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Hair weave extension .... are you taking your own out ?

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Tinkerbellx Sat 28-Mar-20 10:35:34

Seems a pathetic worry in the grand scheme of things currently, but I lost a lot of hair a few years ago and now wear just one weave extension .
It needs tightening every 6 weeks on average or it becomes visible ( my own hair still thin ) .
So going to the hairdresser won't be an option as 6 weeks is up in a couple of weeks so what are others doing ?
I suppose I can watch a utube video and remove it ( it's sewn in ) .
Are they easy to remove by yourself ?

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florriepeck Sat 28-Mar-20 17:19:05

When my hairdresser phoned me to tell me that the salon was closing, she told me that my extensions are straightforward to remove if it comes to it: I'll be okay for a few weeks yet.
Mine would be removed with pliers: will have to get DH on the case.
I've looked on youtube, and it looks clear enough.
Have a look on there for an idea of what to do with yours.
I'm sure you would need someone to help you,though( from your household).

inneedofaliein Sat 28-Mar-20 19:38:57

When you say pliers is that micro ring extensions? That's what I have and due for refit now confused

inneedofaliein Sat 28-Mar-20 19:39:36

( asking Florrie )

florriepeck Sat 28-Mar-20 21:05:34

I think mine are micro rings: I know I sound daft, not being sure, but I just sit there while the hair stylist works her magic!
Wish I'd paid more attention,now.
We didn't have time to think ahead for this, did we?
And it's not pathetic to worry about it (I say this as a front-line HCP): it's just one more thing that's been taken away from our normal lives, and it matters.

NewHorizons2020 Sat 28-Mar-20 21:10:21

I have the same problem and have micro rings. I have no idea how to get them out and may start wrapping my head in big colourful scarfs soon !

icelollycraving Sat 28-Mar-20 21:13:17

When I had micro rings dh removed them quite easily with pliers. I tried and snapped a whole one off including my hair.

florriepeck Sat 28-Mar-20 21:13:19

An alternative could be to keep hair loosely tied up until normal service is resumed.
Would minimise traction on the natural hair, as it grows and extension effectively moves down the hair shaft.

VivaVegas Sun 29-Mar-20 16:13:24

Following with interest as have micro beads and was due to have them taken out, hair highlighted and put back in this week.
Can they damage your hair if left in longer?
I'm on my own so no one to help take them out if they need doing so my only option seems to be to leave them in.

tinkerbellx Fri 01-May-20 11:52:04

How's everyone getting on ?
My weave is so damn visible now I'm struggling to hide it !

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