If you had an Upper Blepharoplasty

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Anotheruser02 Sat 25-Sep-21 21:32:05

Are you pleased with it? How did you choose your surgeon? Do you mind saying what you paid? Thanks, I'm a bit confused about how you would choose a surgeon.

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Anotheruser02 Sun 26-Sep-21 14:02:21


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Wagsandclaws Sun 26-Sep-21 14:12:44

Hello, I can recommend Amir at Bella Vous. He's just done a lower face and neck lift for me and I'm so pleased with his work.

I will be thinking about having an upper Blepharoplasty too in 3 or so years and I'll go back to him for it. I think there are some examples on their website of his work with Blepharoplasty. It can be done under local and is quite a quick procedure I believe smile

Good luck whoever you choose!

Anotheruser02 Mon 27-Sep-21 17:57:50

Thank you I’ll have a Google for him.

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Naaaaah Mon 27-Sep-21 18:00:37

I paid £2400 and am delighted with the results. Surgeon based in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Had it done under local and it was a bit disconcerting at times and I had terrible bruising but all worth it in the end.

Anotheruser02 Mon 27-Sep-21 21:08:45

I would travel anywhere in the country, for the cost difference and getting the right person I think it would be worth it. How was it disconcerting? Do you think it would be out of the question to take a light sedative? or is there a reason you need to stay awake? A nice dose of Phenergan could take the edge off my nerves.
Do people have multiple consultations? Or kind of choose on reputation and then meet to confirm expectations align?

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Naaaaah Tue 28-Sep-21 10:15:42

You can absolutely be sedated. I just always feel sick with any sedation, so I chose not to be. Disconcerting cos you can feel your skin being cut! People have several consultations or just meet one recommended surgeon and go with them.


DivorcedAndDelighted Tue 28-Sep-21 12:06:53

I haven't had it but am considering. I would go to a specialist clinic that only /mainly did eyelids; I've used only specialist clinics for other procedures and felt it gave me another level of reassurance. I'm looking at this one : eyelidlondon.co.uk/

Naaaaah Tue 28-Sep-21 17:30:00

Here's some pics of mine. Before, straight after and a few weeks later.

Naaaaah Tue 28-Sep-21 17:30:39

More pics.

WaltzingBetty Tue 28-Sep-21 17:41:19

How long did it take for the bruising to go down?

Naaaaah Tue 28-Sep-21 20:13:04

About 4 weeks for all traces to go.

Singinghollybob Tue 28-Sep-21 20:46:23

I'm interested in this too, can I ask @Naaaaah what did your eyes look like once all the swelling and bruising went?

Naaaaah Tue 28-Sep-21 20:48:44

They look amazing quite frankly!!!!!

Anotheruser02 Tue 28-Sep-21 21:09:39


Here's some pics of mine. Before, straight after and a few weeks later.

Mine look just like your before photo shape wise, just with more of a crepe, it's happened very suddenly! Such a difference in eye shape, I think I could pass that redness off as eczema, I've had eyelid eczema before and it looked similar!
Did you have top and bottom lids done?

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FreeBritnee Tue 28-Sep-21 21:14:20

I had it done a along side a brow lift. It’s been about six years now and the brow lift has dropped causing some crepiness to the skin along the eye socket. For my fiftieth I’m going to have another brow lift I think. Probably through the same scars to sort it out.

So my advice would be to anticipate you might need it done again in ten years.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 28-Sep-21 21:19:45

Yes very happy with mine. Had it done abroad though so probably not much use, if you are looking for one in the country. 1200EUR.
I didn't have much bruising, after they got the stitches out I only needed a touch of makeup and could go about my usual business. Eyes were swollen in the mornings for about a couple of weeks but this went down nicely with ice packs.

FuckmyHead Tue 28-Sep-21 21:27:36

Following as interested in this also!
@Naaaaah the before pic is similar to mine, (although mine are worse!), the after look is amazing!, I think it would make such a difference for me as my eyes really seem to drag my face down and age it iykwim?
Did you research much beforehand or go on a recommendation from someone? Also is the price you paid average would you say for that procedure?

Morechocmorechoc Tue 28-Sep-21 21:32:01

Following with interest, I really need this doing too

ArranMumma Tue 28-Sep-21 22:10:07

@Naaaaah who was the surgeon? X

KatharinaRosalie Wed 29-Sep-21 11:05:20

I've posted my photos on this thread - warning there's also a swollen post surgery photo a couple of posts down. www.mumsnet.com/Talk/style_and_beauty/3536542-Please-help-me-with-my-saggy-eyelids-Any-make-up-tips

WaltzingBetty Wed 29-Sep-21 11:30:03


I've posted my photos on this thread - warning there's also a swollen post surgery photo a couple of posts down. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/style_and_beauty/3536542-Please-help-me-with-my-saggy-eyelids-Any-make-up-tips

That's a great result - where did you have it done?

Noeuf Wed 29-Sep-21 11:33:51

Following, my mum had hers done under general. I’m a chicken so worried about having it done under local. Really want to , mh eyes are terrible.

KatharinaRosalie Wed 29-Sep-21 13:15:51

WaltzingBetty here: kirurgia.ee/en/

I had mine done under local - could not feel a thing and it was super quick. I'm chicken about GA so much preferred it this way.

Frederica22 Thu 07-Oct-21 00:22:28

Hi I’ve just had mine done 9 days ago and am extremely pleased! I had no bruising at all on my face, my eyes were just pink and swollen and under my eyes were pretty swollen the first 3 mornings. I used cold packs frequently and slept/am still sleeping kind of sitting up in bed. I looked for the most qualified specialist plastic surgeon in Scotland (lots of internet stalking, reviews etc) and met with him to see how I felt. You are trusting someone with your face so you have to feel comfortable. It was £2500, I had local anaesthetic which stings a bit and procedure was painless. I tried fibroblast and little injections of Botox in my eyebrows before and I should have just had the surgery but I was scared! Lol.. been totally worth it

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