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now, i'm not one to get excited about slippers, but really these are so comfortable and almost even pretty...

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Tutter Mon 18-Jun-07 13:39:00

not a great photo

got mine from debenhams

they are wondrous (sp.?)

i bought 2 pairs

TLV Mon 18-Jun-07 13:42:47

oooh lovely, i'm a slippers and pj girl and will be heading to debenhams next week (hope they still have them in)

KristinaM Mon 18-Jun-07 13:45:16

...but are they COMFORTABLE??????

Kewcumber Mon 18-Jun-07 13:46:35

can;t beleive you are raving about slippers. SLIPPERS!

PestoMonster Mon 18-Jun-07 13:48:39

They look a bit like ballet shoes (pointes) to me?

Marmite Mon 18-Jun-07 13:49:37

I love slippers

Notquitegrownup Mon 18-Jun-07 13:50:06

Just a warning from me - my mum's friend is unable to ever walk again having slipped down stairs wearing mules. The specialist at her unit says that a huge proportion of his patients are injured/paralysed by mules!! (Another friend took her mules off to walk downstairs - but was wearing tights and so slipped top to bottom too!) However, I think that mules tend to twist you awkwardly as you fall, so make it worse.

Tutter Mon 18-Jun-07 13:51:50

ah but sue, i need nice slippers for my hospital bag

when i went in for surgery a few years ago i had horrid pyjamas and slippers

i vowed i would always have good nightwear for hosp stays in future

KristinaM Mon 18-Jun-07 22:26:51

tutter - are you going in to hospital to have a baby? If so dont take new slippers

controlfreaky2 Mon 18-Jun-07 22:29:26

you lot ned to get out more.

MrsBadger Mon 18-Jun-07 22:33:18


KristinaM Mon 18-Jun-07 23:24:30

its not word association Mrs Badger

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:25:56

Not convinced. Find slippers twee. I wear flip flops in the house too Mrs Badger (is that what you were saying?)

brimfull Mon 18-Jun-07 23:26:53

they look really uncomfortable

flibbertyjibbet Mon 18-Jun-07 23:42:38

If you bought yours from Debenhams then why put a completely different website? Hope its not your own business website that you are trying to get a sneaky plug for without paying the £30 fee on mumsnet for advertising!

TWELVE POUNDS FOR A PAIR OF SLIPPERS???? Has the world gone mad?

MrsBadger Tue 19-Jun-07 07:21:07

that was meant to come out as 'flipflops are much better and don't mind being worn on feet damp from shower'

Tutter Sat 23-Jun-07 16:50:03

have been offline since tues

wtf re promoting my online slipper emporium, flibbertygibbet???

and is £12 really so much for slippers


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