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Flexitol is also very good for keratosis pilaris (red bumps on arms)

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otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 08:51:32

The hoof thread reminded me.

It basically contains a high percentage of urea which can dekeratinize the plugs.

A derm doctor friend told me this.

It's much cheaper and easier to get than lacHydrin, dermadoctor KP et al.

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 08:52:17

Should add that I have it slightly (except when I lived in the tropics) and it gets worse during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

MikeRotch Mon 11-Apr-11 08:54:02

way hay!

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 09:38:32

I also use the merest (not a slick by any means) dab on chapped lips

NinkyNonker Mon 11-Apr-11 10:52:14

Interesting, thanks! I was only looking at mine woefully in the bath yesterday.

JaneS Mon 11-Apr-11 18:34:53

Ooh, thankyou! I had no idea you could do anything about these - I took mine to the GP ages ago and he just said they were permanent and loads of people get them.

So where do I buy this stuff, chemists? And is there anything else worth doing?

JaneS Mon 11-Apr-11 18:41:28

Sorry to double-post - having just done a quick google I see there are lots of different flexitol products. Do I want the one for feet (I'm guessing since you said it was on the heel thread?), or summat else?

Thanks! smile

Flakes Mon 11-Apr-11 18:59:19

This is interesting. I never knew what the bumps on my arms were but found they were greatly helped by Liz Earle body cream. Quick question. Since epilating my thighs I'm getting some ingrown hairs which I'm dealing with with Nads lotion (limited success hmm)but there are lots of bumps too. Could they be this KP? Could I risk putting flexitol on my tender thighs?!

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 19:56:52

Hi people. There is very big forum for this condition called if you're really interested, and have hours to spare. ;)

Roughly, very roughly, it's predominantly genetic, can affect celtic skins (though also afro caribbean I believe, could be a different thing) basically where the skin doesn't dekeratinize and small plugs (often surrounded by a inflamed redness) of keratin build up. It tends to be worse on the upper arms as the skin there is thickest, or very thick. But people get it on their faces and thighs and other places and children also develop it.

It can't be cured but can be lessened, generally by products that exfoliate either manually (mitts and scrubs) and by AHAs, urea, etc. and really frequent moisturisation.

I don't have it badly at all but used to pick it (gross, it was almost a form of OCD), which just looked even worse. I found the best thing was sun, when it disappeared completely, but in the absence of tropical weather flexitol has worked for me.

I don't know why, but pregnancy makes it flare up on me.

Basically flexitol (yes, the heel balm) is a very high concentration of urea in a cream at a low price. Eucerin 10 percent urea body lotion is 13 pounds, whereas a small tube of Flexitol (most chemists and supermarkets) is a fiver.

I also use it for lips and dry patches as it's a super moisturiser for small patches. I guess it's fine to use anywhere but it can sting broken skin.

Ingrowns may be helped by this too. I'm not sure though.

mrsbumbledosem Mon 11-Apr-11 20:02:50

Very interesting post. I love a bit of insider dermatology knowledge! What else do you or your dermatologist friend know?!

pinkytheshrinky Mon 11-Apr-11 20:09:13

My DD has this and she hates it (nearly 10 and suddenly really aware of it) - I will investigate

Thanks for the info

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 11-Apr-11 20:22:27

I learned this gem last year (also on MN I think). It does work and, even though I haven't used it since last summer, i don't seem to have many bumps still.

One thing though: it's very thick and can get on your clothes so you have to be careful getting dressed <<states the obvious>> - or use it at bedtime.

I wasted several hours read up on this one year, and one theory was that it was down to mites which we al have on our skin, but which for some reason are over-populated on some people (ew I know). Sea buckthorn was claimed as a magic cure as well as urea, but the process involved using SB soap all over and leaving it on for at least 2 mins - not a pleasant experience. I'm sticking with Flexitol!

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 20:24:38

Most expensive creams are just air and water fats and silicones and do next to nothing as their concentrations of active ingredients are too low, and the results overhyped at best, just plain unscientific at worst.

There are a few exceptions (Prevage, for instance) Products containing higher doses of glycolics, hyaluronic acid, for example do work to an extent. Stuff like Paula's Choice Resist, to name a cheaper example

Basically retinoids are the main topical creams to reduce fine wrinkles but they have side effects, so OTC creams can't contain a sufficient amount to really produce significant results. I bought loads in a chemist in India -- 15 and 25 percent! But can't use during pregnancy.

In the main, normal skin and it's aging is mainly down to the sun. So use a wide spectrum sunscreen (although anything over factor 50 is a waste of time), Genetics, smoking, bone structure play their part.

Drinking loads and loads of water does nothing except make you wee.

e45 is an excellent daily use cream.

There are more disgusting tales of skin problems but that;s another post!

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 20:28:02

oh, and his big bugbear is clients saying they are detoxing. Steam comes out of his ears!

Flakes Mon 11-Apr-11 20:30:37

Just off to add flexitol to shopping list. Thanks for all the info!

rusmum Mon 11-Apr-11 20:42:18

would this held my small psoriasis patches at all ? (elbows and knees)

BobbiDazzler Mon 11-Apr-11 20:47:17

Great for dry, chapped hands, too

AllTheGoodOnesAreTaken Mon 11-Apr-11 20:54:47

Would flexitol be okay to use on a 3 year old's arms and cheeks with keratosis pilaris?

mrsbumbledosem Mon 11-Apr-11 21:19:38

Where can I find such a useful friend?! I find any kind of retinoid cream potent or not, too irritating. I used ret A for a while but it made my skin hurt and eyes itch.

I find all the beauty industry claims absurd so good to know he does too. I use an oil for moisturising (argan oil) and sunscreen and a hat but I might give e45 a go!

Thanks otch

cornsilkily Mon 11-Apr-11 21:21:20

there's another cream that's better than flexitol for that and not as greasy but I can't remember what it's called. It's in my bathroom....

cornsilkily Mon 11-Apr-11 21:22:17


womma Mon 11-Apr-11 21:42:34

flakes tendskin is brilliant for ingrown hairs too

TheGirlWhoIsBootilicious Mon 11-Apr-11 21:58:42

5% urea

Found Hydralock works for me Will check out Flexitol tho'

Flakes Mon 11-Apr-11 22:08:56

Womma, does it REALLY work? This is a problem I've been plagued with for years and they're so unsightly. If I found this worked I would run round the garden naked in front of the farmers. I really wouldgrin. They would boke though...

womma Mon 11-Apr-11 22:13:47

I think so, and DH who is mixed race and susceptible to ingrown hairs says it's good (although he also attacks ingrown hairs with a pin).

It's like a toner, and you apply it with cotton wool two or three times a day. It's got strongish AHAs so it gets rid of dead skin cells. It's also good to use after waxing to keep the skin clear and stop ingrowers. A bottle lasts both of us about six months.

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