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Foundation hunting at the weekend...any recommendations for dewy??

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HRTpatch Thu 08-Mar-18 17:57:18

My least favourite shopping expedition. sad
I am currently using LM Candleglow in Shell which is ok but not wow.
Im 58 with good skin...oily nose.
Also pale..I think shell is slightly too dark.
Looking for a dewy finish, not matt. I dont like Chantecaille or Hourglass.

opinionatedfreak Thu 08-Mar-18 18:00:48

Armani luminous silk

Greenteandchives Thu 08-Mar-18 18:05:03

Chanel Vitalumiere.
Do you have a budget, OP?

HRTpatch Thu 08-Mar-18 18:20:43

Not at all 😀

SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 08-Mar-18 18:23:34

Not tried it but Delilah foundation is meant to be fab.

seriouslystumped Thu 08-Mar-18 18:24:23

NARS sheerglow or Makeup forever?

Eugeniesbridesmaid Thu 08-Mar-18 18:27:44

I like Touch Eclat foundation with Laura Mercier powder.

littlepeas Thu 08-Mar-18 18:54:28

The lightest vitalumiere shade is very yellow and was too dark on me (fair skinned, but a few shades up from porcelain), so I'm not sure I'd bother with that one OP if you're very pale. My favourite is No7 Lift and Luminate - I generally don't set myself a budget for these things either, but prefer this over pricier ones I've tried.

rubybleu Thu 08-Mar-18 18:58:55

EL Double Wear Nude Water Fresh - bears no relation whatsoever to normal Double Wear. It’s water based and dewy. They’ll happily give you a 10 day sample if you ask.

Lunaballoon Thu 08-Mar-18 20:27:30

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. Good cover yet barely noticeable with a nice hint of dewiness.

Figuier Thu 08-Mar-18 20:46:52

NOT Nars Sheer Glow. The worst possible name for that foundation. There's literally no glow whatsoever.

LadyLapsang Thu 08-Mar-18 21:06:20

Chanel Vitalumiere, Armani or try Beauty Pie (online).

Delatron Thu 08-Mar-18 21:06:53

Armani luminous silk is amazing.

Also like Laura Mercier tinted foundation.

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 08-Mar-18 21:20:44

Suqqu. The original foundation in the round pot with the black lid. Amazing, face changing foundation.

BigStripeyBastard Thu 08-Mar-18 21:51:46

I like the NARS sheer glow. This is me(ignore the wild grey halo effect hair) in Sheer glow after 9 hours trolling round London and a gig at the O2. I am shade Mont Blanc. I am 40 and have very dry skin.

HRTpatch Thu 08-Mar-18 22:06:30

Not a fan of vitalumiere.
You look fabulous bigstripeybastard smile

HRTpatch Thu 08-Mar-18 22:08:48

I have LM tinted moisteriser..I think I'm inbetween shades as porcelain is too white and the next one a touch too dark.
Thank you for all your replies!

PaperdollCartoon Thu 08-Mar-18 22:12:31

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder.

But also get yourself some hourglass ambient lighting powder, preferably a palette so you can mix them

WhatIsGoingOnNow Fri 09-Mar-18 00:18:30

Mac face and body - sheer but very dewy- can be built up the more you work it - fair shade available
Nars TM Original formula - sheer to light - good fair shades
C Tilbury lightwonder - light
BB Tinted balm and n a glass jar - light coverage good for especially dry skins

HandMini Fri 09-Mar-18 05:40:42

I have MAC Waterweight. The shades are nice and it’s very easy to slap on but not sure I would highly recommend. It seems to sink into my normal/dry skin and a bit greasy as opposed to dewy.

PerfumeIsAMessage Fri 09-Mar-18 05:57:22

I have been in search of this holy grail for years and currently the best I've tried is the N7 Lift and Luminate that pp mentioned. I mix it with a blob of el cheapo Superdrug wozzitcalled Mua? Mur? something that costs about £4 glowy thingy. It's fab. The colour is perfect on me (ivory) which is a problem I have with many other foundations.

I also have (foundation junkie alert) Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Chanel Les Beiges, Armani silk, Clinique Laser repair and Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid.

Of these, without a doubt the Maybelline is the best. It's the only foundation I repeat buy, Has you stroking your face and going "ooooooh" grin

Just been and looked and the glowy thingy is called MUA Undress Your Skin.

Lottapianos Fri 09-Mar-18 08:06:50

BigStripey, you look gorgeous in that photo. What lipstick are you wearing?

OP, I tried Candleglow too and thought it was ok, not wow. No7 Instant Radiance is my new favourite.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Fri 09-Mar-18 19:48:02

I was underwhelmed by Candleglow too.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 09-Mar-18 20:22:14

Nice lipstick Bastard.

What is it?

heyok Fri 09-Mar-18 22:36:27

Armani luminous silk or Mac studio sculpt

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