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Topshop jeans - different batches, different sizing?

(11 Posts)
LetThemEatCake Fri 05-Mar-10 09:51:05

pre-dc3, I was easily fitting a pair of size 12 Baxters with some room to spare. During my pregnancy, I stupidly let a friend wear them for a night out ... she hung on to them and made them her 'everyday' jeans and faded the knees to white/ generally trashed them. She bought me a new pair of her own accord and gave them to me as a pressie when the baby was born smile. Of course I haven't bothered to go near them for the last 5 months but am now just a few pounds off my pre-preg weight so gave them a whirl and they barely go over my knees! A friend of mine said that she had exactly the same thing happen and marched into Topshop wearing one pair and brandishing the other but is she just trying to spare my feelings???!! has anyone else had this? Is it possible that all my weight has just totally redistributed to my knees (looking at my bum I know this to not be true) or are my scales (gasp) wrong?

motherlovebone Fri 05-Mar-10 10:14:51

Topshop jeans vary pair to pair, yes.
Go have a trying on sesh.

wools Fri 05-Mar-10 11:12:20

Yes I've got Marthas in 2 different sizes - black pair in size 12 and faded vintage in 10. They look the same on....

PinkKumquat Fri 05-Mar-10 17:59:20

Yes - I find they vary a lot depending on the wash.

Fleecy Sat 06-Mar-10 00:21:32

I went into Top Shop recently - have a size 12 pair from early pregnancy and they're way too big so I went into the changing room with size 10 and they wouldn't go over my knees.

I have since bought some size 10s on eBay and they fit fine hmm

So I'd guess they do come up differently from pair to pair...

Monadami Sat 06-Mar-10 00:41:23

I used to work in the Fashion Industry and we used to manufacture for Top Shop. Such huge concerns will usually use more than one manufacturer to make the same product, so they will have their own pattern. Even if measuremets are to Top Shop's spec, angles of rises etc may be slightly different, which will make for a different fit.

The washcare lable will usually have a manufacturers number on, so if your two pairs have different ID numbers, likely to be two different manufacturers.

saramoon Sat 06-Mar-10 09:38:40

Fleecy - snap. Have had a pair of size 12 marthas for a couple of years and they are now too big for me really. Yesterday went to try on size 10 and couldn't get them past my knees. So what size am I?

joogle Mon 30-May-11 12:36:02

I have the same problem!!!! I always wore size 10's pre preg (about 18 months ago) I'm now back to my normal weight & measurments yet can't get their latest size 10's past my thighs, I am convinced they are making them smaller. I've measured there newer size 10's and they measure as classic size 8's (26 inch waist)

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 30-May-11 12:48:29

I think Top Shop sizing used to be very generous, I used to buy size 10 jeans when I was nothing of the sort. Recently they seem to have started making them in the right sizes.

joogle Mon 30-May-11 15:31:45

At one point I was wearing Topshop size 8 jeans (my waist measures 28 inches so I'm about a size 10) now I'm a 12 in their jeans even though I haven't changed shape hmm

bulby Mon 30-May-11 16:38:18

I had the same with 2 identical pairs of top shop black trousers. I bought a second pair because I liked the fit and the newer pair were verging on too small.

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