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What is the point of peplums and why are they EVERYWHERE?

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superstarheartbreaker Mon 18-Feb-13 20:16:58

Don't get me wrong I do own a lovely black lace peplum top by New Look and a blue lace peplum dress by the same label. Both are very nice but omg It's a nightmare trying to find a garment without these flounces on nowadays. I have a peplum dress by DP and it just looks ridiculous so WHY are they so prevalent? Is it emphasise the hip or something? Does anyone own any georgeous peplum dresses and/or tops or do you hate the look. I just find them a bit odd I guess.

SassySask Mon 18-Feb-13 20:18:21

Miss Selfridge do a wide range that actually look alright. I think it's that they flatter the waist.

SofaCanary Mon 18-Feb-13 20:19:22

I loathe them with a fiery passion...why the hell would anyone actively want their hips to look wider? Mental.

superstarheartbreaker Mon 18-Feb-13 20:39:12

I guess it's to emphsise femininity. I have no problem with big hips personally but I don't think peplums give a nice hour glass shape at all.

Helltotheno Mon 18-Feb-13 22:56:18

They're hideously unflattering on most women with hips. I think the best figure type for them is slim-to-boyish hips, long legs, and maybe with a bit of a tum, because the peplum part isn't usually tight so would allow room for a little flesh and covers up pretty well as long as the other boxes are ticked...

marriednotdead Mon 18-Feb-13 23:20:57

No bum, tick. No hips, tick. Long legs, tick. Bit of a tum, tick.

Yep, peplums are pretty good from where I'm sitting grin

marriednotdead Mon 18-Feb-13 23:22:52

Pity they seem to all be attached to dresses with high necklines which look crap with big norks hmm

freerangeeggs Mon 18-Feb-13 23:39:37

"They're hideously unflattering on most women with hips. I think the best figure type for them is slim-to-boyish hips, long legs, and maybe with a bit of a tum"

This is me. I have a black peplum top that I bought to wear with a pencil skirt to work because it'll flatter my tummy. However, lots of the peplum dresses have peplums at the sides only and have an exposed belly bit, or even worse are body-con with the peplum offering no disguise at all. I feel this defeats the purpose...

SingingSands Mon 18-Feb-13 23:51:37

I hate them. I get paranoid that I look preggers and feel stupid having flouncy bits attached to me. I feel like I ought to be performing a curtsey or something...

HorraceTheOtter Tue 19-Feb-13 00:06:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lesserspottedshitehawk Tue 19-Feb-13 00:10:58

and why do they ALL seem to be made out of cheap carpet fabric?

pipsqueak Tue 19-Feb-13 00:16:39

Oh help- don't know what a peplum is but it sounds baaaadd!

pipsqueak Tue 19-Feb-13 00:19:34

Just had a google - cant see that style working for many people really

Princesspond Tue 19-Feb-13 00:28:35

I'm a bit of a convert found one in DP in the sale, I had discounted them totally as my hips don't need any help. But v flattering, hides my tummy but gives me an hour glass shape. It also has a V neck as my boobs look like a sack of spuds in anything higher. Just need somewhere to wear it now.

Sonotkylie Tue 19-Feb-13 09:06:35

I don't get them at all. It reminds me of dressing up in fairy wings (but slipped a bit). I'm not there for extra flappy bits at all. I know its just my prejudice, although I don't think my hips need any extra either.

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