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At 50, what am I supposed to wear?

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Eliza22 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:09:47

I was 50 last year and I'm a good stone overweight so, need to tackle that, I know.

I've no idea what to wear. I feel old fashioned and don't feel good in jeans (I have some but rarely wear). Any 50+ ladies who can advise. I feel like crawling into a wolf fleece and retiring from public view.

usualsuspect Sun 10-Feb-13 19:11:29

I'm 53 and live in jeans. So I'm no help grin

Eliza22 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:18:11

Perhaps the answer is to lose the weight then! That way, ill be more comfy in jeans...

nellyjelly Sun 10-Feb-13 19:19:45

Leggings or wooly tights and tunic tops? Longish tops/ dresses wore over trousers looks nice too.

sue52 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:24:33

If you want a new wardrode get down to a department store that has a personal shopper and have her/him bring you a selection of clothes to try. It's always good to have outside professional advice.

faustina Sun 10-Feb-13 20:01:26

what kind of things do you wear now?

niminypiminy Sun 10-Feb-13 20:02:54

Second the personal shopper. Whether you need to lose a stone or not, you can look and feel better now. Don't put off having nice clothes till some time in the future! Personal shoppers are great, because they don't have any of your baggage about what does and doesn't suit you. And their job is to have you walking out of the shop looking fantastic.

motherinferior Sun 10-Feb-13 20:05:51

I will be 50 in June. I wear much the same as I always have, though my skirts are not quite so short these days.

dobby2001 Sun 10-Feb-13 20:05:55

Whatever you feel happiest in surely? I am closer to 50 than 40 nowadays and am still contempleting whether my first purchase of DMs will be pink,purple,flowery or plain old black - am only holding back as bloody new look have got cheap fakes for teens and that would be just too much grin

Although most of the time I live in jeans and t shirt type top as have messy job. Even if I was wearing office stuff I still think you should be able to wear things you feel comfortable in?

GeorginaWorsley Sun 10-Feb-13 20:11:27

I'm 46,size 12.
Would like to lose half a stone but doesn't seem to be happening!
I do wear jeans,but am coming to realise that I suit straight legged or slightly flared better than skinnies.
I have bought 2 pairs of Booden's Bistro crop trousers for spring.
I like dresses from Phase Eight,Oasis,French Connection,some plain Boden.
Tops/knits come from Mint Velvet,Phase Eight,Autograph,Sandwich,French Connection.
I always wear jewellery,make up and usually a scarf,frpm Primark.Marks,Ebay,River Island.
I think I have pared down my style a bit,tend to stick to navy,taupe,grey,cream,white,teals.
I like to look quite 'groomed' I suppose,although in a very casual way!

Missbopeep Sun 10-Feb-13 21:23:53

You can wear pretty much anything as long as it's not CC, Alexon or most of M&S!

Do you like The White Company? They do nice straight leg trousers which you can wear with tops, or dresses with leggings and chunky boots- ankle preferably or biker-ish.

Other good places to look for the same kind of look are Mint Velvet, Jigsaw, Boden for skinny tapered trousers but forgo the prints.

If you need work wear rather than casual, look at LK Bennett for structured dresses, or Hobbs, or even Reiss and Frech Connection.

Going to somewhere like John Lewis for a persoanl shopper might help.

orangeandlemons Sun 10-Feb-13 21:30:25

I'm 49. I find shopping on the high street very difficult. There seems to be no mid market anymore. Either H and M or Whistles/jigsaw

I wear a lot of Cos and Uniqlo. Some plain Boden and bits of H and M. M and S is just dire. Went in today and ran out. Polyester nightmare. Mint Velvet is good and some bits from Phase 8....but only some....

carbondated Sun 10-Feb-13 21:30:56

I'm 52 and love Espirit jeggings, Sweaters from Zara (bum covering ones) with long vest top underneath and mid calf length boots which balance my shape out a bit. Also snoody scarves. I am 5'1" and about a stone overweight (mid diet at mo) but feel OK with this sort of look. As long as you accept that you will need XL in Zara (ridiculous sizes), you can find really fashionable but tasteful and age-appropriate things.

happybubblebrain Sun 10-Feb-13 21:34:06

Wear whatever you like. Wear what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. Choose beautiful colours, design and fabric. Have your own style. I don't think age or weight have anything to do with looking great.

GeorginaWorsley Sun 10-Feb-13 21:37:48

OOH agree re White Company,prob because I love the colours.
Just bought 2 tees from Cos and am very impressed.Can only do online though as no shops in frozen north.
Occasionally I look at Zara,mainly because magazines and bloggers rave about it.I rarely buy however.
Did also buy 2 tops from Toast,seriously reduced in sale.lovely quality.
Have some coated skinnies from Dorothy Perkins which I have worn loads this winter also.

