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Is there anything I can do to improve my "hag hands"?

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BelleDameSansMerci Sun 03-Jul-11 19:57:00

That's it really... I am getting on a bit but, I hope, wearing quite well apart from my hands. They're such a give away. It's not the skin so much as the ropey veins. Am I doomed to hag hands?

apple99 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:12:07

I have quite veiny, dry hands. I have found using a hand scrub (I like the crabtree and evelyn or boot's no 7 ones) and then a cuticle cream has vastly improved the condition.

BelleDameSansMerci Sun 03-Jul-11 20:20:51

Thank you...

Just seen "Aveda Hand Relief" recommended on another thread too. Will try everything!

Notwavingbutcrowning Sun 03-Jul-11 20:32:10

I feel your pain! Mine were haglike but I recently swapped to scholl dry skin cream (yes, supposed to be for feet...) and it has worked wonders. It contains urea which does the trick apparently and was only about £2-3 from supermarket. Can't do much about veins though afaik.

CQrrrneee Sun 03-Jul-11 20:34:49

body shop hemp hand cream is very good

bleedingheartlefty Sun 03-Jul-11 20:48:55

I have developed ropey veins too. Hideous and so haggish. My dominant hand is much worse than the other one. Hand cream helps the other aging signs, I have been using a Neutrogena one with soy, it's quite good. But veiny hands along with an increasingly scraggy neck are such a giveway, the rest of me looks pretty good. Dammit, I'm only 46.

I wonder if there is some miracle cure.

CQrrrneee Sun 03-Jul-11 20:51:51

I've always had veiny hands. Madonna has them, so I don't think there can be a cure or else she'd have sorted them out!

bleedingheartlefty Sun 03-Jul-11 20:57:48

CQ, how depressing, you're right. sad smile

CQrrrneee Sun 03-Jul-11 20:58:55

I don't think other people notice though - I never look at other people's hands. I only know about Madonna's 'cos the media are always going on about them.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sun 03-Jul-11 21:07:36

Other people deffo do notice because one of my pupils commented on mine the other day and said I looked like a body builder because of them! blush

Gives him a FAIL on his next essay - grrrr.

CQrrrneee Sun 03-Jul-11 21:08:30

grrr - were they very small?

Riveninside Sun 03-Jul-11 21:09:34

Urea? Like wee? shock

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sun 03-Jul-11 21:10:50

They? The pupil?

He is in year 10 and therefore Should Have Known Bloody Better!

suzikettles Sun 03-Jul-11 21:15:36

I recently was given a lovely photo of me holding my newborn nephew. And then I saw my hands shock

Kate Moss's hands looked pretty ropey in her wedding photos. I guess it comes to us all.

Alibabaandthe80nappies Sun 03-Jul-11 21:18:01

Yes like wee! grin It is the stuff that is in Flexitol.

Belle I'm so glad you posted this, I looked down today and saw my mother's hands on the ends of my arms, most alarming!! grin

Burt's Bees do a good cuticle butter, which is excellent when I remember to use it.

I am struggling to find a really good cream though. Have tried Neutrogena, L'Occataine, Boots expert. Not impressed.

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 05-Jul-11 19:03:42

Thank you all for posting - how rude of me to just disappear!

I'm going to give the Aveda stuff a go and will report back.

I do think mine are worse in the heat but I suppose it's obvious that they would be?

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