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Does anyone else take their shoes off in work?

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ejayne Thu 07-Aug-14 13:39:53

A friend of mine was shocked that I do.

I love my heels, but myn office is a converted old town house with steep stairs ans thick carpets so heels are'nt terrible practical!!

I tend just to go stockinged footed around the office unless aclient comes in when obviusly I put my heels back on.

Anyone else do this.

Shenton Thu 07-Aug-14 13:41:09

Yes have done for years, wore uggs and mbts at one place

Lottapianos Thu 07-Aug-14 13:42:19

I do when the weather is boiling hot. I wouldn't mind a colleague doing this so long as they had either
a) nicely pedicured feet like I do
b) clean, short toenails as a minimum

People with long raggedy toenails, cracked heels or (a hanging offence) chipped toe polish need to keep them covered up at all times!

squoosh Thu 07-Aug-14 13:47:34

In my workplace there are people in their socks and some people are even barefoot. I prefer the be-socked ones.

Lally112 Thu 07-Aug-14 13:47:37

I wouldn't be allowed to 'elf n safety' n all. States boots and wellies must be worn when working with livestock and heavy machinery.

squoosh Thu 07-Aug-14 13:48:13

I'm waiting for a a drawing pin related incident though!

Stoneysilence Thu 07-Aug-14 13:53:04

Sorry but I think this is incredibly unprofessional, it says you don't care about your workplace surroundings. Do you imagine yourself sitting on the Board in your uggs? Bare feet in the office is unacceptable for me, as is wearing flip flops, sandals, mbts, uggs, etc etc. depending on your workplace culture of course (I work in a creative industry where people do this by the way - I just wouldn't do it myself). Depending on the agenda for the day I stick to heels, peep toes, ballet flats (if stairs are a problem why insist on starting the day in heels that are completely impractical?) My office is in a sweltering townhouse too. Keep your bare feet for home.

kelda Thu 07-Aug-14 13:55:04

I have a colleague who does this. Unfortunately her feet stink but we are too polite to say anything.

Lottapianos Thu 07-Aug-14 14:06:30

kelda, that is seriously grim. I would take my compulsive office sniffer any day over that. Poor you!

ThePerfectNegroni Thu 07-Aug-14 14:10:53

If I am on my own in my office I sometimes do, but wouldn't take them off in a shared office or with others.

EugeneKrabs Thu 07-Aug-14 14:12:41

Some people in my previous workplace did and unfortunately not all had the freshest of feet. <gags at memory>

DealForTheKids Thu 07-Aug-14 14:14:57

I'm in an open plan area. I kick off mine under my desk (they're currently off at this very second) but if I'm getting up to go to the printer or something I'll pop them back on. Lots of the older chaps in here wander around in their socks. I think it's kind of sweet, but I might have different opinions if they stank!

What I need is office slippers grin Too far?

monsterowl Thu 07-Aug-14 14:15:26

I do, frequently. I often have my shoes off when I'm sitting at my desk - although I put them back on if I have to walk anywhere. I am a bit of a hygiene freak and don't really want my clean feet on the nasty carpet tiles :D

I take my shoes of largely because it is uncomfortable for me to sit for a long time in a chair with my feet on the ground (low blood pressure I think - it collects in my feet) so I have them up on the chair.

hpickup Thu 07-Aug-14 14:22:50

I work for a firm of accountants as a secreary and take my shoes off as soon as arrive and don't put them on again till hometime.

It's comfy and means I don't need to get shoes ofr different outfits.

No one has ever complaimed

NotYouNaanBread Thu 07-Aug-14 15:40:41

Depends on the environment - corporate HQ v small team in a Mom & Pop style . I think it's a good idea to take your lead from your boss (unless she is being obviously wildly inappropriate and meeting senior clients in her Primark slipper socks!).

babybarrister Thu 07-Aug-14 16:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RiverTam Thu 07-Aug-14 16:25:43

yes, all the time. Obviously I wouldn't in a meeting, but otherwise, why not?

Snog Thu 07-Aug-14 17:46:20

Does this not smell terrible?

SocksRock Thu 07-Aug-14 17:58:54

I do in the summer. But I do keep them nicely pedicured, de-niffed and painted nicely.

Imliketotallyummm Thu 07-Aug-14 19:12:32

I do if it's really hot, but only under my desk and I spray them with Boots foot spray.

VikingLady Thu 07-Aug-14 19:24:23

I always kept socks on (not risking verrucas and a lot of people have issues with looking at bare feet), and kept shoes under my desk for meetings etc.

No one ever had a problem with it, although my boss at one large multinational company did make me sign a disclaimer saying I took full responsibility for any resulting injuries.

But I worked on telesales/marketing floors. Very low risk and management expect (and encourage) a degree of individuality! It was fine even in a senior management position.

TheBogQueen Thu 07-Aug-14 19:30:51

I have several pairs if heels kicked under my desk. I seem to just wander around in ballet flats .

I find herls really cumbersome - haven't found a comfy pair yet.

Why not keep some flat shoes in your desk drawer to slip on?

cjbk1 Thu 07-Aug-14 19:31:36

Deal I'm with you; "kind of sweet", I might moan but I often feel like I'm at home in my work place so I'm glad that others do to and that feel relaxed enough in my company to get their toes out lol wink

startwig1982 Thu 07-Aug-14 19:32:50

I have this summer as a teacher, during my free periods. Obviously I put my shoes back on to teach but I wandered all over the department with bare feet. I am super pregnant though, so no one said anything in case I sat on them and squashed them flat.

GreenSpaghetti Thu 07-Aug-14 19:41:04

I did actually have a pair of office slippers in a previous life. Very comfy too.

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