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Where did you buy your DD's 2nd BD party dress?

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Winterflower84 Sat 25-Feb-17 15:25:43

I am looking for a dress which is not a very ''occasion'' style, doesn't contain dozens of roses but is still stylish and cute.

GiddyGiddyGoat Sat 25-Feb-17 15:29:31

Just buy a dress you like and which suits her??

starsinyourpies Sun 26-Feb-17 07:22:16

Boden have nice dresses for this age, don't think I bought anything specifically for 2nd birthday!

MirandaWest Sun 26-Feb-17 07:23:56

DD didn't have a specific dress - I should think she wore something nice from eBay 😊

starsinyourpies Sun 26-Feb-17 07:24:49

ItchyFoot Sun 26-Feb-17 07:25:13

She wore a new top and jeans she already had. H&M and primark. But there are usually nice dresses in H&M. I also like la Redoute and gap

Squidgling Sun 26-Feb-17 07:32:00

I think next have nice dresses for that age.

stabbybitch Sun 26-Feb-17 07:40:45

My DDs 2nd birthday dress came from matalan 7 years ago! It was beautiful, dusky pink & light grey check. Classic party dress style, sleeveless with a waistband that tied into a bow at the back. I still have it in the loft I think.

Her birthday is around Christmas tho so there's a good choice of party clothes around at that time.

jelliedeel Sun 26-Feb-17 09:01:57

Toddler Gap. They always seemed a great compromise between the over-frilly traditional dresses and everyday wear.

ChipmunkSundays Sun 26-Feb-17 13:23:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greenteandchives Sun 26-Feb-17 13:25:39

I saw some lovely ones in TKMaxx yesterday. Sadly no 2 yo to buy for.

Piffpaffpoff Sun 26-Feb-17 13:27:19


Underparmummy Sun 26-Feb-17 16:38:06

DD2 had a boden goose pattern dress. Oh, I loved that dress.

DD1 just wore her normal leggings and tops as dd2 was 3 weeks old so we just had family round and played in the garden.

fiorentina Sun 26-Feb-17 21:20:43

Next I think. Or JoJo Maman Bebe.

Winterflower84 Sun 26-Feb-17 22:22:20

Thanks ladies! Now I have more options x

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