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Did Gok Wan do anything for women?

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Dowser Mon 27-Jul-15 19:47:14

I'd like to think so . Some of his style ideas I found rather off the wall. Like stitching a huge chunk of fake gold costume jewellery onto one shoulder of a top or dress.

Another time he bought two £50 p,eared skirts ( wtf?) and layered one over the other to make a longish dress. Then added more bling than you could shake a stick at .

However I'd like to think he helped women gain confidence to experiment with fashion and do their own thing and make as much of themselves as possible.

What does the panel think?

GuiltyFeetHaveGotNoRhythm Mon 27-Jul-15 19:49:50

I love Gok because he bought a wonderful, wonderful backlash against the most awful Trinny and Susannah, and a Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Plus, he calls tits 'bangers'. Boom!

Toffeelatteplease Mon 27-Jul-15 19:50:15

Added belts

Made people think about the idea of a capsule wardrobe

honeylou42 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:53:37

I think so, me and dd were just saying the other day how much we miss Goks programmes. We dont have enough style and fashion on the tv at the moment, we rely on this morning or Lorraine for our fashion fix smile

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 27-Jul-15 19:55:47

He does a clothing line for Tu at Sainsburys, but have never found anything I liked in it, sadly...

PannaDoll Mon 27-Jul-15 20:02:06

He held the door open for me once. That's at least one tangible thing he's done for one woman grin

MrsDeVere Mon 27-Jul-15 20:02:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDeVere Mon 27-Jul-15 20:03:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WilburIsSomePig Mon 27-Jul-15 20:03:44

God I love Gok and I miss him! Some of his ideas were just hilarious but others were like a wee lightbulb moment in my head. And apart from any of that, he seems like a thoroughly nice chap. Should we petition to get him back on the telly in something other than shite yoghurt adverts.

MrsUltracrepidarian Mon 27-Jul-15 20:04:50

Never seen him on TV but bought the most useful and flattering dress ever (in fact bought three the same blush) from his Tu clothing line about three years ago. Black fitted shift dress, short sleeves, slightly cowl neckline - have worn for posh dinners, big ticket presentations etc and always gets compliments - looks about 10x more expensive than it actually cost..

chippednailvarnish Mon 27-Jul-15 20:06:52

He flogged yoghurt, an issue at the heart of the feminist agenda.

Marylou2 Mon 27-Jul-15 20:07:02

Why isn't he still on TV? Absolutely love Gok. His cookery show was fantastic too.

WipsGlitter Mon 27-Jul-15 20:11:37

I agree there's not enough fashion on TV.

Dowser Mon 27-Jul-15 20:12:57

I read his biography and he does come across as a genuine guy. Very family orientated.

his proggrammes were very entertaining though. But all that Bling!

Corygal Mon 27-Jul-15 20:15:45

He's brilliant - the shows were fun, he sounds lovely and he made one feel all cheery and self-confident just by watching the tv, which is no mean feat.

MyRightFoot Mon 27-Jul-15 21:20:04

he helped me up from a river bank once. i didnt need or ask for help, he just came forward. lovely man. he was great on stressing the importance of underwear as a foundation to good dressing.

WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 Mon 27-Jul-15 21:22:53

lol myrightfoot I thought initially that he had advised you of the importance of the right underwear in order to avoid future riverbank tumbles!

ChilliAndMint Mon 27-Jul-15 21:23:37

No... I'm not sucked in by TV and PR campaigns. Too long in the tooth believe such crap.

Greengardenpixie Mon 27-Jul-15 21:23:55

Has he not still got a slot on This morning?

Greengardenpixie Mon 27-Jul-15 21:26:19

Just google it and seemingly he is on Friday fashion on ITV's this morning

Pointlessfan Mon 27-Jul-15 21:26:31

I would love him to go jeans shopping with me, I'm really bad at buying jeans and I think he'd sort me out!

msrisotto Mon 27-Jul-15 21:30:34

Not really. His idea of 'How to look good naked' was to wear loads of clothes. Doesn't really make sense does it? Not only is the message that you do not look good naked, another message is that you don't even look good with clothes on! Not unless you are wearing incredibly tight underwear.

He/Trinny & Susannah also ruined jackets for me. I'm only just coming back around to them. Why must everything on their programmes look the same?

Mintyy Mon 27-Jul-15 21:31:37

Hmm, on balance I don't think so.

I think he was a good tv presenter with a strong and engaging personality, but he completely peddled the myth that women have to "made over" and that it is empowering to appear naked or nearly naked in public. I just don't buy that.

And, yes, I agree with MrsDeVere, too much spanx and bodycon in his repertoire.

Loafliner Mon 27-Jul-15 21:33:39

I hated the way he dressed hourglasses. He was a one trick belt suggesting pony. Making the waist look small makes boobs and arse look huge -a truly awful and unflattering look. Seriously a belt over a jacket - who can wear that!

maybebabybee Mon 27-Jul-15 21:39:30

I like my boobs and arse to look huge and my waist to look teeny smile

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