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Need makeup help - pale skin

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Eggsandketchup Fri 19-Feb-16 17:15:23

I'm getting married in a couple of months and I'm doing my own makeup. At the moment I use mainly No7 for everything and YSL touche eclat. I'm very pale so have the lightest shade in foundation.

I want to buy some really decent makeup, and don't mind being a bit spendy using the wedding as an excuse to splash out if it's worth it. What should I go for? I'm mid 30s, skin is quite good - can't remember the last time I had a spot, if I don't moisturise it gets dry though, and sometimes my forehead can get slightly oily.

Also - are there any special brushes I should get? I apply everything with my fingers

ALSO... Can a really pale person use bronzer? Or should I stick to pale blusher?

Cakescakescakes Fri 19-Feb-16 19:32:39

I bought a real techniques face brush and it has revolutionised my foundation application. I think it was the expert face brush? A good primer is key - the smashbox light one is fantastic for keeping on top of shine. I am also super pale and I wear a little bronzer every day just to warm my face up. I use the lightest Estée Lauder bronze goddess one. It's very subtle. Just makes me look awake. And Laura mercier Rose bloom blush is the best ever shade I've found for my pale freckley skin. (I did my own wedding make up too smile

Kirriemuir Fri 19-Feb-16 20:31:01

I'd go to Bobbi brown for a lesson and take it from there. Do not use your touché eclat in the day as it reflects and will look terrible on your photos.

Eggsandketchup Sat 20-Feb-16 07:15:47

thanks cakes! Googling all that stuff now.

Kirrie really?! Didn't know that. Christ.

Missionitreat Sat 20-Feb-16 17:21:31

The body shop have just introduced a white foundation to add to a normal foundation to lighten it up worth giving it a go.

LordEmsworth Sat 20-Feb-16 20:20:05

I am quite pale, but there are several Bobbi Brown foundations too light for me - they are great for having a wide range of shades.

I love BB foundation anyway. Just if you do get someone who wants to give you a shade or two darker, don't let them... And I love the corrector/concealer, too.

Kirrie is right - Touche Eclat is a highlighter, not a concealer. It works on the human eye because it reflects light back so you can't see the circles - but it doesn't fool a camera...

Eggsandketchup Sun 21-Feb-16 16:03:36

I really don't know much about makeup! I'm going to look for a Bobbi Brown place and see what they can do to help!

mrsmortis Sun 21-Feb-16 16:10:14

Have you tried looking at some of the Beauty channels on YouTube? Loads of really good info there. pixiwoo might be a good place to start. They are makeup artists. They have a 'basics' playlist which could help. I suggest that as a starting point rather than a single brand because it'll give you a clearer view of your options:

FinallyHere Sun 21-Feb-16 16:11:19


I am not at all confident around make up counters. There only place i have really felt good are these people Have fun.

Wolpertinger Sun 21-Feb-16 16:15:53

I watched Lisa Eldridge videos and did my own makeup for my wedding (congratulations!)

Wore Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser applied with fingers smile and everyone asked my who had done my makeup as it was so mice blush

Lisa Eldridge is particularly good as she has pale skin too, she has a nice video on foundation for pale skin and a few nice videos on wedding looks - I did one of them and it was really easy.

Eggsandketchup Mon 22-Feb-16 08:03:32

Thank you! I'll check those out after the school run smile

Toxicity Mon 22-Feb-16 14:50:29

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding flowers

I am also really pale and I love Nars foundations, they do really light shades.

Have fun at the Bobbi Brown counter and let them put products on you to see what you think and how they feel before purchasing. I always say to the assistants I am going to have a wonder to see how it wears and how you feel about it in different lighting.

Missionitreat Tue 23-Feb-16 18:25:56

Mac match master seems to come in very pale shades.

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