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Has anyone tried Tresemme shampoo & conditioner?

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starfish4 Wed 13-May-15 14:20:57

If any of you have tried Tresemme shampoo or conditioner, can you tell me what you think please. Saw some massive bottles for £2.79 in town today and was tempted!

Micah Wed 13-May-15 14:24:27

Blimey, how have you got this far without trying it!

I like it. Good value when on offer too. I'd say similar quality to Aussie etc.

ouryve Wed 13-May-15 14:25:21

DH uses it. Does nothing for my hair and the conditioner leaves DS2's hair frizzy and difficult to brush.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Wed 13-May-15 14:25:37

The black and green one without sulphates is really good for my hair

ihave2naughtydogs Wed 13-May-15 14:31:14

Avoid the split end mask . It was appallling.The amount of hair loss after using it on My 13 yr old DD waist lenght hair was horrendous. Gets rid of split ends alright because they end up in the plughole.

HelenF350 Wed 13-May-15 14:31:15

Dp uses the green one, I 'borrow' some when there is a lot of product build up in my hair. It's very good.

gymboywalton Wed 13-May-15 14:33:35

it made my hair like straw and my scalp sore

Indecisivejo Wed 13-May-15 14:49:50

Gives me a very itchy sore scalp sad

TisILeclerc Wed 13-May-15 14:56:24

I use the green one too. It's the only one that I can use consistently. Any other brand causes a build up on my hair

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 13-May-15 15:09:40

The bottles put me off - huge , heavy , no pump dispenser.
I wouldn't be able to hold it and squeeze with wet hands without dropping it on my foot [ouch]

I love Aveda, huge 1 litre bottles and a pump top. Lasts me a year with DH and I both using.

Rivercam Wed 13-May-15 15:11:23

I use it all the time. Good value when on offer. A bottle seems to last ages.

shockedballoon Wed 13-May-15 18:08:49

I use it - I have straightish hair that is quite fine and prone to being greasy. Works really well for me and doesn't make my scalp itch (I have psoriasis and sometimes get small patches on my scalp - it doesn't seem to affect it)

Zizio Wed 13-May-15 19:31:26

Agree the black and green.Think it's called tresemme natural.

loupylou2u Wed 13-May-15 19:46:59

Sore scalp, stringy and knotty hair. Rubbish (for me anyway)

I've found the best combination for my hair is H&S itchy scalp shampoo and Dove intensive conditioner.

As much as I disliked the tresseme shampoo and conditioner, the elixir oil is bloody fantastic

eddielizzard Wed 13-May-15 19:56:16

black and green shampoo and pink conditioner. it is amazing! i have difficult hair. this stuff is the only stuff apart from ecoly that actually works for me.

Runningupthathill82 Wed 13-May-15 19:58:07

I think it's great.

starfish4 Thu 14-May-15 08:38:10

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate some of you have had problems with Tresemme, but the Natural one sounds worth trying for the price - if I have a problem with it, I can always pass it onto a friend to try.

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