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Celeb Hairdressers

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kittya Tue 20-Oct-09 22:19:11

Has anyone ever paid a lot of money to get their hair done by a celeb hairdresser or at one of their salons. I need a revamp but wonder if its worth paying for the name.

tulpe Wed 21-Oct-09 23:46:04

are you talking about having your hair done by said sleb hair dresser or just by someone at their salon? If you want to see said sleb stylist then you could be on a lengthy waiting list.

cherryblossoms Thu 22-Oct-09 10:16:23

tulpe is right about the wait. "Name" hairdressers with salons (if you have the 'phone number of an individual "hairdresser to the stars" who works as an individual concern, it's different) tend to have "tiers" of stylists.

At the bottom, you will probably be able to make a fairly quick appointment, next tier up, for more experienced colourist and stylist (they should be different people doing each of those jobs), you can be looking at a 3 month wait, then, sometimes, 6 months. And long, long wait for the "name" themselves.

That's a rule of thumb, all depends on popularity, and how busy they are, of course. It's based on an experience of going to a "name" salon many, many years ago.

Was it good? Yes. Brilliant cut and colour. But hideously expensive. I went a few times and the standard was always the same (ie excellent).

Oth, I went to another hairdresser (well-known, but a chain, less expensive, less of a wait) and the experience was dreadful. The same person cut and coloured my hair - which surprised me - and both cut and colour were appalling.

cherryblossoms Thu 22-Oct-09 10:18:47


And the hairdresser at salon no. 2 told me I was fat, too. Just to put a cherry on the cake.

(Thought I'd share that.)

kittya Fri 23-Oct-09 20:54:38

You are joking me??? I am thinking of getting rid of my highlights which I have had for fifteen years. Actually, Im worried about going darker. Getting cold feet now. I wasnt going to use the main man just one of the senior stylists and it would come to £165 including the cut. It is expensive enough. Ive been to the Charles Worthington salon before and was really happy but every time I went back the stylist had been promoted so it kept going up in price and, you know how funny they get if you change hairdressers!! Im just being gullible to the media, Im talking about the documentary Kate Moss was on last week about the hairdresser.

cherryblossoms Fri 23-Oct-09 21:52:06

Inspired by you, I've checked their website out. £165 for the senior stylist sounds v. OK to me. In fact, I think you should check out if that is just a baseline, or if it goes up with length of hair/difficulty of job. And then post back here!

Isn't that quite close to CW anyway? I'm sure last time I went to CW (about 4 years ago, 5?, 6?) it was in the region of £130 [hazy recall].

I really want you to go!!!! And tell us if it's any good!!!

Seriously, he's so famous, I can't imagine he'd dare have anyone other than extremely good cutters and colourists because he must just know that a photo of woebegone damsel outside his salon, with a fright on her head and the caption "Kate Moss' hairdresser did this to me" would make it into the press with some ease.

The salon also seems to be very small, not at all a chain, with a small team. (Anyone out there with more info?)

On the other hand, it sounds like you found yourself a good stylist at CW - hence her getting promoted.

For the record, £165 is less than I paid all those many, many years ago when I was young, childless and profligate!

southeastastra Fri 23-Oct-09 21:53:32


herjazz Fri 23-Oct-09 22:02:16

no but I did have a hairdresser once prattle on and on about all the famous hair he touched at the clothes show. Michelle from liberty x was one (! oh the glamour) Outrageous split ends apparantly

kittya Fri 23-Oct-09 22:25:56

Hi, yes I checked.

the appointment is with Anthony and John and it will be £160 for half head and cut, although Im tempted to so back to go chestnut, they said dont stress you will have a half hour consultation and they didnt seem snotty at all. What to wear though??

Im looking forward to next Friday!! I wish I knew someone who had been?

Ps have you seen the programme? I thought Kate came accross really well, you wouldnt really look twice at her in her every day gear. She seemed really fine.

BiteOfFun Fri 23-Oct-09 22:30:09

James and Kate seemed to have rather suspicious nasal congestion, from what I could tell. I'm sure his scissors veritably fly round your head...

purplepeony Fri 23-Oct-09 22:31:33

I think you'll find that having "the man" do it is more like £300- never done it just looked at the websites.

kittya Fri 23-Oct-09 22:54:57

Im not going for the man. Nasal congestion? thats what I thought too but Im keeping an open mind!! Im sure it will be quick then!! Mind you, I dont know whats going on with the X Factor both Robbie and Whitney, what was that about?!!

BiteOfFun Fri 23-Oct-09 23:12:15

I think they are both famous enough to claim "prescription drugs"...hmm

kittya Fri 23-Oct-09 23:15:08

I have a soft spot for Rob though, I must admit!

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