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What colour Shellac in 30 minutes? Go!

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Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:27:51

I always have grey/navy. I've very cool toned pale skin and red haired. What's nice?

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:29:11

I have black dahlia on my toes at the moment

Nearly black...very nice (i think )

PovertyJetset Wed 12-Jul-17 19:29:18

Am loving the lilacs and plate lie greys right now.

charlievictor9 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:30:20

I think a plummy / aubergine looks lovely with red hair

Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:33:46

Ooh thanks. Not seen anyone with lilac. Aubergine could work too. New place I'm trying so don't know what they've got

missanony Wed 12-Jul-17 19:35:22

Vexed violet
Tango passion
Midnight swim

Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:48:05

<off to google >

Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:49:37

Liking midnight swim...but navy again. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame..

HouseOfGoldandBones Wed 12-Jul-17 19:58:12

I'm currently sporting a very bright pink. Not my usual at all. I usually have black, navy or classic red. But I'm quite liking it

NemosKnickers Wed 12-Jul-17 19:58:44

I'm liking the pastels - pink, lilac, baby blue or mint

Flowersandfootballs Wed 12-Jul-17 20:01:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flowersandfootballs Wed 12-Jul-17 20:01:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HouseOfGoldandBones Wed 12-Jul-17 20:02:23

Here's my pink

Drywhitewine Wed 12-Jul-17 20:26:04

Just got mine done, hot pot pink I've had this loads of times, love it.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 12-Jul-17 21:33:53

I like hot pop pink but pink bikini is more popular.

Sun bleached is nice, ripe guava, electric orange, tropix.

dailymailarecunts Wed 12-Jul-17 21:47:39

What did you go for?

I have bright red on my nails at mo, and an almost white on my toes - it was pure white but it looked like I had tipex on them so she put a slightly more cream shade on to soften it.

Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 21:57:50

I went a shade between navy and royal blue. It wasn't Shellac but a mix and I'm not kidding, about 100 to choose from. All on abug chain which was impossible to look at with one hand while the other was filed. I think I'll go pastel for my holidays but pale blue. There were tons of great dark reds and I loved a rose shade but it looked shocking on my skin. Loads of nice nude/beige too but a bit 'meh' and I felt I could do that myself.

Polkadot1974 Wed 12-Jul-17 21:58:39

Looks darker here I noticed
I'm eternally dissatisfied with nail colour!!

dailymailarecunts Wed 12-Jul-17 22:04:02

Ooh I really like that - my friend always has a sort of jet black with a glint to it <rubbish description> it looks amazing but I'm too scared to go so dark as I'm pale too. Might try something similar to your shade as an in betweener!

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