Eliza22 Mon 11-Feb-13 09:26:52

Thanks so much for the suggestions, all!

At the moment am in knee/slightly above knee skirts, thick tights and boots. Have a couple of Boden skirts. Also wear jersey dresses and cardis. Have some Phase 8 knit dresses that I wear again, with tights and boots but, the boots are knee high (actually over the knee cap, not under) so maybe, I HAVE some of the right clothes but look frumpy as I am carrying extra weight and I go from skirt straight to boot, IYKWIM. Same with my jersey/wooly dresses. Would I look daft in the tights and an ankle boot? Have always avoided calf boots as I'm a pear shape and was told years ago, that they make your rear look bigger.

Personal shopper's a good idea. I always think of them for a special occasion not for every day.

I went in Zara and felt bloody ancient. Looked at asos but again, just feel too ancient for their casual stuff.

Need to think....

practicality Mon 11-Feb-13 10:07:29

It all very much depends on your body shape and where you carry your weight.

Then you needto identify your skintone to work out what colours suit

I am apple shaped so I avoid anything waisted/belted. I tend to wear long straight cut maxi dresses with cropped cashmere cardigans or maxi skirts with a fitted cami and a shorter jumper. I like skinnyjeans but buy the high waisted ones to hold me in a bit and I wear longline fitted jumpers/tops and over the knee boots. I like to wear statement necklaces and scarfs to draw attention awayfrom my middle.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 10:19:25

I know what you mean Eliza re bit of extra weight.
Have a Phase Eight knee length red jersey dress on today with black thermal Autograph top underneath,thick black tights and knee boots.
Feel a bit frumpy though,don't know why....
Dress flattering but maybe a tiny bit longer than usually wear,lower knee rather than may be that.
Little things can tip an outfit into frumpy territory imo,just as can work the other way too.

higgle Mon 11-Feb-13 10:25:17

For work I end to go for a modified "sexy secretary " look - tweed skirt, bt wither a bit short with boots or a defined pencil. Most of my knitwear is cashmere as it lasts forever and I have been collecting for ages. I work for a charity so need to look not too formal but as if I know what I'm doing. For lunches out, evenings at theatre etc usually a tightish jersey dress, Isabella Oliver or Whistles. My casual wardrobe is only for dog walking, dossing and maybe farmers market so not so good - mainly skinny jeans, sweatshirts ( but fitted) and old rackie bottoms. My feet have got to the age they are no;t as keen on heels as I am, so Duo shoe are great, the higher ones in wide fitting are really comfortable, and I wear shoe or ankle boots with heels that are more comfortable than shoes for the office.

Favourite shops - Whistles, Toast, Brora, Shoon and Duo. I keep out of Kaliko, CC and Next.

frostfrond Mon 11-Feb-13 10:56:35

What GeorginaWorsley said in her 1st post though I am older being 50 in June .Can`t believe it

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:02:40

I am 51
I wear dresses and skirts - almost never wear jeans.
Whistles have one great dresses - I got 4 in their sale a few weeks ago.
I avoid anything really short, try and get shapes that suit my figure and, if in doubt, keep it simple.

Missbopeep Mon 11-Feb-13 11:08:39

I don't think it's an age issue- it's more to do with your size and shape and how you see yourself.

Weight is a serious issue- sorry- because it instantly ages. TBH in your situation I'd hold off buying anything new until you have lost weight- a stone could be shifted slowly in 2 months- then have a make over with hair and perhaps make up if you fancy that, and get a personal shopper.

You'll have so much more choice if you are the size you'd like to be and feel more confident.

As a basic "uniform" I tend to wear neat trousers- narrow ankle- with neat cardis or leggings with a longer tunic style top ( think White Company not White Stuff) and wool jersey style dresses which on me are just above the knee, with biker style or riding boots. I've given up on skirts because they pose the problem of finding a suitable top, so prefer dresses but very casual knitted ones.

You sound as if you are on the right track anyway!

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 12:08:56

Agree Whistles can have some good stuff,but find it a bit boxy for my shape.I tend to browse Whistles,Reiss,The Outnet etc for ideas then attempt to find cheaper elsewhere!
Although I hate cheapy fabrics etc so will pay more for quality.
Having said that,some 'cheaper' end stores can have gems,but need hunting out imo.
Dorothy Perkins and New Look being prime examples.
I tend to find more stuff to my taste in independant boutiques,John Lewis,Mint Velvet etc.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 12:24:41

I generally agree but i think they are quite well cut at the moment. I have a small waist so I like a tailored shape.

I have three a bit like this one
And one a bit like this but in a much darker blue

I wear them everyday with cardigans,tights boots etc.

Missbopeep Mon 11-Feb-13 12:27:18

You see Pag, I'd only wear something like No 2 there for a party , once a year! I'd feel grossly overdressed in it. Do you wear for work or social?

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