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I bought size 5 shoes when I'm a 6

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theclick Sun 06-Nov-16 19:18:32

Because this pair are from last year so I can't find them in store but I found them online on eBay and got them super cheap. But, they are a 5 and I am a size 6. As they were so cheap (under £10) I did buy them, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks to elongate them?

Dafspunk Sun 06-Nov-16 19:29:05

Fill freezer bags with water, put inside shoes, put in freezer. When the water freezes, it expands and stretches the shoe.

theclick Sun 06-Nov-16 20:37:17

Thanks! I'll give it a go!

PNGirl Sun 06-Nov-16 20:46:17

Leather stretch spray and 2 pairs of socks.

ComputerDog Sun 06-Nov-16 20:46:54

I used newspaper to expand some leather shoes once (just stuffed as much as I could in the toes). It worked. Intrigued by the freezer suggestion though!

NicknameUsed Sun 06-Nov-16 20:48:14

I'm baffled as to why anyone would buy shoes that don't fit. It doesn't matter how cheap they are. If they hurt my feet I won't be wearing them.

Trills Sun 06-Nov-16 20:48:15

It's no good.

You've just wasted £10.

Unless you are actually a 5 1/2. And even then it's risky.

Florathefern Mon 07-Nov-16 03:14:14

Put them back on eBay. They will hurt and damage your feet. You won't wear them.

Speaking from bitter experience of buying green shoes a size too small because I really really wanted them and they didn't have my size. I brought them to two leather shops to be 'stretched'. Both told me while they could widen, they couldn't elongate shoes by a size or even half a size. I tried wetting them/newspapers/Vaseline/extra thick socks while curling my toes to make them fit. I even kept them under my desk at work and wore them when I knew I didn't have to walk anywhere (and I mean not even to the copier). They got so many compliments but in the end hurt my feet so much, I sighed with relief when I put them in the charity bag.

AmeliaJack Mon 07-Nov-16 03:58:25

You will damage your feet.

It's not worth it.

Realist them in Ebay

BusterGonad Mon 07-Nov-16 04:06:00

I think it's not worth risking you poor feet over £10! It's different if they rub a bit but a whole size smaller is insane!

TheDowagerCuntess Mon 07-Nov-16 04:27:57

Some shoe-repairers will stretch leather shoes. But once you've done that, if they still don't fit, you won't really be able to sell them on.

burnishedsilver Mon 07-Nov-16 08:20:35

You can't stretch the sole. They will always be a full size too short. Stretching is great if they're just a little tight, not if they're the wrong size.

Believeitornot Mon 07-Nov-16 08:22:25


Buy shoes that fit.

theclick Tue 08-Nov-16 23:14:04

Ok I'll get them and if they just don't work I will re list. I sell on there all the time so won't be an issue

theclick Tue 08-Nov-16 23:14:35

When I say I'll get them I mean I'll wait to receive them - I won the bidding over the weekend now.

KickAssAngel Tue 08-Nov-16 23:42:12

lean in

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