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Below the knee skirts that don't look frumpy?

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lisaIambe Thu 13-Apr-17 14:37:22

Starting to wonder if this is an impossible ask sad I have a 25" waist which roughly works out at a size 6 in most clothes stores, sometimes can work with an 8. The problem is I'm 5"7, and most size 6 below the knee skirts seem to be designed on the basis that anyone who needs a size 6 will be a lot smaller than that. Means they're never actually the length I want on me. I also don't want anything frumpy, for casual wear rather than work wear but can't be too casual. Maxi skirts don't seem to be 'in' this year. Does anyone have any bright idea about where to try?

Djangor Thu 13-Apr-17 16:05:05

Need an idea of budget really. I have a small waist and also used to find that size 6 with a lot of brands was too short but luckily midi skirts are now in fashion so I'm OK. I'm shorter than you though. If you are low budget then Asos has lots of midi & maxi skirts & a Tall option as well. For slightly bigger budgets then &otherstories & Finery have quite a few midi skirts & they do small sizes.
Otherwise most towns have a dressmaker who should be happy to help - one of my best routes for a skirt in the past was buying a dress in the sale and getting it converted to a skirt - cheap to do & easier than finding a pattern & fabric that I liked.

BambooWhoosh Thu 13-Apr-17 16:14:00

Zalando have lots of maxis.

lisaIambe Thu 13-Apr-17 16:47:42

Medium budget I guess. I don't normally spend a lot on clothes but it is kind of a necessity- it's for church, the branch I go to women have to wear modest skirts. I have one that is passable atm and a couple of very summery maxi dresses. Plus speak the language very badly, so I don't want to stick out more than I already do. So I would be willing to pay more to invest in a couple of good quality skirts I can wear with different stuff, if that makes sense. Some of those on Zalando look promising bamboo, any idea how the sizing comes up?

I do get skirts taken in at the waist a lot, problem is it shortens the length usually. I hadn't thought of altering a dress though, that isn't a bad idea.

BambooWhoosh Thu 13-Apr-17 18:01:44

Ah no, sorry. I just like finding things.

If there was a particular item you liked, the brand website might have more detailed sizing information, photos and reviews with sizing tips.

Also, I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I did notice that Debenhams will be stocking clothing by AAB (contemporary modest wear brand) from next month I think. They have several maxi skirts. The colours are quite dark.


Gah81 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:05:33

Go vintage. I am 5ft7 and 25" too (37" waist) but skirts in the 50s and 60s were cut a little longer then (and for women with small waists). OR Vivien of Holloway does pencil skirts that hit my calf - try the 24/36 ones (not sure what your hip size is) - this works for me as am between sizes in the brand.

Gah81 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:06:01

Sorry - 37" hips.

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Apr-17 08:30:29


BounceBounceSplishSplash Fri 14-Apr-17 08:41:01

This Uniqlo one? Comes in a few diff colours


silkpyjamasallday Fri 14-Apr-17 09:04:13

I'm only 5'5" but the same size as you OP, do you want the skirts to fall at mid calf or to be a bit longer? I've just got two pure silk midi skirts off eBay for less than a fiver each, one from Kew and one from Joseph, they are both floral and fall at mid calf and I wear them belted at the waist with a men's tshirt tucked in, a leather biker jacket and either trainers or espadrilles.

If I were you I'd look at midi skirts in the tall range at asos or Topshop, then they should fit around the waist in a size 6 but have the length you need as if I remember correctly they are for people 5'9" and over so if the normal height range is too short these may be perfect.

Trills Fri 14-Apr-17 09:12:34

Good advice *silkpyjamas^ - I'm 5'7 and I often shop in "tall" ranges even though I'm not strictly tall enough to qualify.

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Apr-17 09:15:38

Boden clearance

They do often give a detailed account of measurements and the reviews tend to discuss fit.

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Apr-17 09:27:58

I am quite interested in the foreign language, modest dressing church! (I'm wondering which one it is).

Also, it might be worth working out just how long you want, whether 30 or 33 or 36"?

Marks maxis here

lisaIambe Fri 14-Apr-17 14:40:47

It's Orthodoxy, herecomesthesun. I could never really get my head around more usual western branches of Christianity, Orthodoxy makes much more sense to me. Unfortunately, if you want Orthodoxy in the UK, you're basically looking at Arab/Greek/Russian/Ethiopian/Serb/Romanian etc. I speak one of those languages, although wasn't raised within the culture, so I would still consider myself an outsider there, only been going for about 6 months. If I say which one I really will out myself!

I hadn't thought of vintage, that's a brilliant idea. Thank you all for the links, I think I was looking in all the wrong places!

SaintEyning Fri 14-Apr-17 14:46:50

I got two nice midi length circle skirts from M&S last month. I'm 5'7 and a 25-26 in waist, I got the six in the stretchier fabric one and the eight in the stiffer satin-like skirt which has a really nice Chinese pattern on. Both around £40 so pretty good andhave worn lots.

tigerdriverII Fri 14-Apr-17 14:48:55

I'd give up on church and wear what I wanted. Can you not wear trousers?

lisaIambe Fri 14-Apr-17 15:33:44

Probably could wear trousers, but I don't really wear trousers on a daily basis. Hate my legs and getting anything that fits both my waist and my thighs is a nightmare. I generally live in skirts. Normally shorter ones, but I'm perfectly happy to wear a longer one for the sake of one day a week, just the finding them that isn't always straightforward! I think mumsnet may have solved that though smile

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