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Help non greasy suncream? Love ultrasun but very pricey:(

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cremeeggsdidrock Mon 04-May-15 21:32:36

Hello oh wise ones, were going away in July and thinking about suncreams, MIL gave us some ultrasun last year and loved itsmile was gonna stock up tonight then saw the price.......sad Any other recommendations for non greasy sun creams? once a day options a bonus but not end of world..............

Cant use P20 as allergic but not had any probs with anything else..........

Thanks in advance star

webminx Mon 04-May-15 22:16:11

loving clarins spf30 - no greasy, nice scent, doesn't leave white streaks all over and no mega-nasties in it either. Have a lovely holiday!

CointreauVersial Mon 04-May-15 23:49:12

Look out for cheap UltraSun in TKMaxx (I agree, brilliant stuff).

seaoflove Mon 04-May-15 23:52:27

Ultrasun is the only non greasy sunscreen I've ever used.

HelenF350 Tue 05-May-15 00:21:20

Calypso dry oil spray is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. Not only is it not greasy but it is the only sunscreen that I don't burn badly with. It's about £3 a bottle from home bargains too. You do go through it quickly but it's cheap as chips and it's great for putting in your parting etc as it doesn't make your hair greasy.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Tue 05-May-15 05:57:35

Dermalogica sport 50. Not cheap but a bog better than ultrasun. Hylaronic acid for moisturising/plumping effect.

cremeeggsdidrock Tue 05-May-15 07:26:13

oh will be checking tkmaxx out and seeing if i can track some downsmile Thanks everyone for your

SoupDragon Tue 05-May-15 07:27:51

Boots Soltan Once comes in an "invisible" spray which I've found good. I'm almost certain it comes in the Once version anyway.

FrugalFashionista Tue 05-May-15 07:47:40

Neutrogena Clear Face spf 30 - it says break-out free and in my case this is true! Non-greasy and no white cast. An inexpensive US drugstore gem, see here!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 05-May-15 08:31:31

Banana Boat powder dry is good.

Jakadaal Tue 05-May-15 08:46:03

I get my Ultasun from QvC as they have it as Todays Special Value offer. Last TSV I bought had 5 products in and it was about £40. This will last the 4 of us for a 2 week holiday which I think is quite good value

AndHarry Tue 05-May-15 08:49:40

Piz Buin moisturising factor 30. I tried out loads last year, including Ultrasun, and that was my favourite.

iwantgin Tue 05-May-15 12:12:55

Ultrasun doesn't actually work out any more expensive, I find, as it's just a once a day application.

As said upthread check out QVC - although the best prices I have seen have been in-flight offers - Jet 2 had it recently, as did Thomson. Very good prices.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Tue 05-May-15 12:59:09

Yes the Boots Once Invisible spray is good. Can stain white clothes though - slightly better if you put it on before you get dressed and let it dry thoroughly.

MaudieAtkinsonsGardeningHat Tue 05-May-15 13:17:40

I like the Hawaiian Tropic with the pink ribbon running through it. Hate greasy sun cream with the fire of a thousand suns and since Piz Buin stopped making their oil-free version (about 10 years ago and I'm still bitter), this is the only one I've found that doesn't make my skin greasy or sticky.

u32ng Tue 05-May-15 13:19:05

saw an ad for this in a magazine today:

I'm definitely going to buy it. Maybe they do a body one too??

u32ng Tue 05-May-15 13:20:19

Oh just noticed there's and SPF30 version as well.

cremeeggsdidrock Tue 05-May-15 16:19:37

thanks again for replies! the good thing about ultra sun is the fact it didnt mark my clothes either sobsob.............looked at QVC, how do you know when its 'todays special offer' haven't got the hang of QVC

iwantgin Tue 05-May-15 16:33:06

Today's Special Value was yesterday ):

But this looks like one of the best offers on there - Ultrasun

£30.52 plus £4 postage ?

Ultrasun have their own website too Ultrasun They have a 400 ml of the SPF 20 sports for £32 plus £3 postage. so pretty similar.

iwantgin Tue 05-May-15 16:35:23

I hate using suncream - any creams really - so Ultrasun is usually the only one I would use. However I have recently stocked up on some Green People suncream - as it was on special offer.

Also not greasy- but it is more pricey. I have this one Green People 3 tubes, so should see me through the summer.

cremeeggsdidrock Tue 05-May-15 16:39:04

Thanks iwantginsmile Damn.....! what did i miss yesterday? how do you know when the next one is? Never used the sports gel..............whats it like? i have just had the lotionflowers

JohnCusacksWife Tue 05-May-15 17:22:48

The sports gel's great. Soaks in v quickly and no greasy marks. Ultrasun's the only one I'd use now.

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