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Please help me find comfy, warm, and stylish boots...

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frisbyrat Fri 31-Oct-08 13:58:32

Not Uggs, please, though!

Fairly waterproof is essential (I walk most places, and ther's lots of dog-mess round our area), so I'm after leather, and fleece-lined would be nice, but I don't mind synthetic fur lining, as long as it's warm. grin

Ankle-length or long are both fine. Not too high a heel, either, as I have a thirty minute walk to work every day, and the same back in the afternoon.

Please find me something, someone!

Neeerly3 Fri 31-Oct-08 13:59:53

damn it, not uggs......humph

hatrickortreat Fri 31-Oct-08 14:01:47

Message withdrawn

Liffey Fri 31-Oct-08 14:02:56

uggs are great if you want your legs to look shorter and fatter than they really are. So if you're 6 foot and 8 stone, then go for it.

hatrickortreat Fri 31-Oct-08 14:03:16

Message withdrawn

frisbyrat Fri 31-Oct-08 14:07:04

Hmmmm, not bad, Hatrick! Are they really waterproof-y, though? They look like suede.

Oh, and I'm 6 ft but 15 stone. blush. NO UGGS!

frisbyrat Fri 31-Oct-08 14:07:25

Got to go deal with small child for a bit. Back later!

Liffey Fri 31-Oct-08 14:08:28

They're nice. I've just been looking for the lovely marco tozzi furlined boots I saw on my friend the other day. Bit smarter than those clarkes ones but not dressy at all either, if that makes sense.
can't find them now.

hatrickortreat Fri 31-Oct-08 14:08:49

Message withdrawn

Liffey Fri 31-Oct-08 14:10:32


Liffey Fri 31-Oct-08 14:12:31

i love these ones

Celery Fri 31-Oct-08 14:23:21

I have these - they come in black too. Really comfy, and waterproof.

Neeerly3 Fri 31-Oct-08 14:37:43

i have Bear Paw ones on my xmas wish list, but similar to Uggs, so no point linking....

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