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I'm getting Botox in the morning

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HairyButtMonkey Mon 04-Jun-18 22:25:09

So I am Botox virgin and after months of googling, humming and hawing and flip flopping, I have finally made an appointment for Botox tomorrow.

I'm in Edinburgh and have chosen what I think is a good practioner (lots of positive reviews and awards). I had a consultation last week and feel we are on the same page. I have a one-sided brow droop and am not expecting miracles; just hoping to be a bit more symmetrical. She warned me it might not work but as my alternative is surgery, I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm bricking it slightly in case I end up bruised or weird looking and everyone notices and judges me for it. I have only told my husband who is bemused. Just looking for some moral support really...

GreyGardens88 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:26:03

Good luck x

ShirleyPhallus Mon 04-Jun-18 22:27:55

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Make sure you take photos before you go in in good light and various face shapes then every few days so you can see the difference

GreenBox53 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:29:08

I really want it done for my 11's. Where did you look for reviews?

clumsyduck Mon 04-Jun-18 22:29:55

Good luck !
I have it and always love the results . I do bruise slightly sometimes but easily hidden with a dab of concealer !!

QueenOfMyWorld Mon 04-Jun-18 22:30:53

I have it every 4 months it's fab

HairyButtMonkey Mon 04-Jun-18 22:33:36

Thank you and I will take photos. I looked at Edinburgh practitioners and their reviews on Google, Facebook and WhatClinic. I had a consultation with another (v posh) well reviewed clinic but wasn't feeling it.

imsoboredwithitall Mon 04-Jun-18 22:39:23

Best thing ever. You'll love it!!!!

clumsyduck Mon 04-Jun-18 22:41:50

Remember Itl take a few days to work though so don't be disheartened if you don't see instant Ish results - I normally take 5 ish days before it is totally working

dontcallmelen Mon 04-Jun-18 22:47:05

Good luck.

pumpingRSI Mon 04-Jun-18 22:48:14

Ding dong the bells are gonna chime!

LaLaLolly Mon 04-Jun-18 23:25:10

Good luck, OP

Please come back and update us; I have the exact same issue with my eyebrow and would love to know if it works for you!

FeralBeryl Mon 04-Jun-18 23:39:24

You'll love it!
Don't take any ibuprofen beforehand (reduces your risk of bruising)
You'll feel tiny stings rather than lots of pain.
You need to stay upright for 4 hours afterwards and no exercising (they will tell you all this hopefully post procedure)
Generally takes from 2-5 days to start working, don't panic if it's longer though, mine can take up to 10 days sometimes.
You may feel a heavy feeling as it's working it's way through, that feeling will subside.
It doesn't work uniformly at first - again don't panic! It all catches up with itself.
You may have a slight headache later on, a couple of paracetamol and you'll be grand.

Bugjune Tue 05-Jun-18 00:21:19

How exciting, good luck! Do come back and give us your verdict in a week or two.

HairyButtMonkey Tue 05-Jun-18 12:01:52

So I did it and it was okay! A bit stingy, especially at the corner of my eyebrow but over quickly. I even had 10 minutes left on my parking! I will report back once I sense (lack of) movement smile. Thanks all for the reasurrance

Now just to banish the image of Edina in Ab Fab waking up with a frozen face that keeps popping into my head...

alphajuliet123 Wed 06-Jun-18 12:49:46

How is it 24 hours later? I'm thinking about having it but I'm scared, mainly about it being really obvious!

Veterinari Wed 06-Jun-18 16:33:19


Where did you go please? I’m looking for recommendations in that region for exactly the same issue - was it pricey?

Hellooojackie Wed 06-Jun-18 16:36:14

I had it for years but stopped a year or so ago as the feeling of not being able to move bothered me.

Also, when you are in your fifties you need it in more and more places otherwise you look odd and then you have it and look even odder so...viscious circle time!

emma6776 Wed 06-Jun-18 22:46:43

How did it go? I’m in Edinburgh too and would love it done but I’m nervous!

HairyButtMonkey Fri 08-Jun-18 10:48:07

I went to Surface Beauty Aesthetics on St Colme St and saw Norma. It was £150 for one area tho she did the corner of my eyebrow too.

So far I have a definite tightening in the middle of my forehead (and a tiny bruise) and can't frown as much. I think my eyebrow has lifted slightly and my eyes feel more open but this could just all be in my head as its only been 3 days. I do find the not being able to move my face the way I normally do a bit disconcerting but Norma said to give it a full two weeks for it to settle and even out. I was in a few meetings at work yesterday and feeling paranoid about how my face was behaving hmm

I think if it doesn't have the desired effect on my eyebrow I wouldn't do it again.

Will keep you posted....

LaLaLolly Mon 11-Jun-18 07:57:01

Hi OP, did you notice any difference in your eyebrow?

HairyButtMonkey Tue 12-Jun-18 09:13:24

It is now day 7 and they have both lifted however they have lifted proportionally so the asymmetry is still there. I can no longer scowl which is a bit strange but I can raise my eyebrows and narrow my eyes to look cross when required.

I'm hoping the right brow will still lift a bit more but I think this is probably it and I will need a bit of tweaking in a week's time.

LaLaLolly Tue 12-Jun-18 14:20:42

Thanks for reporting back.

My assymetric eyebrows would be the main reason for doing it, so that's not encouraging!

Are you going to top it up and try to even it out?

FeralBeryl Tue 12-Jun-18 19:33:46

Definitely go for your review appointment, if the asymmetry was addressed at your first appointment, she should have injected slightly higher on one side so it may just need a little 'hitching' wink

HairyButtMonkey Wed 13-Jun-18 22:26:21

I'm going to give it until Friday (Day 10) and if there's no change I'll make an appointment for a review next week. I'm not sure if it's a lowering of the left brow or more lifting of the right brow that's required. I did get extra Botox on the right side to bring them in line but I think this muscle is quite weak already - hence the drooping. Or I might just be talking rubbish...

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