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Help me pick a hair dye

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onlyfoolsnhorses Sat 25-Apr-20 11:53:34

Hey so based on photos below can anyone please help me pick a hair dye. I think I still have old colours coming out but the top of my hair is my real natural colour so sort of mousey brown with greys!!! As getting old lol. So I want a nice natural look that will suit me but also cover my greys

I usually use garnier nutriesse range so maybe something from there?

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maddy68 Sat 25-Apr-20 12:04:34

I'd go for either an ash blonde or a Reddy brunette colour

HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm Sat 25-Apr-20 12:06:19

Copper or auburn

Mojitomogul Sat 25-Apr-20 12:07:59

Yes I would look at the numbers on the box and go for something like a 6.3 or 5.3, the 6 is slightly lighter (as some box dyes come out darker) but the 5.3 is a natural warm brown. Suits most people smile

ReturnofSaturn Sat 25-Apr-20 12:47:26

I definitely think you could go reddish. Auburn?

Timeslikethese2020 Sat 25-Apr-20 12:49:22

You could go quite a lot darker.

MoonlightMistletoe Sat 25-Apr-20 13:03:51

4.5 Auburn would look nice.

CeibaTree Sat 25-Apr-20 13:27:14

I disagree with red - it's such a cliche to do when trying to cover greys and rarely suits anyone apart from natural redheads. How about a golden brown? Shade 5.3 could be nice.

onlyfoolsnhorses Sat 25-Apr-20 16:55:16

I agree that I'm not sure on red colours. So it's a toss up between 5.3 and 6.3 🤷‍♀️

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Mojitomogul Sun 26-Apr-20 11:06:06

Looking at the pic again I think defo a 5.3 as 6.3 might be too light and give you root glow x

ChardonnaysPetDragon Sun 26-Apr-20 11:09:48

It has to be ash or neutral, if you want to avoid the orangey roots.

Ash tends to look darker, so look at a shade lighter than you would think. So light ash brown.
I must add that I’m not a hairdresser though.

CorianderLord Sun 26-Apr-20 11:16:45

Get a deep chocolate or an au turn brown. Do not attempt to go lighter at home unless you really know what you're doing with bleach etc

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