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My fringe will be the perfect length for the next half hour. Why did I do it?

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VeeAndTea Fri 13-Sep-13 09:34:16

Because I'm a fucking muppet, that's why. I go to the hairdressers and they trim my fringe for me. Sadly, they always cut it that bit too short so I either look like a 35yo trying to do novelty hair, or a dominatrix. Then, before I know it, it's too bloody long and I look like a bloody shaggy dog. I love my fringe when it's the right length, but sometimes I wish that I had just left it all one length.

Have you made Hairy mistakes? Aside from men that is...

DiamondDoris Fri 13-Sep-13 16:47:08

I'm growing my fringe out but it looks crap at the moment - almost to my chin (the rest of my hair is long); it's always in my face. I used to cut the "side burns" and was told off by a hairdresser. Lawd knows why I did this.

NatashaBee Fri 13-Sep-13 16:58:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 13-Sep-13 18:59:31

I am 53 and have always had a fringe of some description.
I just can't be arsed to grow it hair is straight, thick and I would look a tit with a hair clip.

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