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Boots foundation match service

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pinkieandperkie Fri 05-Aug-16 16:25:18

I have an appointment at Boots tomorrow for their foundation matching service where they zap your face with a little machine and tell you what colour foundation you need. Sorry if this sounds silly but do I have to go in makeup free for an accurate result? Thanks.

BlueCowWonders Fri 05-Aug-16 17:01:02

No, they'll just wipe off a little spot

pinkieandperkie Fri 05-Aug-16 17:04:52

Thanks Blue, such a relief that I don't have to venture out without my make up on.

Tessticklesyourfancy Fri 05-Aug-16 22:19:49

Op, when I had the Boots foundation match done, I was wandering through and only stopped to buy a day cream. I got talking to the lady on the counter about foundation and she offered to do the match there and then. I already had foundation on so she did a quick cleanse and matched me to the best colour I've ever had. I'm fair skinned but have usually ended up with foundation that's too pink and I've wasted £££ over time on iffy coloured foundations.

SorrelForbes Fri 05-Aug-16 22:29:32

Their Cool Ivory is the best colour match I've ever found.

ShellyF Fri 05-Aug-16 22:31:16

I have had two different colours matched to my skin.

notamummy10 Fri 05-Aug-16 22:35:42

Shelly usually that's the case if you have colour in your cheeks/forehead, my forehead and cheeks are different shades!

StylishDuck Fri 05-Aug-16 22:37:02

I got this done before my wedding because j was doing my own make up. I only ever use No7 foundation now. It's really reasonably priced and quite often on offer too.

pinkieandperkie Sat 06-Aug-16 08:05:36

Thank you all for your replies. My sister had her match done and she said that the colour that boots suggested matched her perfectly. I'm quite excited, I'm going todaysmile

hugoagogo Sat 06-Aug-16 08:13:12

I had mine done when I accidentally went out make up free!
The lady was very nice and did my whole face for me, just as I would like it very natural. I believe I am cool vanilla smile

stonecircle Sat 06-Aug-16 08:23:28

Had it done twice when passing - didn't think there was any need to make an appointment? Both times they wiped existing makeup off along my jawline - apparently that's the best place so they can make sure the suggested colour blends in well between face and neck.

pinkieandperkie Sat 06-Aug-16 08:37:36

Stone, you don't need to make an appointment for this it's just an option now to book online so I thought it may save time lurking round the counter.

Helenluvsrob Sat 06-Aug-16 08:39:29

Is everyone here a cool Ivory ? I've met lots of people who look different but all apparently match it .... I have it but it's a bit too yellow.

Dd2 was too pale to match and thank goodness we had an honest SA with the same problem. She looked very badly matched but said " see u have to wear boots brand at work, but they don't cater for this blue pale ivory tone skin "!!

pinkieandperkie Sat 06-Aug-16 08:45:13

Does anyone know if Boots can give a little sample of the foundation that they match you with. This would be useful.

MadSprocker Sat 06-Aug-16 10:28:09

Yes they do give a pot.

ShellSuitonBonfireNight Sat 06-Aug-16 14:20:00

I love this! I finally got a foundation I'm happy with. Bought a concealer for the first time ever as well. I'm a Calico, which I think is the palest, but I don't know if it I'm cool or warm toned.

DropZoneOne Sat 06-Aug-16 14:24:42

I was matched as Warm Ivory - I'm olive toned and it's a great match, I use the airbrush liquid foundation in the summer and it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation at all. I matched lipstick too and ended up with colours I'd never have been brave enough to try!

ohidoliketobe Sat 06-Aug-16 14:36:30

I was colour tested and after a few years trying various different brands, I'm now 100% back to being a No7 fan for foundation.
I'm Calico in winter - the palest of the pale! I get it in beautifully matte. Great coverage without feeling like I have a mask on. I go for Instant Radiance in summer in various colours/ mix my own if in between depending on how much sun I've caught.
I like their mascaras too as I have sensitive eyes, and they recommend you lipstick colours based on your foundation too which I found great.

I just wish their eyeshadows were a bit more pigmented and long lasting then I could ditch urban decay!

thestylethatdecadesforgot Sat 06-Aug-16 14:39:31

Ooh this sounds promising. My old foundation was a benefit one and it's just run out and I can't afford it again so will try No7. How does the lipstick matching work?

misspym Sat 06-Aug-16 14:40:21

I'm a Cool Vanilla. Excellent match for me.

noisyrice Sat 06-Aug-16 14:55:42

I'm 'calico' but am currently using the stay perfect and I'm not sure if it's too drying on my skin?

I like the compact one, in the palest shade. It doesn't last very long though, so I was wondering about getting a liquid one. Am a bit overwhelmed by all the choices though!

The long lasting lipsticks are excellent - wish they did a better range of colours.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 06-Aug-16 15:27:23

I was matched with the best foundation shade ever but I don't like the no7 foundations they don't last long on skin at all.

ShellSuitonBonfireNight Sat 06-Aug-16 15:33:31

I use the Essentially Natural liquid foundation in the aforementioned Calico. I think she asked me about coverage and recommended this one. I did think about getting more coverage on repurchase but the Sales Assistant recommend sticking with this one but using a concealer as well. They work together but it is a low maintence look iyswim.

If you have a No7 voucher they can work out the same price as Rimmel. I can't see myself going using anything else! I want to try the lipstick/blush matching next but can't justify it at the moment! (Hmmm maybe next time I have a voucher...)

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 06-Aug-16 16:09:15

I used to love the lippies but they just look plain scary these days!

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