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oh woe is me -advice for apples didnt work!!!!

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guffaux Mon 16-Nov-15 23:53:08

I am a size 16-18 apple, have the most unfortunately huge swollen and gross abdomen sad [embarassed]

I bought an empire line dress hoping it would do me for christmas works do, christmas day and other 'dos' = it looked truly awful- dp (who loves me, whatever shape I am) plucked up courage to tell me the dress made me look old and frumpy.

I'm 5' 3, definitely apple (am 5'5" , 13 st and look ready to give birth) am grey (which I actually love!) pale, and totally lost fashion-wise

please please help- I have a works do with glamorous and svelte colleagues -I've paid £45 deposit, with £60 to pay!!! - WHAT am I going to wear?? its cocktail dress code.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Mon 16-Nov-15 23:59:19

Im the same height and have a big belly too. Having to wear a dress would be my worst nightmare.

How are your legs? Mine are truly awful so would never get them out but a lot of apple shapes have good legs, do you feel happy to get yours out?

UntilTheCowsComeHome Tue 17-Nov-15 00:04:09

The shape of this dress is good.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Tue 17-Nov-15 00:04:56

Don't know how I managed to post 2 pics the same. confused

guffaux Tue 17-Nov-15 00:11:12

I look like a huge cloud in 'cocoon' and draped shapes.sad lower legs are ok (if I wear opaques, I have a varicose vein!) but have chunky knees.

I love tailored and androgynous looks, but cant carry them off - channelling demis roussos is probably my safest bet sad I could probably manage the beard!!! dratted menopause (and poor grooming to be fair) grin

UntilTheCowsComeHome Tue 17-Nov-15 00:15:29

Could you get away with a gorgeous trouser suit to your fancy do? Men wear suits after all.

Wide leg trousers, cami style top and the right cut jacket can look amazing.

guffaux Tue 17-Nov-15 00:25:38

trousers would be my go to option - dress has been decreed for christmas day though

UntilTheCowsComeHome Tue 17-Nov-15 00:31:11

Hmm, how about one of them really full maxi skirts with a shirt? They look lovely. Off to find a pic...

UntilTheCowsComeHome Tue 17-Nov-15 00:36:40

Something like this?

RonaldMcDonald Tue 17-Nov-15 01:03:33

Apples in empire can look preggo
You poor thing

RonaldMcDonald Tue 17-Nov-15 01:14:01

What about a wrap dress. I know not exciting but easy to wear and flattering?

cranberryx Tue 17-Nov-15 01:16:42

I really like this one, but most advice about apple shape women always says to try and enthasise the waist.

I would recommend looking at some of the dresses on Asos - they look lovely!

RonaldMcDonald Tue 17-Nov-15 01:18:15

This with opaque

RonaldMcDonald Tue 17-Nov-15 01:20:27

sequinned and tunicy might be naice

RonaldMcDonald Tue 17-Nov-15 01:31:48

Or some sequin leggings a nice tshirt/shirt and a black jacket

80sWaistcoat Tue 17-Nov-15 01:56:07

All have waists and lovely necklines ...

80sWaistcoat Tue 17-Nov-15 02:03:15

hollinhurst84 Tue 17-Nov-15 02:10:50

You might hate these but...
Different colours available too on the site



I have this one (bow is removable and it's really flattering

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 17-Nov-15 06:05:04

I'm an apple and find wrap dresses unflattering and also anything that draws attention to my waist - as I just don't have one really.

A tunic style works well on me so something like this.

I also find that often a skirt and top can be more flattering - I have this jumper in navy which I wore recently with a leather skirt and opaques and shoeboots when out - it looked good I think

The other option which would be flattering but isn't a dress is cigarette trousers, a silky top and then an evening coat cut slim but to just above your knees. This would streamline you and could look very elegant.

These sort of overlay dresses can also work well on apples.

Do you have time/access to a good department store and a personal shopper at all?

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 17-Nov-15 06:06:52

this shape also works well on me. It comes in under the boobs where I'm fairly small but skims the rest.

herecomesthsun Tue 17-Nov-15 07:00:39

loose fitting with sequins

black overlay

purple overlay

Dowser Tue 17-Nov-15 08:38:18

Can I offer another suggestion. Please don't think I'm being rude but I'm responding to your first line.

Do you think you might have a wheat allergy? Even if you are not sure this will help. If you cut out all wheat, flour based breads, pastas, pizzas, sauces etc I guarantee you can loose a lot of that bloating relatively quickly.

I used to have very swollen legs and tummy. So much so I couldn't wear certain shoes and now I can wear anything. I cut out wheat and I have skinny legs now and my tum has gone down loads.

Have you got one to two weeks till the do? This is not my advice it's from dr William Davis the author of wheat belly.

Wheat has been altered to increase its yield. It used to be one four feet high crop a year. Now farmers are getting two , two feet high and our bodies cannot cope with the changes. Some of us do not digest it properly and make us bloat out .

Apologies if I'm on the wrong track. You may be gluten free already.

I always have a protein breakfast. Omelette cooked in coconut oil with a bit of onion added. I have a green soup with lentils or ham in for lunch and dinner is protein, veg and carbohydrate. Usually whole grain rice or sweet potato . We don't eat potato at home and I've also cut out sugar for other health reasons. I don't substitute wheat with gluten free products either. You're not meant to do that.

Anyway just a thought.
Here's his site if you want to take a look.

SwedeDreams Tue 17-Nov-15 08:54:28

Two weeks of slim and save, that will really reduce your stomach size. Then 1950s dress with bolero. I am pretty much the same size as you and having to do this at the moment!

SoConfused15 Tue 17-Nov-15 19:13:11

Also worth investing in some shape wear-Spanx or similar. Makes a dress look sooo much better if you are a tad floppy of belly like me smile

herecomesthsun Tue 17-Nov-15 19:13:40


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