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Disturbed by Dirty Den

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DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:31:05

Is anyone else feeling slightly queasy about the dirty den / zoe story line. I have to keep turning over as I can't watch him, especially knowing about the webcam incident <large shudder>
Also mini den's accent keeps changing - more cockerney with Sharon, more posh without her - or is that just me too?

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:33:02

I agree with den snr, it's sick, but doesn't dennis catch them at it? I think sharon should come back and dennis/sharron get together again.

Evesmama Tue 11-Jan-05 13:35:16 he wont...he's busy with me now...dont you ever listen
ive had words with him about his dad and we both agree he's bordering on a very dodgy subject...we wont be seeing him at christmas

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:35:21

Is she coming back after doing Panto?
Think it might happen on more than one occasion with Den / Zoe ...bluerch

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:36:39

OI, eve's mum, I've warned u! lol, is it ur week for him this week then? (actually u can keep him, i'm still on with young gil grissom and that darren blokey..

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:37:38

A new lovely? Darren who?

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:38:33

ooh u know that one who won strictly come dancing. hmmm.

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:40:33

The camp one who partnered Jill halfpenny?
I am not going to fight you over him
Though graham norton might.

myermay Tue 11-Jan-05 13:45:39

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Tue 11-Jan-05 13:47:21

missed last nights, but he thinks if dennis finds out 'he' made her lie, then hell bugger off too, so he wants to get her up the duff so they can carry on with their little lie!apart from te fact chrissy is demanding he impregnate her aswell!!eeeuuurgh, are they blind!

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:47:39

I think he actually fancys her, either way he's acting like a leachurous olde man.

Darren's married to the russian dancer, yes he was with jill. hmm he's nice.

beansprout Tue 11-Jan-05 13:48:27

Why is Den so keen to keep Denlet in the square anyway? Can someone remind me?

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:48:40

Zoe has faked her pregnancy to keep den jnr
Den Jnr won't sleep with her so she can get preggers
Den senior however will and he has offered to perform and impregnate her so she can keep den junior
zoe is indecisive

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:49:20

LMAO@ EM, I think so, and also, I mean the dress sence, not to mention that voice... hello!!! lol. urghhh like a dirty old man.

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 13:49:57

Perhaps den doesn't really care about mini den but just wants to stop him being with his "princess"

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 13:51:35

I recon DD, that def look the case to me, (and will help trap mini dennis as well)

myermay Tue 11-Jan-05 14:03:49

Message withdrawn

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 14:05:34

Its chrissie I feel for
She deserves so much better. She should run off with Charlie Slater who would treat her right. (There aren't any other single men left in 'enders are there?)

tentunturq Tue 11-Jan-05 14:07:08

"Princess" has left for good.

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 14:08:04

It can't be
Princess is my fave character

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 16:38:08

ooh no is she really I heard she was coming back after the panto was finished, but isn't dennis jnr ment to be leaving as well?

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 16:39:35

Am thoroughly depressed
Don't leave us with Shane Ritchie

lou33 Tue 11-Jan-05 16:41:13

i think i would rather lose den jr rather than have to watch den sr with his sex face on.

munnzieb Tue 11-Jan-05 16:43:50

OMG lou, R U SURE???? loose dennis?

DillyDally Tue 11-Jan-05 16:45:45

Den sr has a sex face?/?...I like dennis jnr too much, though he does walk like a big girls blouse

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