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Can I wah my sheepskin slippers

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lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 11:44:03

I have some Ugg slippers,- fairly new so I don't want to get rid of them yet - but we have had builders in and they are builder-dust dusty. They feel horrible to wear. I have hoovered them but nah, still horrible.

Can I wash them? Has anyone ever washed them and how and did they survive?

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 11:45:42

wash clearly, not wah, tho I do feel like crying a bit about them. <dramatic>

firesidechat Fri 20-Nov-15 11:48:31

I think you can sponge them, but don't quote me on that.

I wouldn't was them.

ppeatfruit Fri 20-Nov-15 11:49:49

They're dusty on the INSIDE? Maybe turn them inside out and brush with an old toothbrush or hairbrush, They would shrink in the washing machine and go solid. Unless they are washable of course is there a label on them?

I thought they were smelly which is easier to deal with .

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 12:18:17

ppeatfruit that bastarding builder dust is everywhere. Everywhere. Everything is dusty. Even where you think it can't be dusty, it's dusty. Yes, I'm afraid they're dusty on the inside.

THere is a bit of a label, but I can't see anything. They would shrink and go hard in the washing machine? sad I was hoping I could wash. I might try baby-wiping them. Seems to take any stain off clothing.

Naicecuppatea Fri 20-Nov-15 12:22:56

I have washed my Emu sheepskin slippers on a wool wash. They survived ok! Perhaps put them in a pillow case? We also have builders in and I can sympathise with the dust, it is a nightmare.

PrimalLass Fri 20-Nov-15 13:02:30

I wash my Ugg boots in the machine.

ppeatfruit Fri 20-Nov-15 13:15:39

I always wear socks with my slippers because we have tiles everywhere! I wouldn't notice the dust blush I've got little pure sheepskin boot type slippers and didn't notice the dust (we've had a new bathroom put in too blush ).

BooOzMoo Fri 20-Nov-15 13:25:12

I have Emu slippers and washed them!!!! They took ages to dry though ! N

ppeatfruit Fri 20-Nov-15 13:40:47

Yes you have to put shoe trees in them to keep their shape too BooOz And dry in the sun or on a radiator.

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 14:36:46

Thanks everyone. I might chance a wash on the back of PrimalLass, BooOz and Naicecuppa's experiences. Nowt to lose really, they're fairly horrible as it is.

Tootyfilou Fri 20-Nov-15 14:47:16

I have Ugg slippers and have washed them twice with no ill effects.

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 14:49:51

I have washed my Celtic Sheepskin houseboats on a wool wash with soap (not detergent) and they came out perfect.

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 15:05:37

Oh fantastic! I shall throw them in the machine this very evening.

GlueSuedeShoes Fri 20-Nov-15 15:36:56

I have washed Uggs when DD vomited on them. They shrunk a tiny bit but were fine.

LondonHuffyPuffy Fri 20-Nov-15 16:24:18

I have also washed my Ugg slippers in the machine. Wool wash. Dried in the airing cupboard

ItsAllGoodMan Fri 20-Nov-15 19:17:09

I washed mine on wool wash when DS shat on them. Came out absolutely fine

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 19:57:43

They're washed and looking remarkably well. Wool wash, with a smudge of woolite. Will see how they dry.

Tune in for the next riveting episode. Same time same channel.

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 19:59:19

Tsk. smidge of woolite. Smudge clearly defeats the purpose

AlwaysBeYourself Fri 20-Nov-15 20:14:50

BikeRunSki Good to hear that about Celt houseboots. I have a pair and they need a wash as they are a bit grubby. I also have the Celt classic, will give them a wash too. Can I ask though, how did you dry them?

lurkingabit Fri 20-Nov-15 20:55:12

I have mine in front of my wood burning stove. Probably wrong but they're drying a dream. Still looking good

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 21:21:24

I stuff them full of flannels and T shirts, and left them in the sun or in front of a radiator Always.

ppeatfruit Fri 20-Nov-15 21:22:14

Good grin did you wash them inside out to remove the dust?

lurkingabit Sat 21-Nov-15 09:27:50

Nope ppeatfruit, just shoved them in the wash, can't really turn them inside out - they have a rigid sole.

So shoved the wet slippers in front of the fire for the evening, then the airing cupboard overnight and they are perfect. Clean, fluffy, perfecto, good as new really. Thanks all.

ppeatfruit Sat 21-Nov-15 09:40:38

Brilliant I'll try that with mine grin

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