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Old fashioned? What do you think?

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Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:00:44

I've just chucked out a lot of busy print patterned dresses. I don't want to start buying them back!

Be honest ;-)

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:03:31

Here's another

Whatthefoxgoingon Thu 24-Dec-15 10:05:31

The nuaghties called, they want their dress back grin

It's a no from me

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:05:36

And another

LaurieFairyCake Thu 24-Dec-15 10:06:38

I wear dresses like that to work every day so I love them.

burnishedsilver Thu 24-Dec-15 10:09:51

Bit dated.

Whether that bothers you or not is a seperate issue.

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:13:05

I'm wondering if the fact I felt I needed to ask for some advice says it all really!

Bambambini Thu 24-Dec-15 10:16:00

I quite like them. Not so much the middle one.

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:16:33

Thanks Laurie. I'm just feeling a bit of a sense of deja vu...been there, had that.

I have an east dress, in dark maroon, busy print. If I haven't chucked it, honestly can't remember if it was one that was spared in the savage cull of two weeks ago and I don't wear it in the next week or two...then I'm probably not going to!

polyhymnia Thu 24-Dec-15 10:16:53

Certainly wouldn't buy them now, though, if I already owned them and they suited me, might consider still wearing them for some things. They're too fussy and girly for work for my taste but it all depends on the work and on personal preference.

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:20:00

This is more me....just not for winter ( unless it was roomy enough for sleeves)

Sadly this one only a twelve and too small.

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 10:20:45

I don't work. I'm a pensioner ;-)

Twinklestein Thu 24-Dec-15 11:15:23

Desigual called, they want their designs back.

If you like them buy them, people should wear what makes them happy.

Mince314withIcecream Thu 24-Dec-15 11:16:56

No. But then I never liked those Desigual type of designs. Less is more for me.

Dowser Thu 24-Dec-15 12:26:07

Desigual. Yes. I knew they reminded me of something. I hope they are better finished of than some desigual dresses.

HappyGirlNow Thu 24-Dec-15 15:17:06

Horrible. I hate everything Joe Browns.

I don't like it at all. Sorry.

Indole Thu 24-Dec-15 15:46:23

I love Desigual but those are horrible.

RosalieAprile Thu 24-Dec-15 15:47:33

A big no from me.

Loud and dated. Just like Desigual. The polar opposite of stylish imo.

Swampmonster39 Thu 24-Dec-15 17:22:45

I was going to say they look a bit like some of the Roman originals styles

Vixxfacee Thu 24-Dec-15 17:24:48

Really ugly.

polyhymnia Thu 24-Dec-15 17:28:10

Yes, have to admit I too dislike Joe Brown's stuff in general. Not sure who their target audience is, but guess I'm not it.

mewkins Thu 24-Dec-15 17:31:56

Dated. Asos do billions of jersey dresses in plain colours which are more now.

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 24-Dec-15 17:36:32

No. None of them do anything for me.

To each their own, I guess.

hollieberrie Thu 24-Dec-15 17:38:56

I like them smile I wear things like that for work with tights and boots. I feel great in them! If you like them hen that's all that matters smile

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