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VLCD, Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet, etc

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Mudwiggle Tue 12-Mar-13 12:09:23

Hi All

Wanted to see if anyone is doing one of these or thinking about it. (If there's already an active thread, I missed it).

I have done LL before, lost three stone in 10 weeks and maintained wonderfully until DC's. Eldest is now four and a half and I think I have probably tried everything going, you name it, I've tried it (Paul McKenna, Paleo, 5:2, Dukan, Weight Watchers, etc).

I know that this works for me, although I understand other peoples objections.
I get paid on Friday and will be contacting a CDC to start on Monday. By the time DS1 is five in June, I intend to be pre DC weight again! grin

Anyone up for it? Or can give me some support or advice? TIA.

bbpants Mon 06-May-13 19:22:10

Excellent work Scone. I bow down to your willpower!

Forgive me for I have sinned - I had a small spoonful of picallilli with my chicken this evening. I have come a very long way on this diet for that to be the thing I craved most!!

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 06-May-13 19:45:02

Piccalilli? <SIOB>

<ignores sudden desire for small pickled vegetables>

bbpants Mon 06-May-13 19:58:06

I know, I know - such a stupid thing to blow a day's dieting on.

But it was VERY nice!

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 06-May-13 20:34:20

I am sure it hasn't wrecked your day bb I was just being daft!

One day at a time, it will become second nature after a while.

Wowserz129 Mon 06-May-13 22:39:02

I tried starting SnS a couple weeks ago and lasted up until day 5 and caved. I caved because I felt sick, weak, grumpy and thumping head for 5 days and felt it wasn't healthy being that ill.

I really wanna restart as have loads if packs! Any tips on getting of the ground with it?

thepatioislumpy Mon 06-May-13 22:58:43

wowzers were you drinking enough water? the only time I felt bad was if I lapsed in my liquid intake.

A reasonable day today smile

SconeInSixtySeconds Tue 07-May-13 09:41:42

I felt sick for the first 4 or 5 days then it passed. No sickness here at all now.

(I weighed myself this morning and I am in the 15s! Yay! 16 pounds in 19 days...)

grin grin

bbpants Tue 07-May-13 10:05:53

Wow Scone - that's BRILLIANT!

Glad you had a good day, Patio.

Wowserz - water is definitely the key. I also drink a lot of peppermint tea just to break it up a bit. Green tea is good too.

Wowserz129 Tue 07-May-13 12:12:00

I was drinking two litres a day. Should I drink more? I had one shake at 7 this morning I am due another one but really don't fancy it! I am actually really sick of the shakes from the first time I did it! Does anyone else get sick of the shakes? I have different flavours etc but don't like the SnS spaghetti or soups yuk!

thinkfast Tue 07-May-13 13:43:04

Half way through my first day. So far so good

Scone you've inspired me! What a great weight loss to start off with

Off to buy water and peppermint tea!

bbpants Tue 07-May-13 15:00:04

Wowserz - I aim for about 2 litres a day, plus what I use in the shakes etc., so I would have thought that was fine.

I'm lucky in that I actually quite like some of the shakes, and bizarrely look forward to them! I tend to stick to the chocolate, caramel, and coffee ones. I whizz the vanilla one up with a bit of water and a lot of ice cubes and make a sort of soft ice cream and pretend I'm having pudding. I also make the chocolate crispy one very very thick and eat that like a pudding too. I've just bought the mousse mix from S&S as well, and that gives the shakes a different dimension for a change.

And I tend to use the meals as sauces over a pile of veg, rather than eat them by themselves (except for the curry and the chilli ones - I like them just as they are). If you find the pasta ones a bit crunchy, soak them in the water for 5-10 minutes before you cook them - it makes the pasta softer.

I didn't get on with the porridge ones, however, they were disgusting. Although I have heard of people making an oatmeal cookie out of it.

Some of the others might come back with some other suggestions for making the packs more appealing.

Thinkfast - welcome!

Wowserz129 Tue 07-May-13 15:45:48

I know Scone I hope I get a loss like yours that would be fab!

I am going to the states of holiday at the start of July so aim to lose 2 stone by then! Not sure if that is too ambitious?

Think fast I will be interests to see how you get on since we are starting on the same day! Really going to have to push through the feeling ill stage.

What is the m and s mousse mix? I am going to try the macaroni cheese if they have it next week!

Wish me luck cooking Ds dinner and pudding on a empty stomach shock

SconeInSixtySeconds Tue 07-May-13 15:58:58

Wowsers, I found eating one of the bars while making the kids tea made it all ok for the first 10 days or so. Even better lobbed in the fridge first as they are then more chewy!

