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Has anyone used Boots No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser? Looks rather similar to Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser?

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madcapmyrtle Sun 07-Mar-10 20:42:23

I saw this in Boots today - 200ml for £8.75 which looks a bargain! I tend to use Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, and have been very happy with it, but this looks worth a try. Just wondered if anyone could recommend it?

jenduff Sun 07-Mar-10 20:49:07

Yes - I got it with a £5 off voucher so it was ridiculously cheap and I really like it - skin feels nice and soft afterwards.

Although I haven't used the Liz Earle version, and the nice bright, tight face may be caused more by the cold water making my face go into shock afterwards

apple99 Sun 07-Mar-10 20:49:56

I haven't tried that one but have recently been using the Soap & Glory Hot Cloth cleanser from Boots and it is lovely. I also am a fan of the Liz Earle but find the S&G just as good.

wildfig Sun 07-Mar-10 20:50:45

Yes, I'm using it right now. It's not quite as good as the LE (doesn't smell as lovely and botanical and treaty) but it's better than a lot of hot cloth cleanser knock-offs and less than half the price.

Mind you, I suspect it's probably Boots' The Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser in different packaging but who knows...

ruddynorah Sun 07-Mar-10 20:51:57

does the same job for even less. all you need is a flannel/baby muslin to go with it.

lilolilmanchester Sun 07-Mar-10 20:54:03

interesting, wildfig... I am a big LE C&P fan, is it worth trying out the Boots alternative or would you say not???? LE is within my budget, so don't want to compromise if not as good, but always happy to save if quality not compromised.

miche8 Sun 07-Mar-10 21:55:31

The cloth is very rough, it doesn't have the lovely liz earle smell, and doesn't remove all my makeup nor does it leave me skin nice and soft. I wanted to like it but i'm sticking with my liz earle.

wildfig Mon 08-Mar-10 09:54:11

lilolil why not try it next time Boots does a £5 off No7 voucher and see for yourself? It's definitely not as botanical as the LE but since at least 50% of the hot cloth benefit is in the massaging/warm water/polishing off, I'd rather save the £10 difference now and again and spend that on better moisturiser, which you do leave on your skin instead of rinsing it off almost immediately. Love Liz Earle and always end up going back to it, but in times of budget crackdowns, it does seem a bit mad to spend £20 on cleanser.

Can't really comment on the cloths, since I use flannels, but apparently the best ones are Eve Lom?

PlumSykes Mon 08-Mar-10 10:32:07

Normally use Eve Lom, but is SO expensive, would like to try a different one. Does teh S&G/No7 remove mascara/eyeliner etc, or do you need to use a different product for that?

madcapmyrtle Mon 08-Mar-10 20:09:31

Thanks for all the feedback! I have used Eve Lom too, and really liked it, but have found a fantastic substitute in Spiezia's facial cleanser.
I used Liz Earle for a couple of years until a few months ago, but when I ran out of the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Spiezia had a special offer, so I bought their product.
I have bought the Boots product (£8.75) today and received a £5 No 7 voucher, which I put towards a £7 eye makeup remover. So, in total £10.75 spent on 200ml of cleanser, and 100ml of eye makeup remover. Worth a try - Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is £11.50 for 100ml, so I'd like to see how it compares.

theclick Sat 04-Mar-17 23:31:27

Using no 7 currently and love it. Usually use Emma Hardie once a day and a cheaper one in the morning so I don't get through a Emma hardie tub too quick. No 7 has left my skin looking much brighter. Superdrug vitamin e didn't do that but just cleaned. It didn't make me look more awake though like this one does. Bought it with a £5 off voucher (and have another one) so will likely repurchase when it's that cheap!

HoneyDragon Sun 05-Mar-17 00:07:00

My current favourite is the Waitrose one normally a fiver but it's reduced to £3.66 at present.

peoplepleaser70 Sun 05-Mar-17 09:07:15

A lot of people liken the superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser to Liz Earle.

Nospringflower Sun 05-Mar-17 09:10:07

I bought the Waitrose Pure one for £3.66 but i feel like i am wiping a vaseline/honey mix on my face! Am going to persevere but now thinking I may try the boots one!

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