek - ive not once been constipated during a juice fast, I actually suffer from severe IBS also and within a few days of juicing I have no symptoms.

Also the benefit of juicing as a pose to eating the food is your body has time to heal itself, your body usually spends time digesting the food you consume so when you dont consume food it allows it to spend the time it would have previously spent digesting food healing the body or detoxing as it's better known.

just watched Super Juice Me and its great motivation for anyone juicing or thinking of juicing.

Jpowerjones1987 Thu 01-May-14 16:17:08

Mabs - sell juice plans, they do a cleanse package for £75 where they provide you with 15 juices to take over 3 days, ive never tried them myself as i think thats quite expensive but most places that sell them are expensive.

naked juices Are really nice but there not as good as fresh juice, I tend to have a naked juice at lunch if I've forgotten or not had time to juice.

CoteDAzur Thu 01-May-14 16:27:19

"My understanding is that you couldn't consume the amount of fruit and veg that's in 4 juices a day"

True. That is why I said "you would eat much less than all that is in your juices". Isn't eating less (especially less high-calorie foods like fruits & avocado, for example) a good thing when you want to lose weight?

"and that the juice is the only part that can penetrate your intestinal tract and what your body wants anyway."

Not sure what you mean by "what your body wants" but fiber is a very good thing to eat, even though it is not digested. Again, especially if you are dieting.

CoteDAzur Thu 01-May-14 16:40:28

Jpower - I'm sorry to say this and I hope you won't take it personally, but that last paragraph you wrote has no basis in reality.

"Also the benefit of juicing as a pose to eating the food is your body has time to heal itself, your body usually spends time digesting the food you consume so when you dont consume food it allows it to spend the time it would have previously spent digesting food healing the body or detoxing as it's better known."

Digestive system (digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid in the stomach etc) is completely different than the mechanism through which the body 'heals' itself (cellular regeneration, healing wounds etc) and so one system 'spending time' on what it's made to do doesn't affect the other system doing what it is made to do.

Also, whizzing ingredients in a blender does not digest them. That digestion is still done in your body, in the same digestive system you think you are resting. Passing fruits through a blender is a physical change (i.e. making pieces smaller) while digestion is a chemical change.

And of course there is no such thing as a 'detoxing' mechanism in the human body. Take a look at a medical textbook, if you don't believe me. No toxins are being cleaned out of your body just because you are drinking your food rather than chewing it.

MABS Thu 01-May-14 17:02:01


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