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Advice re online exercise course

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theDudesmummy Sun 25-Oct-20 10:08:24

Hi, I put this in Exercise but got no replies so am posting here for more traffic, forgive me. It is about health but also style as I can no longer wear most of my clothes because of weight gain...I look awful...

I am hoping for some advice. I am a woman, in 50s (post menopause), unfit but no specific musculoskeletal problems, a little overweight (tummy fat a problem). Recently diagnosed as slightly hypertensive and need to get fitter plus lose about a stone. The diet bit I don't need help with, I have lost weight before (mainly through low carb and cutting back alcohol) and I can do that again. But this time I want to also improve my fitness. I want to join some sort of structured exercise programme online. By this I mean something that is pre-planned out for me and not just a YouTube channel where I can pick what to do (because then there is a good chance I will pick to do it tomorrow, not today!). It doesn't need to be free, I am happy to pay for it, if it is good, and safe for someone my age. I am not looking for an impossibly skinny twenty year old girl in lycra telling me to get a beach body... just a sensible but hopefully not boring exercise programme to get me moving a bit.) Can anyone help?

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IamTomHanks Sun 25-Oct-20 10:12:12

Try Walk from Home with Leslie Sansone.

She's in her 60's and her classes always incorporate a range of fitness levels. You can "boost" your walk by adding light jogging or light hand weights, you can keep it low impact till you're ready.

You can follow her weekly calendar, or you can decide from the videos she's been making since the 80's.

I found them at the start of lockdown and I LOVE them.

randomsabreuse Sun 25-Oct-20 10:15:00

Do you need accountability or is it just a tick list of exercises to work through. I like a tick list, and got on well with BeFit 30 day fat burn (YouTube, with 'easier' and harder options) - you just have a list of which workout to do on what day.

Couch to 5k is similar, but obviously running, and I'd strongly recommend some strength training alongside running for injury prevention.

If you're happy throwing money at the problem, look for local recommendation for online personal training with a trainer - there are loads around my area as indoor fitness classes are still banned!

SkyeIsPink Sun 25-Oct-20 10:15:01

Try out the FitOn app. There is also a web version. I am using the free version which has loads of workouts. They create a plan for you based on your abilities and your goals smile

theDudesmummy Sun 25-Oct-20 11:01:33

Hi there, thanks for replies so far, I will a have a look at those. I have tried couch to 5k before, and a Fitbit with 10000 step a day goal, but now I really need something I can do indoors, perferably watching the teacher o the screen (I live in Ireland now and it rains a lot, I know I will use the rain as an excuse if I try to start up a programme which relies on going outside). What I need is something that is all pre-planned for me, so I am told what I "have" to do (need flexibility on exactly when I work out, but want something quite rigid in terms of what I have to do, I know myself that I will find it easier to do it if there are no choices involved day to day).

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theDudesmummy Sun 25-Oct-20 11:04:15

I think I'd be embarrassed at this stage to actually have a personal trainer...

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UsedUpUsername Sun 25-Oct-20 11:07:59

I like Ballet Beautiful, it’s really effective and actually way more difficult than it looks. The downside is that the subscription costs US$40/month, which I find pretty outrageous.

You can try for a month at US$20 so there’s that at least

Burpeesshmurpees Sun 25-Oct-20 11:10:44

Les mills on demand it's AMAZING!! The subscription is about £10 a month depending on what deal you get and they have loads of different style classes. My favourite is body combat it's so much fun

Doggotired Sun 25-Oct-20 11:11:50

Rebecca Louise has a good app..... it’s about £1 a week and there are 30 minute work outs to do every day on the calendar, which all target different body bits.
I used to just do her you tube workouts but the app is loads better and I stick to it. You get points for completing the workouts which you can spend in her shop on equipment and stuff.
Well worth the £1

CadiM Sun 25-Oct-20 12:19:50

Fitness Blender have on-line programmes for about a tenner and I've used several of them. Some are strength training only but most are a mix of cardio / HIIT and strength, and it fits your remit as they give you a different workout each day. Helps if you have weights but they are not essential for a lot of the workouts.

theDudesmummy Sun 25-Oct-20 13:56:24

Thanks so much, that is plenty to be going on with, I am looking into all of these and may try more than one to see which fits best with me.

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happygolurkey Sun 25-Oct-20 14:13:22

just in case it's helpful: Yoga with Adriene is good. And she does a 30 days of yoga series. She starts off simply/beginners moves etc and develops - it's day by day, so more structured, so might suit you

LucyBMummy Sun 25-Oct-20 14:32:12

VickiPT is amazing!

fallfallfall Sun 25-Oct-20 14:33:39

I’m a Leslie Sansone fan. I pay for access monthly and get a calendar with daily suggestions. And every Monday an email about the exercise videos planned for the following 6 days.
I’m 60 and after 2 month have lost over 10 lbs.

LucyBMummy Sun 25-Oct-20 14:34:02

It’s an online programme with support, it has really good results and a great community

Sammysquiz Sun 25-Oct-20 15:17:53

I have a subscription to Fiit which I love - loads of different types of class, and training plans you can do to meet your specific aims.

barberousbarbara Sun 25-Oct-20 15:28:26

Lucy Wyndham-Read has got a lot of different fitness programmes for every fitness levels. I've been doing her YouTube videos to improve my fitness while recovering from cancer treatment. She has a FaceBook group which helps with accountability.

AnotheChinHair Sun 25-Oct-20 15:33:58

Same age as you and also need to lose a stone. I do Jillian Michael's lift and shred every other day with one 3 Kg weight in each hand. It has really changed my body. Before it got cold I combined this with couch to 5K.

happygolurkey Sun 25-Oct-20 16:08:06

I love that Jillian Michael's lift and shred too. am same age. agree it helps give you a bit of your shape back - i'd given up hope of finding anything

AnotheChinHair Sun 25-Oct-20 17:59:38

I do really rate her no nonsense attitude. I still need to lose some weight but my thighs are really quite firm to be honest, and it's only 20 mins!

happygolurkey Sun 25-Oct-20 19:39:14

and it's only 20 mins!

yes, that's the great thing - the level one bit is just 20 mins - so you're always motivated to do it as the thought of it's not too overwhelming. yes, i'm even seeing a bit of a difference on my waist - thought it was a lost cause. still need to lose weight too though

justanotherneighinparadise Sun 25-Oct-20 20:11:27

Any freebie sites or videos people can recommend?

Also the Les Mills recommendation, do they do spin classes?

Houseplantmad Sun 25-Oct-20 23:31:14

Try 21 day blast plan with Annie Deadman. It's great. She's menopausal age and knows about bodies of women 50+. I've done blast 1 - exercise and re-education on eating and about to start blast 2. I'm 3.5kg lighter and much fitter than before.

Ohee Mon 26-Oct-20 05:27:50

I second Lucy Wyndham-Read- she has changed my life. I am now addicted to her exercises!

Thesheerrelief Mon 26-Oct-20 07:17:42

@theDudesmummy I'm also in Ireland and do online classes with Charlotte's Pilates and Barre -

I do her pre-recorded classes at a fiver a go. The fact I've paid in advance and that I can only access them for 24 hours actually makes me do them! She's in her late 40s with kids so much more relatable than a very energetic 20 year old

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