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Who doesn't watch the X factor?

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bluejeans Sat 31-Oct-09 09:21:42

Not having a go at those who do but just looking for like minded individuals! I started a new job recently and we were out for lunch the other day and I realised I was only person round the table that doesn't watch it! Maybe I am the only person in Britain who doesn't watch it? (apart from DH!)

teameric Sat 31-Oct-09 09:26:22

no me and DH don't either, can't stand it, DS loves it but we make him watch it in the bedroom.
It makes my ears bleed, pile of shit grin

cocolepew Sat 31-Oct-09 09:27:37

Me, it's awfu;l.

sarah293 Sat 31-Oct-09 09:28:31

Message withdrawn

bluejeans Sat 31-Oct-09 09:29:48

Hooray I knew there'd be people on here who'd agree with me!

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 31-Oct-09 09:31:07

I don't watch it either, and I think dh would rather cut out his eyes than be forced to watch it. I am not really interested in the modern pop scene and I hate the fact that the competitors are trying to become the next big thing.

I must admit to a liking for Britain's Got Talent though blush

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 31-Oct-09 09:37:30

have never seen it but imagine i wouldn't like the music. may be wrong but have no intention of ever finding out.

abra1d Sat 31-Oct-09 09:41:20

I have never watched:

The X-Factor
Big Brother
Britain's Got Talent
Strictly Come Dancing.

bluejeans Sat 31-Oct-09 09:45:39

abra1d - me neither!

Saltire Sat 31-Oct-09 09:45:49

I don't watch it. or Big Brother, Britains Got no Talent, Celebrity big brother, get me out of here, etc.

Tommy Sat 31-Oct-09 09:46:57

none of that sort of stuff watched here either!

Northernlurker Sat 31-Oct-09 09:51:58

No we don't watch it - it's so NOISY! We all love Strictly though.

abra1d Sat 31-Oct-09 10:23:42

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

BGT is probably fine--it just isn't for me.

LilyBolero Sat 31-Oct-09 10:27:09

I really really hate it, because it is totally exploiting vulnerable people.

The people who you see in the auditions - even the really TERRIBLE ones that everyone laughs at - have already got through 2 or 3 auditions - thus making them believe they 'have a chance'. The truth is that some get through for being good, and some are put through as a total laughing stock. Which must double the humiliation for them. And often they are the 'more vulnerable' types.

The image broadcast of each competitor is carefully manipulated to portray a particular image of each competitor - in this way the voting can be manipulated.

Anyone who watches it should read Chart Throb by Ben Elton.

LilyBolero Sat 31-Oct-09 10:29:02

I love Strictly - I prefer the dancing to the moaning and groaning into a microphone that you get on X Factor, I prefer Len and Craig to Simon I'm not nasty really Cowell, and I don't feel that the competitors are vulnerable in the same way - it's not going to be their 'one shot' at fame. It always makes me very uncomfortable when they say things like 'This is my last chance' and 'This is the only thing that matters in my life'.

PurpleZOMBIEbuns Sat 31-Oct-09 10:35:44

I don't watch it, or any other, contest type show like it. I am glad to see there are others to!

Frrrightattendant Sat 31-Oct-09 10:39:33

It's horrid, don't watch it here but have done in the past in an interested way. It's painful to watch the deluded ones, occasionally the terrible singing is funny, but the whole premise of the programme I find very exploitative. I wouldn't say I was a fan.

I don't watch anything on a saturday night, not the typical 'family' shows, they are condescending and populist and revolting in the main.

It just rots your brain.
(no more than the continuous loop of Disney/ET we get instead, for sure, but still)

Frrrightattendant Sat 31-Oct-09 10:41:58

Lily, if that's the case then it ought not to be permitted to happen.

That's appalling. I mean it is without knowing that but how can they get away with such blatant bullying/exploitation? No wonder there is shock and disbelief when they are turned down if they've already been given a few thumbs up just to get into the room.

B*stards sad

bluejeans Sat 31-Oct-09 10:44:30

Frrriightattendant I don't normally watch Sat night tv either, would rather have music on and MN/facebook etc!

If I do watch it's usually something like a repeat documentary about 80s music blush, a film or a repeat of QI if DH is about!

LilyBolero Sat 31-Oct-09 13:27:30

Frrrrrightattendant - as Ben Elton says in his book - 'do the maths'. ie if 200,000 people audition, as they did for this series, and you reckon on 3 minutes per audition, that is 600,000 minutes of audition time - ie 10,000 hours. Working on an 8 hour day, that is 1250 days, working on a 5 day week that would take the judges 250 weeks (ie about 4 years) just to hear the auditions.

What actually happens is people are screened and auditioned by production staff, and are either rejected or put through to a 2nd audition. This may be because they are good or may be because they will make good tv because everyone will laugh at them. They then have a 2nd audition with a production team member, and only if they pass that audition do they get anywhere near the judges, by which point they may well have been 'groomed' to believe they are amazing. And for people with mental health problems they may well believe this. But they are there simply to provide hilarity for the general public, and for the judges to 'show their honesty' by shooting them down.

It's wrong if you ask me!

reikizen Sat 31-Oct-09 13:32:42

No, me neither. Well, I have seen the occasional snippet over the years but I would never sit down with the intention of watching it. I hate the 'this is my dream ,I've wanted it so badly all my life' shite.
Don't get to see Saturday night TV generally as it's either on when I'm busy putting the kids to bed or total crap...

DailyFail Sat 31-Oct-09 13:40:58

No No and Thrice No. I usually work Sat. Nights, but even still, I wouldn't watch it. Its a tired and boring format.

JeffVadar Sat 31-Oct-09 17:53:03

I don't watch any of those reality TV things, and never have - and when you count them up there are an awful lot of them!! The TV bosses like them because they make huge amounts of money with everyone ringing in on expensive phone numbers.

I can sort of see the appeal for viewers hmm, but I would be bored out of my mind watching them personally.

Thank god for Lovefilm and Radio 4...

cakeywakey Sat 31-Oct-09 17:59:08

No, I don't watch it. I don't like the exploitative element, it's not my kind of music and I can't justify spending that long in front of the telly. X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are just on for sooooooo long.

I don't watch soaps either - not my cup of tea.

walkthedinosaur Sat 31-Oct-09 17:59:26

Not me either, would rather work on a Saturday night than watch that rubbish. In fact don't watch any TV on a Saturday night.

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