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What to use to cover up dark cirlces under eyes?

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lagoon Fri 27-Jun-14 08:27:08

I have bad under eye circles at the mo - partly hereditory, but not helped by recent stress and lack of sleep...... I used to use Touche Eclat and it worked a treat but over last few months it doesn't seem to cut it anymore and I still look awful....

What does everyone else use?

lagoon Fri 27-Jun-14 08:28:47

CIRCLES even....! See, I'm so frazzled I can't type....

bberry Fri 27-Jun-14 08:30:15

Go to bobbi brown.... They sell correctors and concealers. And will show you how to apply them properly.... Xxx

MaloryArcher Fri 27-Jun-14 08:30:48

This Collection 2000 concealer is absolutely amazing. Better than most of the high end concealers on the market. Many beauty bloggers agree.

If you want to spend a bit more, MAC Studio Finish concealer is excellent as is Benefit Erase Paste.

Touche Eclat is a highlighter pen and not a concealer so it won't do the same job of covering darkness as a concealer will.

TheCowThatLaughs Fri 27-Jun-14 08:38:02

Agree with malory about the collection 2000 stuff. It's amazing! Best one I've ever tried.

PestoSurfissimos Fri 27-Jun-14 08:45:23

Ray Bans


lagoon Fri 27-Jun-14 08:45:25

Ahhh so I've been using Touche Eclat completely incorrectly blush
Collection 2000 sounds good as they're so reasonable.

MaloryArcher Fri 27-Jun-14 09:08:51

Honestly it's incredible OP. I own 5-6 high end concealers but have been using the Collection one every single day for the last year as it's so much better.

Touche Eclat is good for highlighting the high points of your face so cheekbones and brow bone and a tiny bit on your nose. It will not cover dark circles. It's one of my beauty bugbears that so many people use it incorrectly grin .

SinglePringle Fri 27-Jun-14 09:55:15

I either use the By Terry under eye concealer or the new Dior one. Love them both.

lagoon Fri 27-Jun-14 12:17:58

Hehe I now consider myself educated Malory, I've been spending 30 quid or whatever it is on something I'm not using correctly..! Off to Boots after work.....!

AntoinetteCosway Fri 27-Jun-14 13:43:01

The Nars Creamy Concealer is fab-and almost identical to the Collection one which is about a tenth of the price!

Rummikub Fri 27-Jun-14 13:46:31

Does the collection 2000 come in different shades for olive skin tones?

Rummikub Fri 27-Jun-14 13:47:01

The hobby brown stuff was fab but far too many pounds.

AntoinetteCosway Fri 27-Jun-14 13:51:40

No-that's the thing that's crap about it. It's a brilliant concealer but I think it only comes in 4 shades. High street brands are often rubbish for anyone who's darker than 'slightly tanned' angry it is worth going and having a look though as I can't remember how dark the darkest shade is. I wear the lightest (and am pretty much see through/porcelain) and my cousin wears the second lightest-she is still pretty pale. I would say from memory that at least 3 out of the 4 are aimed squarely at caucasian skin but as I said, I haven't looked for a while.

squoosh Fri 27-Jun-14 14:14:15

I love the Collection one too, unusually there is a shade pale enough for me.

Rummikub Fri 27-Jun-14 14:16:33

Thanks for that Antoinette. I'll check out the darkest shade available.

lagoon Fri 27-Jun-14 22:50:24

I have bought my collection 2000 concealer, I am very fair so got the palest one and it's perfect - I look my age again - hoorah....!! Thankyou v.much Malory...!

MaloryArcher Sat 28-Jun-14 06:34:36

Yay grin .

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Sat 28-Jun-14 07:02:20

I couldn't get on with the BBrown stuff. Too thick and cakey, I seemed to look worseconfused. Annoyed I spent so much on it really.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 28-Jun-14 07:46:09

Mac long wear pro concealer- go and get colour matched properly, they have loads of colors. If you pat it on you get a very natural finish.

I'm going to try the collection 2000 one!

laracroft2001 Sat 28-Jun-14 07:49:02

I use either Givenchy MR Light which is a concealer and highlighter orBenefit erase paste which is a bit thicker.

Going to look out the collection 2000 one though!

Petal02 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:13:30

I swear by Collection 2000 too. Touché Éclat gave me a red itchy rash. Clinique and Boots No 7 do very good Touché Éclat-style products that don't cause irritation, but the Collection 2000 one is a fraction of the price and just as good.

Petal02 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:17:55

Should have added this link to my earlier post: I use this C2000 product, not the one mentioned up-thread.

permaquandry Sat 28-Jun-14 08:21:01

I love Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment, it's not drying at all, which I find a lot of concealer are. It has brighteners in it too, so it is illuminating.

Amethyst24 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:29:51

I love Benefit Fake Up.

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