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Am I the only happily muttonous woman on MN?

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StockingFilly Tue 04-Dec-12 21:36:39

I am 35. I am mutton - or at least mutton waiting to happen. I may Wrll end up like that Liz off Corrie one day.

I like thigh high boots, animal print, tight dresses and a bit of cleavage on a night out.

Are the rest of you really all wearing lovely, ladylike LK Bennet dresses or Joules/Boden/Great Plains mumwear? Is there nobody else that will admit to being a wanton whore? <sadface>

Is it really just me? (peplum dress from Topshop for one!)

I'll get me (fur) coat....

StockingFilly Tue 04-Dec-12 21:36:58


hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Tue 04-Dec-12 21:38:08

M&S all the way for me.

pictish Tue 04-Dec-12 21:39:13

Go for your life!

TeaBrick Tue 04-Dec-12 21:41:09

I don't agree with what you're wearing, but I'd defend to the death your right to wear it (well perhaps not to the death).

roundwindow Tue 04-Dec-12 21:44:15

Cooo-eeee! waving at you gracelessly wearing my New Look duffle coat that I keep seeing on teenagers around town, short floaty skirt (which I actually shortened to show more thigh) and long messy hair

I'm going to be 40 in two months!

Milf or mutton? Milf or mutton? Do I care? No I don't!

roundwindow Tue 04-Dec-12 21:45:27

Gah, forgot that twitter punctuation turns things bold on here.

StockingFilly Tue 04-Dec-12 21:48:31

Oh I know I am a bit of a tart sometimes but crikey, you're a long time dead arent you? One day youre in Mint Velvet ladies....the next you are browsing the comfy trousers rail at Marks. I have to milk these over-the-knee boots days for all their worth....

takataka Tue 04-Dec-12 21:51:03

ahem...well, i have been looking for an interview outfit for the past week or so, with the help of the lovely ladies in 'Style and Beauty' and it would appear I have an eye for a snake-skin dress yes blush

i was trying to buy he lady-like s'fistimacated ones that was recommended...but I kept getting drawn to the snake and leopard print!!

I settled for floral in the end, but it were a struggle. I can possibly see some mutton on the horizon! grin (am 40)

roundwindow Tue 04-Dec-12 21:51:22

but but... <maybe she didn't see me waving... I'm only little>

Ooh me, me! I'm 37 and a stjoodent. I look younger though wink. I only ever wear tight vest tops and hot pants and tights every day. I have loads of different colour combinations. I mostly wear low converse. I look the dogs. grin

And I have very long, tousled, messy bed hair. I wear loads of make-up too. My best course mates are the 21 year old lads.

takataka Tue 04-Dec-12 21:55:28

I noticed the Mint Velvet section when i was in JL today...that's not mutton atire surely??

Mint velvet is the antithesis of mutton, surely? My hot pants are too long if me arse isn't hanging out of them.

StockingFilly Tue 04-Dec-12 22:04:54

No no no....Mint Velvet is NOT mutton. Sorry, my point was not well made. I am shamelessly Topshop/Oasis/River Island. Christ, I even bought a Lipsy dress last week. Hussy.

Viviennemary Tue 04-Dec-12 22:07:03

It's Edinburgh Woollen Mill for me. grin

I'm primarni only. <skint>

ouryve Tue 04-Dec-12 22:12:20

I live in Next, Landsend and M&S - the plainer the better in all cases - and comfy handknits. Animal print isn't really my thing, BUT, I have a deep pink leopard print top that I call my Sod It top. I put it on when I've had a crap start to the day and it does cheer me up.

I'm wearing it today.

roundwindow Tue 04-Dec-12 22:13:46

Ooo ouryve I think everyone should have a Sod It top

ouryve Tue 04-Dec-12 22:13:50

But no - I generally don't do the mutton dressed as lamb thing.

StockingFilly Tue 04-Dec-12 22:18:35

Dont get me wring....I dress conservatively for work and I wear jeans and boring tops for school run etc....but I do love a nice Kim Kardashian styleeee dress for a night out <ropey emoticon> grin

Beaverfeaver Tue 04-Dec-12 23:08:25

I love animal print - zebra, leopard, snake...

I love right shiny jeans
Tight dresses
Big hair
Dark smoky eyes
A nice touch of bronzer
And long chain necklaces
And heels as high as they go!

Beaverfeaver Tue 04-Dec-12 23:09:10

Forgot to add:

Mini skirts

laptopdancer Wed 05-Dec-12 06:50:01

Op at 35, you are still very much lamb.

Meggles76 Wed 05-Dec-12 06:53:02

I'm 36 and agree we should all wear what the hell we like smile Nothing wrong with a bit of mutton on occasion.
I have a job where the client base is predominantly male so I tend to dress more conservatively there - Boden dress or tweed jacket, Next straight leg jeans or White Stuff denim skirt with a white shirt etc...
weekends are mostly spent with the kids in Topshop skinnys, Lands End bretons and Ash wedges. Hardly mutton either.
When I dress up to go out is perhaps when I unleash my inner mutton. H&M shorts, fitted dresses in lace or animal prints, high high heels, fishnets....

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