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Parlux - Emperor's new clothes or the best thing in the whole wide world?

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HarveySpecter Thu 18-Dec-14 21:31:18

Am considering a Parlux or something similar - will it really make my mane glossy and smooth or can I acheive the same with something cheaper. If it does work, why? Thanks.

plentyofshoes Thu 18-Dec-14 21:55:53

I got one a few months ago. Its ok. I do not have to use my straighteners everyday which is good. However, I have quite fine long hair and it does not give it much body at all.

Dancingyogi Thu 18-Dec-14 22:00:02

It's just a pink hairdryer, I was expecting more and was disappointed, folk on this board love it though.

Toggo Fri 19-Dec-14 19:50:45

I bought mine a few years ago after reading about it on mn and absolutely love it as it actually makes my hair look more glossy/healthy without any extra effort.

Seemed very expensive for a hairdryer, but I reasoned that it is not actually that much if you use it daily for a few years.

Greengardenpixie Fri 19-Dec-14 23:21:55

GHD air. Fabulous hairdryer. I dont know about Parlux!

Hippychickster Sat 20-Dec-14 14:16:50

I bought one and I don't like it! It makesmy hair really knotty and I still have to use straighteners. In fact I'm going to try and sell it on eBay as its too long now to send it back, even though I've only used it about 4 times

LogonMounstuart Sat 20-Dec-14 21:05:19

Had mine 3 years. Use it every day. It cuts 10 minutes of the time I spend getting ready in the morning as it does dry more quickly than any other I have had. I have long straight fine hair (but lots of it). Doesn't need straightening after. I like it, and do recommend it,

5EllipticGoldRings Sat 20-Dec-14 21:09:18

Love mine, I've used it with a bob, then short hair, now as it's growing out - great for every length fsmile.

VarsityQueen Sun 21-Dec-14 00:50:19

I find the lower setting too cool and the higher setting too hot but because I am impatient I use the higher one and have noticed the ends of my hair are drier. Agree it can knot long hair. Do love the retro look and colours though and it does give a nice shine

rubybleu Sun 21-Dec-14 10:10:13

I've now had my Parlux for 10.5 YEARS and it's still going strong. I get a little upset when I have to use a gym or hotel dryer as very few dryers hold a candle to it. You won't regret it!

CatScratched Sun 21-Dec-14 10:15:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saythatagain Sun 21-Dec-14 10:19:49

I bought one about three years ago after reading the rave reviews on here. I haven't been disappointed with it at all.
At the end of the day, it is just a hair dryer, but it does appear to do the job faster/more efficiently.
Valiumredhead will be along shortly to extol its virtues too!
My only issue it that the med strength setting, in terms do waft, is dodgy, so it's gale force or off for me!
I shall be passing it to my brother on Boxing Day for him to work his gadget magic.

SilverSnowflake Sun 21-Dec-14 22:25:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigbuttons Sun 21-Dec-14 22:30:03

It's a very powerful hairdryer , but it won't do anything to give you silky hair unless you you use proper drying techniques, no hair dryer will.. I have one and I'm happy with it but I'm too lazy to do what hairdressers do!

lurkingaround Mon 22-Dec-14 09:35:40

I have a professional hairdryer exactly almost like the parlux. Bought it a hundred years ago. I love it, couldn't go back to an ordinary hairdryer now, drying time is so quick (I am rather impatient). Can't say it makes my hair glossy but it is fantastically efficient at its job and still going strong about 15 years later.

gonegrey56 Mon 22-Dec-14 11:08:03

I have a Parlux 385 Power Light dryer. Bought 6 months ago. Fantastic for my fine, frizzy hair . So easy to quickly blow dry and style my hair yet the condition has not suffered . Highly recommend it !

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Tue 23-Dec-14 22:03:50

Definitely the ghd air over a parlux. I brought parlux after asking on here which was better.

I have below shoulder length wavy hair and ended up with a mass of knots. Every time! Borrowed a ghd air from my friend and loved it. Still have both but the parlux never gets used.

Cric Tue 23-Dec-14 22:30:23

Love mine and had it for 8 years

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