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Rimmel gel nails- help

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Toffeelatteplease Sun 24-Apr-16 13:59:48

Finding them awesome but how the heck do you get them off?!?!

dementedpixie Sun 24-Apr-16 14:33:06

When I have gel nails I remove them by using cotton wool pads, pure acetone and tinfoil. Cut the pads in half. Buff nails a bit with a nail file to rough up the outer gel layer. Tip some acetone onto the half pad and put on the nail. Wrap a strip of foil round the top to keep the pad in place. Repeat for each finger. Leave for about 20 minutes and then check to see if it's starting to peel. Carefully scrape peeled gel off and then rub the nail with the acetone pad to get rid of any residue

itsbetterthanabox Sun 24-Apr-16 14:35:09

Rimmel gel isn't actual gel is it? It's just polish so use a polish remover and cotton wool.

dementedpixie Sun 24-Apr-16 14:38:31

Googling suggests removing with nail polish remover

Toffeelatteplease Sun 24-Apr-16 14:40:24

I have no idea. They don't require a uv lamp which would suggest not. But they do go on the same way otherwise, two coats and a topcoat

My (admittedly very cheap) nail polish remover makes a horrible mess.

I will have a look for the acetone

itsbetterthanabox Sun 24-Apr-16 14:44:18

All polishes are two colour coats and a top.
If there's no lamp it's not gel.
Use the polish remover in cotton wool. Saturate it and hold on the nail for 5-10 seconds then drag it upwards rubbing in small circles. Use a new piece for each nail.

dementedpixie Sun 24-Apr-16 14:45:02

I use cheap acetone from home bargains

Toffeelatteplease Sun 24-Apr-16 14:48:54

Nope that ends up very messy. The polish ends up getting tackier and it just doesn't come off but dies everything it comes onto contact with the nail colour. Or at least it does with my nail polish remover.

They do peel off after time the same way gel nails do. But I can't see that is too good for the nails underneath

Crazycatlady27 Sun 24-Apr-16 14:49:10

If a lamp hasn't been used then they are 'gel effect' which is normal nail polish.
Just use normal nail polish remover

Toffeelatteplease Sun 24-Apr-16 14:50:01

Definitely acetone then grin

itsbetterthanabox Sun 24-Apr-16 14:50:03

Is your polish remover acetone based? Or acetone free?
Yes peeling any polish is bad for nails.

mumto2andnomore Sun 24-Apr-16 15:11:45

Just normal nail varnish remover
I really like it too, lasts ages and is cheap

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Sun 24-Apr-16 16:27:57

Just use nail polish remover that's what I do with the Rimmed Gel polish.

freshprincess Sun 24-Apr-16 16:49:34

I used normal nail varnish remover.

I really like It, I got a good 5 days out of it, which considering I have the skills of a toddler, is really good for me.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-May-16 18:21:52

Ooh, bumping this - I bought the polish and top coat for DD today (she wears false nails in the school holidays so I don't think removal is an issue ) but I'm planning to buy some nice polish for my toes.

Is this one ok with normal remover (I've got OPI).
One my toenails it's not such a problem (I can't wear anything on my hands at work)

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