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What is your clothes budget?

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crosstraineraddict Tue 09-Oct-12 12:57:26

Mine isn't very big; I'd say maybe £50 per month, most of which is spent in Primark, or very occasionally TopShop.

So many people seem to have such big clothing budgets and it makes me wonder how they can afford it. I follow several style and clothing blogs each week and all the writers seem to have vast amounts of money to spend on clothes.

How much do you spend per month?

Beaverfeaver Wed 10-Oct-12 22:57:59

I have spent just under £500 this month, but it is my birthday and I always like to stock up on winter boots, jeans, dresses, jumpers and underwear at this time of year as I love the seasons clothes,
Don't tend to spend much the rest of the year, but might treat myself to a nice pair if Kurt Geigers every so often.

I tend to want specific clothes and put them on Christmas/birthday list and that keeps me going,

I live in small cottage with lack if storage so I tend to have to clear out the old before I buy new, so it's a good deterrent to not splurge too often

Bumblequeen Wed 10-Oct-12 23:18:04

I spend roughly £20-30 per month as we have high outgoings. It is a pain as this usually means I can only buy a cheap pair of trousers/top in New Look/Dorothy Perkins.

Last month I had a budget of £100 as dh received some unexpected money. I bought three pairs of boots in New Look for £70! I tend to only look in the sale section.

Some of you are very blessed to have budgets of £200-300. However I know if spending in high end shops you will only walk away with 3/4 items of clothing.

I am just glad that shops such as New Look/H & M/Primark exist as where on earth would I be able to shop and still look reasonably fashionable?

Imlostwithoutahope Thu 11-Oct-12 00:04:26

I struggle to find anything I like in primark or h and m. They look lovely on everyone else but like shite on me and I think i Lack imagination to put an outfit together. That's why I like oasis, it's all there together and I can buy the outfit already matching iykwim.
I don't tend to buy much december to march as I hate the sales and the weathers too depressing for shopping. I'm also quite tight so won't pay boden prices for clothes. I honestly feel that £100 a month doesn't actually buy you much these days. I would struggle with £100 a year budget.

I guess as long as you don't get into debt for it and all the bills are paid etc its all relative. I like clothes and shopping and there's always something I need. Even now whilst thinking i should cut down and save the money I'm debating a new winter/waterproof coat at £150 !

Bumblequeen Thu 11-Oct-12 00:21:10

I recycle my clothes from previous years. My weight does not really fluctuate and I stick to stylish classics rather than the latest fads. If I had a lot more money to splurge I would choose more fashionable 'right now' clothes but I have to think smart for the long term (boring!)

I feel my look is not at all exciting, I do not stand out in a crowd. I jazz outfits up with accessories (love big earrings) and thin scarfs.

I would love to change my look regularly i.e. brogues, slouchy trousers, fitted jacket on one day and a tea dress, thick tights on another day. You need to have an extensive wardrobe for that!

Hopefully Thu 11-Oct-12 06:31:21

True that £100 a month doesn't buy much any more. A pair of Clarks boots with a discount code cost me £80, and I bought four tops in H&M yesterday for £50-odd. Throw in the odd extra pair of trousers, some workwear and a complete wedding/party outfit at £150-200 once a year and you're easily up to that. Clothing is just expensive now.

I am also astonished at how hard it is to get cotton/wool etc on the high st now. I went out specifically to buy high cotton content tops yesterday as a blog experiment and in an effort to buy cheaper ones than my usual ridiculously expensive go-to brand, and H&M was literally the only place to offer cotton, decent length (in only a couple of styles) and something other than black or white. I remember buying an 80% wool coat from Topshop when I was at school. It was a big investment at £90 or something, but you can't even get 80% wool on the high street any more.

Hopefully Thu 11-Oct-12 06:32:22

Bumble I find expensive clothing a real incentive to stay the same weight! No way can I afford to replace the Hobbs/Brora/expensive suiting in my wardrobe!

Bumblequeen Thu 11-Oct-12 08:01:52

Hopefully - cannot afford to lose or put on weight, well no more than a few pounds!

I add to my existing wardrobe rather than try to create a new one.

I have friends who buy a complete new wardrobe for every season. They only wear up to the minute fashion

My winter wish list;
Riding boots
Ankle boots (non mumsy)
Stylish coat
Long cardigan x2
Skinny jeans x2
Plain tops to layer
Tea dress x2
Black lace dress for Christmas

That's it for now!

crosstraineraddict Thu 11-Oct-12 09:10:03

Bumble, Primark have got a gorgeous black lace dress in stock for £13! Definitely a bargain if you're wanting a lace dress

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Thu 11-Oct-12 09:11:45

Ooh if we're doing wish lists, here's mine:
Ankle boots (ditto re. non-mumsy)
Dark red ballets
Couple of dresses, probably knitted
Fitted shortish cardi with long sleeves
Couple of non-slouchy lightweight jumpers
Fitted feminine coat in decent fabric (non-boxy/manly/long).

Realistically, will probably manage the ballets, plus one dress and maybe a couple of bits of knitwear.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 11-Oct-12 09:36:00

Hopefully - I have found that FatFace have got a high cotton content in a lot of their clothes this season - whether they are your style I don't know. I have got a really lovely mulberry coloured jumper dress that is mostly wool and cotton with a bit of stretch and the styling is quite nice - zip up the back and a tulip shape to the bottom of the dress.
John Rocha have some organic cotton long sleeved tops but they were vile with horrid frilly bits around the neckline.
Seasalt online have 100% cotton clothes.

Shotgun - look in Monsoon for dresses. They have got lots of knitted ones, many at under £60 which is pretty good IMO. Minimal polyester involved as well.

shineonucrazydiamond Thu 11-Oct-12 10:12:04

Ali - oh I don't worry about starving the children! As long as I have nice clothes then I'm happy and that's the main thing, right? grin

I recently lost some weight and have reached the holy grail of size 8-10. I am amazed to find myself liking some of the stuff in Primark. I have always been vocal about how much I hate it but I decided to have a look in there the other day and ended up spending a fair bit. They have some great slouch tops and i bought two lovely jackets. Also really liked some other tops and a couple of the dresses.

I mainly buy from New Look, TopShop and Fat Face though

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