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I just put on my skinnies and a Breton...

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puglife15 Fri 15-Jul-16 08:42:13

And feel like I should be wearing a sign round my neck saying I HAVE GIVEN UP ON STYLE AND FASHION

I'm quite happy as in my pre-preg jeans for the first time, but have quite a serious muffin top and this striped number is just the right side of baggy to cover it.

Now I just need some mum boots and a butterfly print scarf

PollyPerky Fri 15-Jul-16 08:54:59

Eh? So what DO you think you ought to be wearing? I'm afraid i feel quite fashionable in mine but then I'm maybe 40 years older than you.

Huldra Fri 15-Jul-16 09:14:58

No, it's a sign saying Mumsnet Forum Member grin

Disclaimer: I have nothing against breton tops, they're just one of those items of clothing that are mentioned here loads but I don't see peple wearing on the streets in the same proportion.

ZaraW Fri 15-Jul-16 09:22:09

There were plenty of people still wearing skinnies and stripey T shirts in NY when I was there a couple of months ago it's still a popular look. I'm wearing mine couldn't care less what others think. I look awful in cropped flare jeans and cold shoulder tops and so do most people I've seen.

2ManySweets Fri 15-Jul-16 09:22:33

Oh god, if that's giving up on fashion I may as well just shoot myself now.

I have such a serious muffin top it actually folds over the waistband of my skinnies, forcing the buttony, pointy part of the waistband out at the front, making me look like I have a tiny yet erect "stomach penis"

rainbrella Fri 15-Jul-16 09:28:41

yes i've given up too. so easy to wear. last time i looked i had 4 skinny jeans and 6 stripe stops. i may even jazz it up with a statement necklace.

BikeRunSki Fri 15-Jul-16 09:31:51

I have been wearing jeans (various leg styles, mainly indigo) and Breton tops (various colours) since I was a teenager, 30 years ago. Not every day, but often!! Today I am ringing the changes with skinny chinos. smile I am not giving up on fashion, because I never took it up in the first place.

witsender Fri 15-Jul-16 10:19:37

I wear that combo a lot. It looks nice...regardless of trends.

LemonDr1zzle Fri 15-Jul-16 10:24:00

No muffin top here - I've got a whole shelf of muffins over the top of my jeans waistband!

It's up to you to decide what looks good on you and how "fashionable" you feel. Wear what you want, be comfy and happy, screw "fashion" grin

UhtredRagnorsson Fri 15-Jul-16 12:14:00

Zara I was in NY last week and there were plenty of people wearing skinnies (though it was TOO HOT for them and more people - including me - were wearing dungaree shorts or just other types of shorts). I didn't see many stripey Ts though, it was basically a coldshoulderpocalypse

ZaraW Fri 15-Jul-16 12:22:03

We were staying in Greenwich Village lots of NYU students wearing them.

IHeartKingThistle Fri 15-Jul-16 12:27:26

It's not a combo I tend to wear - not for any particular reason, I just wear other things! All the mums at my DCs swimming lessons do though. They don't talk to me. grin

UhtredRagnorsson Fri 15-Jul-16 12:39:18

Zara Not last week in the Village they weren't. smile But like I said, it was super hot, you'd expect them to be wearing something different to a few months ago. A lot of people were wearing basically artfully arranged string (to be fair that was kind of me, too).

TheEmmaDilemma Fri 15-Jul-16 12:39:54

tiny yet erect "stomach penis"

Been there. grin

rightknockered Fri 15-Jul-16 13:49:16

I was just thinking yesterday that I need more short sleeved striped tops grin

puglife15 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:38:07

Stomach penis, haha.

Oh god, I just realised I am totally rocking one today.

Cold shoulder tops - I just can't get on board. The ones I've seen just look cheap. And I'm not thin or cool enough to carry off the short flares either.

I've just ordered an off the shoulder summer dress but I'm 99% sure I'll be returning it. Still, at least I tried, right?

I sometimes wear a shirt instead of a striped top... <Pushes boat out>

puglife15 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:42:33

Round here it's the law that if you're a) a mum and b) over 32 you have to wear skinnies and Breton. Except hippies, and a few people in the neighbourhood who are cool hipsters and wear boilersuits and boyfriend jeans with awesome trainers and the sort of cool top I never see in any shop ever

UhtredRagnorsson Fri 15-Jul-16 20:03:43

Ah well I probably look cheap then.

fruityb Fri 15-Jul-16 20:08:51

It's what I lived in pre pregnancy! Or with a navy skirt and black tights. It's what I feel most comfortable and relaxed in.

I am obsessed with stripes however.

puglife15 Fri 15-Jul-16 20:37:58

I'm sure you don't Uhtred - it probably says more about my shopping browsing limitations with kids in tow (ie supermarkets)

burnishedsilver Sat 16-Jul-16 00:04:38

I still like my bretons but the skinny jeans are starting to feel old. I won't be buying any more. I'm sick of the sight of them.

squoosh Sat 16-Jul-16 01:14:12

All my stripes have been put into retirement.

puglife15 Sat 16-Jul-16 01:59:11

What do you wear squoosh ? Or do you just walk around naked on the top half now because i literally have no idea what a stripeless wardrobe can look like...

HerRoyalNotness Sat 16-Jul-16 02:14:38

I've recently remembered
How much I love stripes. Had a stripe tee on today with crop skinnies. Tomorrow will be new stripe tee with denim skirt. Sunday stripe short dress and mondY stripe maxi dress. (Weekend away wardrobe, stripe overload). And they're alllllllll navy and white!!

I used to do brights and patterns but want to stick to more classic, don't look at me things these days

UhtredRagnorsson Sat 16-Jul-16 11:31:02

Well. I probably do look cheap. But this time last week I was at a thing wearing a cold shoulder topand one of the most gorgeous men in the world told me I looked good, so...I'm fine with it. smile

Today I will however be wearing a non cold shoulder, striped, T (although it's not a Breton as such). And I'm fine with that too. I doubt anyone will be telling me I look good today though.

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