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minesapintofwine Sat 26-Nov-16 22:06:41

Anyone watching? I love Swedish noir. Not sure there's much mystery though, can't see how it can progress over 8 episodes. That said I am warming to it.

veneeroftheweek Sat 26-Nov-16 22:15:19

I'm enjoying all the interiors.

minesapintofwine Sat 26-Nov-16 22:18:17


DramaAlpaca Sat 26-Nov-16 22:19:43

I'm recording it to watch later.

Optimist1 Sat 26-Nov-16 22:20:09

Have recorded it - look forward to joining the conversation tomorrow!

minesapintofwine Sat 26-Nov-16 22:25:24

Hmm its coming to the end of episode 2 and Im quite disappointed (sorry if you haven't seen it yet). Ill stick with it but it needs a good kick up the bum to get going imo.

Brillig Sat 26-Nov-16 22:30:08

I'm watching. I was really looking forward to a new Scandi noir....but after about 5 minutes I realised I've read the book. Bah!

veneeroftheweek Sat 26-Nov-16 22:31:18

It's not the Bridge but I'm going to stick with it too I think.

Deux Sat 26-Nov-16 23:40:20

So glad to see a thread. I've been missing some Scandi Noir too.

I've just started Ep 2 and I like it so far. I'm loving all the snow and the interiors especially the lighting.

Optimist1 Sun 27-Nov-16 17:07:52

I'm hooked! Good combination of psychological menace and scandi interiors, which suits my viewing requirements. Good to see Wallander as the bishop's husband. Looking forward to the next episodes and to discussing them here ...

midsomermurderess Sun 27-Nov-16 19:12:48

It's a why dunnit though, Minesapint, not a whodunnit. I think it looks promising.

AgentProvocateur Tue 29-Nov-16 09:54:22

I'm loving this, but I made the mistake of watching it on Saturday night when I was alone in the house! I had to turn it off, run upstairs to bed, then continue watching when DH was home on Sunday. I'm finding it very creepy.

DramaAlpaca Tue 29-Nov-16 11:50:03

I watched the first episode last night & I'm hooked.

987flowers Wed 30-Nov-16 00:08:20

Is Erik played by the same man who was in The Fall?

helzapoppin2 Thu 01-Dec-16 18:57:20

I'm going to watch it because I love Scandi detective programmes, but I do n't feel much empathy for the mum, Inge. It also seems highly contrived that her job is to do with crime. Plus didn't she make the worst wedding speech ever?
Did anyone see Crimes of Passion a while ago? It bombed, apparently, but featured some beautiful interiors.
A small corner of my heart still misses Martin from "The Bridge".

Optimist1 Thu 01-Dec-16 19:11:57

Oh yes, Martin ... <slightly pervy emoticon>

Allofaflumble Sat 03-Dec-16 00:15:32

I'm loving this. The male detective is hot and like others said I like glimpses of the interiors. Much prefer Nordic noir to anything else on TV. I get so excited when I see a new series coming up. I like that the women in them don't seem to worry about botox and fillers. They seem so natural and it's OK to be older and have lines on your face!

Optimist1 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:31:10

Was discussing just that with a fellow scandi fan earlier this week, Allofaflumble - we like seeing characters who are tired, older, etc etc and noticed that The Missing had those attributes as well.

Orangetoffee Sat 03-Dec-16 11:35:51

I enjoyed watching this, it was very creepy

Allofaflumble Sat 03-Dec-16 12:16:13

Optimist I totally agree. Lovely to see natural people who have evaded the knife and injection route. My Saturdays are so much brighter when there is a Scandi to look forward to. smile

Allofaflumble Sat 03-Dec-16 12:18:14

Inge was in The Bridge 3 wasn't she? She reminds me a bit of Tracey Ullman.

CoffeeAndOranges Sat 03-Dec-16 12:51:23

Will be watching episode 2 while the baby naps this afternoon so not fully up to date but enjoying a bit of scandi noir cast spotting. Nice to see Wallander in there and what have I seen his wife in (the vicar who got murdered)?

Also Inge's kids' dad has been in something I've seen, I think he was quite creepy in it, and both the detective and the hit man guy are very familiar.

Plot? Hmm will have to see how it pans out. Love the snowy woods, classy Christmas decs and everyone looking very well turned out so I'm happy even if the story's a bit crap (anyone see Angelby?!)

ChuckGravestones Sat 03-Dec-16 13:08:37

It's a why dunnit though, Minesapint, not a whodunnit. I think it looks promising.

I thought it was about the victims being gay or supportive of gay rights, from the information in the first two episodes.

Deux Sat 03-Dec-16 15:43:31

So looking forward to this tonight. Am nursing a small hangover so this will be perfect.

Someone mentioned Martin? Be still my beating heart. smile. My other big Scandi crush was the husband of the PM in Borgen whose name escapes me. I think he was in The Killing too.

helzapoppin2 Sat 03-Dec-16 16:44:30

Those Scandi men are so good at the long, meaningful, thoughtful gazes. The type you never see in real life!

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