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TaggieCampbellBlack Tue 01-Jan-13 06:54:40

16st 7


Shybairns Thu 31-Jan-13 21:20:04

Me too Taggie (great name btw). This week is pretty well a right off. Weigh in day is Monday though so may still be able to claw back a pound loss.

Shybairns Thu 31-Jan-13 21:21:35

Fecking bake sale at school tomorrow so have made double choc muffins and strawberry and yoghurt muffins. (Ate a chocolate one, I mean come on what normal person could resist!!)

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 01-Feb-13 06:55:32

Why oh why can't my weigh in be on a Friday, 2.5 lbs down from Tuesday morning, PIL's coming this weekend, but have planned my food so hopefully will still have lost a pound come next Tuesday.

BoffinMum Fri 01-Feb-13 11:45:32

A piece of cake and 4 chocolates have been eaten on a comfort basis. Not good. Done personal training this morning though.

DigWeedSow Fri 01-Feb-13 14:34:55

I was thinking the same thing Dorset, 1lb down today which is bound to be put back on over the weekend, maybe we should all have our weigh in on a Friday grin

Boffin I'm craving chocolate today, I have box of truffles which are a birthday present upstairs and I am sooooo close to unwrapping them!

Shybairns Fri 01-Feb-13 18:12:02

The week is officially a right off. Starting again on Monday. sad
Pissed of by my weakness.

OneSliceOfSwissCheese Fri 01-Feb-13 18:49:29

Shy, this week has been a total write off for me too. I'm also feeling annoyed at myself but just can't seem to get back on track.

Shybairns Fri 01-Feb-13 18:53:48

wine Cheers

BoffinMum Fri 01-Feb-13 19:50:55

I agree, let's have a first full week of February reboot. We should all agree to:

Plan next week's eating now.
Eat well at least for one day, on Monday.
Do extra physical activity on at least one day.

PuggyMum Sat 02-Feb-13 18:04:12

Well I've just got back from my course and a cheeky weigh in says I've lost 1lb which is fab.....

But I have also just POAS as I am 3 days late and it seems I am now pregnant!!

I'm in a state of shock at the moment!!!

TaggieCampbellBlack Sat 02-Feb-13 19:48:48


Hurrah! And congratulations!


FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 02-Feb-13 19:52:22

Our first baby. Don't bigger off now. We need your stats and we are just getting to know each other.

Massive congratulations grin

TaggieCampbellBlack Sat 02-Feb-13 19:54:23

Arf at 'bigger off'

Need a midwife?

I was cuddling my friends 4 day old little girl today. Now massively broody.

PuggyMum Sun 03-Feb-13 08:44:04

Thank you ladies! I won't be leaving the thread. My plan is now is to keep tracking my food and if I lose I lose but of course I need to be sensible.

No wine will help hmm

Are you a midwife then taggie? At the moment I'm in panic mode, its a big responsibility!!

Guitargirl Sun 03-Feb-13 08:47:12

Wow - congratulations Puggy - what exciting news!! grin

PuggyMum Sun 03-Feb-13 08:56:25

Thanks guitargirl.

How do people wait 12 weeks to tell anybody? We've had a rough year as a family so telling father in law straight away as he needs good news!!

No one wants to tempt fate but I think if it doesn't stick I'd tell my mum / sister / best friend anyway!

I saw a medium a few weeks ago who told me to stop spending money as in April / May we won't have any.... Well next April will be when any maternity pay finishes etc!

BoffinMum Sun 03-Feb-13 08:57:57

Congrats Puggy!!!

OneSliceOfSwissCheese Sun 03-Feb-13 12:09:17

Puggy!!!! grin What lovely news!
Yes, please stay with us!!

Guitargirl Sun 03-Feb-13 13:23:20

Puggy - I told close family before the 12 weeks with both the DCs, with friends I just told them when I saw them at whatever point that was. With a few it was before the 12 weeks and they guessed anyway as I wasn't drinking.

So excited for you! Is this your first DC or do you already have children?

I had a massive carbfest yesterday after putting away a bottle of red on Friday night - Feb 1st, my first night back on the vino after a dry January. Really paid for it all day yesterday, so not worth it...sad.

TaggieCampbellBlack Sun 03-Feb-13 13:53:45

I'm celebrating Puggy's news by eating a lot of cheese.

I may even have wine tonight too.

Back on the healthy eating from tomorrow.

PuggyMum Sun 03-Feb-13 15:37:35

1st baby! Been ttc on and off for about 18 months. We lost mil in march so had a few months off.

I'll be just 35 as baby arrives!

Shybairns Sun 03-Feb-13 16:03:28

Congratulations Puggy!!! So happy for you! smile

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 03-Feb-13 17:18:06

Back on the wagon tomorrow, had far too good a weekend, here is hoping for a loss of any kinf on Tuesday.

Puggy I was a month short of my 36th baby with DD and 38 with DS.

momb Mon 04-Feb-13 08:54:15

Apologies for disappearing for a couple of weeks. As I wasn't well I lost a stone in about 10 days and knew it woudln't stick as there was no food in my system at all. I'm still taking omeprazole but things seem to have stabilised but am unable to eat anything but small portions. I just feel full so quickly, and from always clearing my plate I am having a bite of everything and leaving the rest. I'm currently eating 5 small meals every day. This will be great if it keeps up but we'll see. My stabilised weight this morning was 199lb, so 12lb loss since 7th Jan.

PuggyMum Mon 04-Feb-13 12:05:33

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am sat at work biting my tongue - this is so hard! Booked my appointment at the midwife next Monday, then we go to Florida on the Saturday! We will tell the friends we are with when we are away as a nice surpise (although my friend came round last night to sort out theme park tickets and I was literally falling asleep so she may have suspicions!!!). If I can just get away without telling people before hols, I will be 10 weeks when we get back! I have told my 2 best friends, who are now group texting me bossing me about and checking on what I am eating / telling me to get water etc etc!!

Clearly the no more wine for Puggy will help with my cause, I was 14st 5.5 when I found out so my 'aim' is to not be over this - I won't be silly!!

Our stats are looking fab! There are 17 of us who have actually updated since Taggie started the thread - we have lost an amazing 101.25lbs between us! I can see last week was a bit of a blip for many of us - but February is here so a new start and all that!!

momb - glad to see you are feeling better and 12lbs loss is fab, I hope it stays off for you - I always need to eat stodge when I have been ill so that would be me scuppered!!

OneSlice and Shybairns - last week written off! We all need to fly the white flag sometimes - you may be surprised though!

DigWeedSow and PuggyMum, 1lb off!!!

TerraNotSoFirma has now lost over 5% of Body Weight - next stop 1st!

FiveGoMad - 2.5lb off sees you into the next stone bracket!

BoffinMum - put on a little but frantically shredding!! You will soon see the results I am sure!

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