I quite like the shakes (although I found them really sweet to begin with, my palate has adjusted) but I really don't like the crispy ones! I like the hazelnut shake best and I too use the packets as a sauce sometimes, I am doing the lifestyle so 3 packs plus a meal.

I have a big cup of tea first thing, a shake at about 9am, a bar for lunch often keeps me going to dinnertime, then eg 100g chicken, boiled mushrooms and courgettes with mushroom soup for dinner. Sometimes I won't use a meal pack at dinner and then have a shake at supper time.

I have definitely found it easier since adding a lo carb meal and dropping a sachet.

Wowserz129 Tue 07-May-13 19:18:43

Scone are you losing the same by dropping a packet and adding a low carb meal?

At the moment it's half 7 and I have had one bar and one shake. Just feels weird forcing myself to drink a shake I don't want. It's not like I don't like the taste, they taste okay I am just fed up of them lol!

SconeInSixtySeconds Tue 07-May-13 19:51:12

It isn't supposed to make any difference to the rate of loss as long as you keep within the restraints of 100g protein and the veg allowance. My metabolism is a bit shagged and I know I need to be under 50g carbs to be in ketosis, so for me three packs (roughly 36 g carbs) plus the veg and protein seems to be working.

There have been days when I have been slightly over the protein allowance though <rebel> but I do use the meal planner on the slim and save site to keep an eye on it.

thinkfast Tue 07-May-13 20:34:09

I'm exhausted!!!
It gets easier right?

sammac Tue 07-May-13 22:22:30

Fantastic weight loss Scone - now it starts to seem worth it.
I have been drinking peppermint tea too - any leaf tea, but not fruit or flower tea, I didn't realise this till last week, but am on track with it now. I find it hard to get the water drunk during the day, so try to catch up at night - but not very well. I didn't get weighed on Saturday so will keep my fingers crossed for this Saturday. I don't make the shakes as shakes but use less water to make it more yoghurty.

thinkfast Wed 08-May-13 07:32:56

Urghhh. Woke up feeling dreadful trying to eat a porridge mix but feel really nauseous. Not sure I can stick with this...

Wowserz129 Wed 08-May-13 07:37:49

Think fast try and stick with it if you can! It's meant to pass after the first few days like the ladies said. If you are really thinking about caving why don't you switch to lifestyle for today like have the small amount of protein and veg for dinner?

thinkfast Wed 08-May-13 07:47:42

Thanks wowserz. Had to throw the porridge away. Tasted really strange. Now feeling v lightheaded and nauseous. Hope it passes I have work today!

How are you getting on?

Wowserz129 Wed 08-May-13 08:54:15

I am sick of the shakes already! Thank goodness for the bars to be honest. Maybe just try drinking loads of water?

I am actually doing okay. I have increased my water intake from 2 to 3 litres this time and I seem to feel a bit better from it. I found day 3 a struggle last time though!

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 08-May-13 09:09:34

Was that the sweet porridge think because if so, yup, utterly revolting. The oatmeal one is nicer although I think I made a mistake when I made it as it was more like soup!

Try some ginger or fennel tea for the nausea, it helps a little. You can do this! <readies Pom poms>

bbpants Wed 08-May-13 09:53:03

Keep going everybody - first 3-4 days are definitely the worst. It's the carb withdrawal.

I'm feeling stronger again today as I took an early look at the scales this morning, and I now have lost a total of 3.5 stones since mid January (with a three week break and holiday over Easter).

This diet is hardcore, but it is working for me. I'm doing it in blocks so I've got another 10 weeks before the summer holidays start, and I have a goal in mind that will require me to lost at least 2lb a week. Then I'm buying some new clothes (because all my trousers are beginning to fall down!).

My plans for the summer is then to maintain over the school holidays before starting another block of S&S in September. If I stick to my plans, I should end the year being merely overweight rather than morbidly obese!!

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 08-May-13 10:05:41

Wow bb, that is absolutely amazing! Have the dc said anything? My ds poked me in the tummy this morning when he came in for his am cuddle and said that it was smaller blush but also grin and I have noticed that my size 18s are getting looser.

I colour co-ordinated my wardrobe last week with the same sizes on the same coloured hangers (thanks TK Maxx) and as I had thought I have 3(!)t shirts in a size 18, about 20 in a 16 and then all my lovely pre-Australia 14s and 12s waiting for me.

But I need to be 13st to be a 14, so a way to go yet (hmm, a stone a month they reckon, so could be there by mid July).

Wowserz129 Wed 08-May-13 10:15:34

That's a good idea bb. I am trying to take it a week at a time, like I just need to get to the end if this first week and then il think about next week! If I thought I have two months to go after one day I would stop now!

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