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i predict 9 out of 10 of you will HATE this but i've ordered it and have faith that it will look great

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Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:29:02

look, i have great legs and a not-so-great waist/tummy, ok?

i think this will be great

in black (very rare for me) with "interesting" tights and black boots

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:29:28

my only concern is that i need to lose 10 years

DANCESwithLordPottingtonSmythe Fri 03-Oct-08 17:29:55

Not my cup of tea but yes, with great legs I can see where you are going with it!

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:30:08

it also needs a great, short-ish necklace

Twiglett Fri 03-Oct-08 17:31:09

do you have a great arse too? if so and with the legs it'll be great .. love grey atm

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:31:42

no, flat as a pancake

i need one of those arse-bras, don't i?

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:32:08

i prefer the grey

but want to wear it at night - grey jersey a bit too daywear, no?

littlelapin Fri 03-Oct-08 17:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:33:23

grin lapin, 80s is very now dontcha know?

littlelapin Fri 03-Oct-08 17:34:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

girlandboy Fri 03-Oct-08 17:34:26

When did batwings come back in???

(Quite like it though)

nailpolish Fri 03-Oct-08 17:34:47

its very expensive for what it is

but i do like it

expatinscotland Fri 03-Oct-08 17:35:33

i quite like it except for the skirt length.

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:36:21

i have a silk batwing top i bought ages ago (i mean several months, not 21 years)

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 17:37:45

here you go lapin - get your rollers in

Buda Fri 03-Oct-08 17:38:53

I think it's lovely. Jealous as hell.

Twiglett Fri 03-Oct-08 17:41:55

grey is sophisti-micated and can look great at night .. black is a bit bleurghhh really

Aimsmum Fri 03-Oct-08 17:42:03

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Fri 03-Oct-08 17:48:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ByTheSea Fri 03-Oct-08 17:48:24

I love it (as someone with good legs and a not great tummy).

LaDiDaDi Fri 03-Oct-08 18:10:41

I love it, I really like grey.

I've just bought this in black to wear as a dress tomorrow night. I have good legs and though my tummy is ok I tend to bloat horribly after a meal and lots of wine.

twinsetandpearls Fri 03-Oct-08 18:21:50

I really like it. Not sure I could wear it though.

MrsMattie Fri 03-Oct-08 18:22:39

I like it. What sort of shoes / boots, though?

Tutter Fri 03-Oct-08 19:23:26

well, i think it would look best with patent platform-y round toed shoes

but i always feel happier (and more comfortable) in boots when i'm beskirted

so, not-very-exciting black/grey pointy slim-leg boots

Charlee Fri 03-Oct-08 19:24:28

I like it, it wouldn't suit me but i think its really nice. You will look fab Tutter! smile

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