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Summer dresses for breastfeeding

(19 Posts)
gingerbaby Tue 20-Apr-10 11:28:13


I wondered if anyone had come across any nice summer dresses that are breastfeedable? With either buttons down the front, elasticated nickline that can be pulled down or something similar? I'm not shy about whipping the girls out so it doesn't need to be discreet, just practical.

I have a demanding 8 month old so trawling the shops isn't that possible. I take a smash and grab approach to clothes buying now and would like something lovely and floaty and pretty.


gingerbaby Tue 20-Apr-10 11:35:22

Ps - I really like hanky hem dresses if anyone has spotted any.

Ineedsomesleep Tue 20-Apr-10 12:40:19

I never found any. Sorry, I know that's not much help.

What I did do though was wear vest tops and skirts in the summer.

Good luck with your search.

MrsBadger Tue 20-Apr-10 12:47:26

I have been scourign shops too

lots of elatsic-topped strapless dresses in beachwear ranges, lots of short flowery ones for wearing over leggings, very few bf-able everyday dresses

Gap have some buttoned ones eg this and this and some other smockier ones and have 30% off them atm but they are still pricey and not exactly floaty

this one in DP?

now you see this one look sgoo dbut the button saren't real

it's a minefield

Personally I am dragging out my polka-dot shirt dresses again but found a nice buttoned linen drop-waist one in TKMaxx

crumpette Tue 20-Apr-10 13:08:01

scoop neck or v-neck jersey dresses are good to pull down and get them out grin this is expensive but you could find something similar somewhere

trianera Tue 20-Apr-10 13:14:52

I'm breastfeeding and have this drape dress from Mango which can be pulled down. Not particularly floaty or pretty though.

crumpette Tue 20-Apr-10 13:16:51

jersey dress

crumpette Tue 20-Apr-10 13:22:54

Yes I haven't seen floaty pretty things either- but I find that necklines with a v crossover front are quite good and you can often sort of fold back one side to BF, eg this or this or maybe this kind of neckline

gingerbaby Tue 20-Apr-10 13:39:44

Wow, you lot over here are brilliant! I really like some of them. At the moment I'm stuck in frumpy-lycra-top-and-leggings hell so am looking forward to baring the pins and flaunting the goods.

Joking by the way, the goods are a bit, erm, damaged nowadays.

MrsBadger Tue 20-Apr-10 16:00:53

real buttons


actually they have quite a few

the maxi one is pretty nice irl, lovely colour

Ladyem Tue 20-Apr-10 17:04:04

I have just tried this on in Dorothy Perkins and it is great for Bfing as it has hook and eyes down the front! Only reason I didn't buy it was 'cos had to go and change my DSs nappy, so will be going back in the week to buy! It's very pretty and floaty in RL. Also the colours are much nicer in RL!

Clarbylou Thu 22-Apr-10 21:44:16

I was a nursing mum until about a month ago (I have 4 children and my youngest is now 8 1/2 months old), and found it very difficult to find good clothes to breastfeed in until I had my youngest. This spurred me on to set up my own business selling clothes (including dresses) specifically designed for breastfeeding. My website address is

dorisbonkers Fri 23-Apr-10 06:41:39

I wear dresses and breastfeed. I either wear a shirtdress or a wrap dress with a camisole and hook the camisole up and lift the dress to the side.

Most dresses specifically for breastfeeding are not flattering.

Clarbylou Fri 23-Apr-10 07:07:01

Actually you're wrong there, because there are loads of flattering and fashionable breastfeeding dresses if you look.

motherbeyond Fri 23-Apr-10 07:32:01

clarbylou had a look at your site but think it's pretty steep,price-wise

Matsikula Fri 23-Apr-10 08:55:58

Gingerbaby, I am also on the hunt for dresses suitable for breastfeeding. I'm getting a bit fed up with rotating the same t-shirt, vest, dress combinations every day, so I will watch this thread with interest.

Clarbylou, very exciting to have the ear of someone who can potentially make a difference on this. You should encourage the manufacturers to be a bit more bold with their breastfeeding dresses - some women might be up for baring their knees in a dress! or have waists! or be up for some pattern(some nautical stripes at very least, for the summer). Had you also thought about trawling for breastfeeding dresses from non-specialist manufacturers, and selling them on your site? Like mama la mode do for maternity wear, but cheaper? I'd do this myself if I wasn't so lazy.

Matsikula Fri 23-Apr-10 08:56:43

sorry, meant 'breastfeeding-friendly dresses'

CharlotteSparks Fri 12-Nov-10 12:12:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Clarbylou Sun 28-Nov-10 19:21:07

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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