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Anybody watching the drama 'What Remains' now on BBC1?

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SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:12:51

Did you see the body? sad

RippingYarns Sun 25-Aug-13 21:14:39

no, but i can hear it

i want a flat with doors like that inside

SauvignonBlanche Sun 25-Aug-13 21:17:21

She's definitely dead!

DuchessofMalfi Sun 25-Aug-13 21:23:19

Creepy. Gripping stuff.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:26:30

I dunno Sauvignon I think I saw her twitch.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:26:59

Joyce Carol Vincent sad

Pan Sun 25-Aug-13 21:30:07

They're using that miserable camera filter that makes everything look grey/blue washed out. Makes up for poor dramatic atmospherics. <critic>

Having said that all of the inhabitants are a bit miserable.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:31:45

The body <shrieks>

Is it good? I have it taping, cos it would probably scare the pants off DS who is unwell and curled up beside me.

Well, not taping, being recorded obviously. grin

dingit Sun 25-Aug-13 21:37:29

It's a bit slow.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:37:42

Totally unsuitable for children. Yes it is good. I like it.

Pan Sun 25-Aug-13 21:39:01

Quite a waste of David Threlfall though. <critic plus>

SauvignonBlanche Sun 25-Aug-13 21:42:33

He looks very different to Frank Gallagher!

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:43:26

Oh gosh yes grin it's him!!

Is it just me being narky or is it a bit slow.... yawn. I really want to like it

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 21:53:21

I like it for that but it is part 1.

Darkesteyes Sun 25-Aug-13 21:54:06

Couldnt help noticing the fat shaming by the police.
"this girl couldnt be carried up a ladder" and everyone in the meeting laughs.

Oh good that it's good. I'll catch up with you later when I get DS in bed.
I need something creepy to watch now that The Fall is over.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 22:01:42

I know Darkeyes, made me blush with shame.

Yeah, it's OK for a Sunday night and only one hour long.

Makes me think of Joyce Vincent as she was found after three years in her bedsit too,.

Pan Sun 25-Aug-13 22:02:00

There is tho' a dramatic counterpoint between Mellisa and the DT police character - few social skills and no further role in society (ie for him his job) and no family.

SoleSource Sun 25-Aug-13 22:09:08

Oh yes. He has no family, I missed that. And she had no family either?

Pan Sun 25-Aug-13 22:12:10

she had family (inherited the flat from her mum who it seems 'knew' the maths teacher..) but no-one still around?

bluecheque4595 Sun 25-Aug-13 22:15:15

I thought the house in it looked like the one in the sitcom "Spaced". I googled, it was similar but not the same. I will keep watching.

I think the guy with the bike dunnit. He wanted to get his wife off the scene before chatting to the copper which I thought was well guilty.

mayhew Sun 25-Aug-13 22:17:19

Beautifully filmed. The locations (esp the house) are characters in themselves. The claustrophobia and suspicion of apartment houses. Reminds me of Maigret.

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