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How do I get rid of sebaceous filaments?

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ZoeandChandon Mon 17-Feb-20 19:06:57

I am 50, fair skinned, used to be oily but now just normal, possibly slightly dry. I’ve had rosacea but got rid of it using Soolantra, I now use this just twice a week to keep it at bay.

However, now my skin is clear, I am noticing lots of black dots/ sebaceous filaments on my nose and around my nose, creeping towards my cheeks. I don’t want to dig around as I easily get broken thread veins on my face.

Has anyone successfully got rid of them and kept them at bay? Advice gladly received. I currently moisturise daily, exfoliate weekly. Many thanks.

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NutRoastNancy Mon 17-Feb-20 19:13:14

I wish I knew! I hate mine.

ZoeandChandon Mon 17-Feb-20 19:23:19

@NutRoastNancy, hopefully someone will be able to tell us both then!

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LoneMULF Mon 17-Feb-20 19:33:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BadlyDrawnBuoy Mon 17-Feb-20 20:29:50

You need a good BHA - paula’s choice do one.
Please avoid pore strips - they’re horrendous and will damage your skin.

dustibooks Mon 17-Feb-20 20:33:01

What is BHA, what does it do?

64sNewName Mon 17-Feb-20 20:35:31

Please do not use PVA glue to try and pull out your sebaceous filaments.

I can’t believe that even needs to be said.

HavelockVetinari Mon 17-Feb-20 20:36:32

Mild skin peels might help

namechangepls5 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:36:40

BHA = beta hydroxy acid e.g. salicylic acid

Magickl Mon 17-Feb-20 20:47:10

I was plagued by them and used to oil cleanse with jojoba, I used regular clay masks and COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid. This did reduce their appearance somewhat but it was a faff and if I let the routine slip they were as bad as ever.
Then I tried Revolution 10% niacinamide +10% zinc serum each morning before moisturiser - much cheaper, simpler and more effective for me.

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Mon 17-Feb-20 21:11:39

This might seem weird, but for a few days I have been using either Cerave hydrating cleanser or Cetraben cleansing cream and then applying a mild cream when my skin is a little damp and my nose looks much better. I think it was dehydration making the pores and sebaceous filaments much more obvious. Once or twice I mixed a little salicylic acid into the cerave and left it on my face for a minute before washing it off- much less desiccated skin. I don’t have very dry skin, probably more combination and a little sensitive. I’ve tried everything- niacinamide, BHA etc and maybe overdoing it made matters worse.

hotcrossbun4321 Mon 17-Feb-20 21:43:40

An oil cleanser wiped off with a flannel helps. And using a a salicylic acid to get into the pores - something like The Ordinary. Clay masks once or twice a week help too - I'm noticing a little improvement with mine so far - certainly less of an oil slick

LoneMULF Mon 17-Feb-20 23:37:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cheesymonster Tue 18-Feb-20 13:35:21

Just bought the revolution serum!

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